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Chaos Rising:
The Aria Of The Weapons Awakening
Book Three
Chronicles of Wind
Chapter 1The Freelance Knight
“You may enter” said Henry VI; the doors swung open. The royal adviser, Duke Bedford leaned over to him; “Sir this is our newest recruit. A knight they say, who easily defeated an entire platoon of soldiers without effort. He demanded an audience with you in exchange for the rest of the groups lives.”
A knight with green armor entered the room, a bow in his left hand. “Well if it is not the king of this great country. Man what an honor, wait no it is not an honor for me but for you. I mean here I am the strongest in all the land. Sorry but all the spilt blood but I wanted an audience with you.”
The Duke looked at him with malcontent; “show some respect for the king of this country!” “Chill out, I mean come on can't you take a joke?” The spoke while knight shrugged. “It is such an honor your kingship, ha! That is too funny, sorry but I'm not the kind of blind worshiper you get everyday. But I guess I should cut to the chase. You give me the right in this and any other place you control to do what I wish; and I will grace you with my excellent service.”
“This is absolute impudence, and disrespect, guards kill him!” the Duke shouted; two guards left their post near the door. They drew their swords; running towards the knight. As they approached they brought their blades down through knight; only to find his body missing. Then one knight gasped as if the wind had broken through his chest. “Did you like my arrow? You do not need to carry arrows when you can make out of the air. Looks like you got the wind knocked out of you.”
The knight laughed, and now stood behind the soldiers; a bow now in the form grips of his hands. The English knight fell down dead; the second turned towards the knight with the new bow. His blade poised to pierce the knight's armor; dashing towards the knight. But as he approached the green knight jumped into the air as he span around. His arm held the bow down as the string turned to razor sharp torrents of air. The knight ran through, trying to stop as he gasped.
The green knight landed on the other side of the English knight; the knight's head fell to the ground. “Please how about a real test, that was so boring.” The knight began to laugh as his bow vanished into the air.
The king looked at him as he smiled; “That is enough good sir knight; you have proven your worth. You have great skill, and amazing abilities. You may have your request providing you finish a single task for me.” “What did you have in mind? Cause I can handle anything,” the knight's head moving forward slightly.
“There are five knights out there with bracelets; they are the main threat to my rule. Should you be able to retrieve all of them, you may have what you desire. But before you leave on this quest, tell us your name.” The knight but his hand to his helmet, almost as if he was thinking; “Very well, I think I could swing that; and the name's is Aeolus. Weapon of the wind”
The knight turned and left out the chamber, as he stepped over the headless knight; looking at the fallen soldiers, “don't get up, I'll let myself out!”
Aeolus left heading away to exit the castle, the king looked at his adviser “make sure he has a platoon at his disposal. He could end this war for us; he can have whatever he chooses so long as he completes my task. I do sense that he may be a problem so have a squad with him to monitor his activities.” The Adviser simply bowed; speaking to the king, “Yes my lord, caution is advisable when it comes to a man of that much deadly power. He is powerful; but he cannot be controlled. The platoon shall keep an eye on him.”
Aeolus and his platoon of demons and men soon traveled to France. Aeolus spoke little to his platoon; only talking every once in a while to complain how boring this trip was to him. They traveled across the sea into France, but were meeting with no obstacles; the English had pushed far into France and secured many of the routes.
Eventually Aeolus had arrived at the front line of battle. There were camps on either side, Aeolus commanded his platoon to make way to the closest camp. Aeolus looked to the other side of front line. The French did have an army, but they held little interest. It was time to go looking for his objectives; with ought warning the knight vanished into the air. The platoon looked back to see Aeolus gone; they had to report this to the activity to their superiors.
“Target sighted. We shall follow and engage as planned;” as a small monotone voice came from a small girl in skin tight armor, with thick plated patches of armor covering her body. “I doubt he shall present much trouble, he is powerful but we are gifted as well. Objective is to kill the target with ought mercy; estimated time of engagement should be minimal.”
A pulse of electricity traveled across her body as she slowly vanished into thin air. “You are not the only one who desires freedom Aeolus. Ours however is far more important.”
Chapter 2 A Storm Awakened
Aeolus had transformed into the very wind itself, to sneak past the front lines of the French army. As the wind itself; Aeolus had no problems sneaking past the French forces, meeting no resistance from anything. Aeolus was not interested in fighting small weaklings; he was only interested in achieving his goal.
His mind flashback to words of the duke; “remember you must retrieve the five golden armlets. Should you accomplish this task then you shall be granted by the king all the liberty you seek. This task is the most important task to guarantee our victory; so do not screw it up.”
Aeolus smiled; “this is far too simple a request. To think I just must retrieve some bracelets from a few people and I shall gain complete freedom. You will have your bracelets; unless I decide to change my mind.” Aeolus snapped out of his flashback; he rematerialized on the other side of the main conflict, past any real opposition.
Aeolus passed from town to town, never stopping and never taking any rest. He was set on finishing his task as quickly as possible. Aeolus stopped suddenly; he slowly scanned the area around him, almost as if to sense something had been there. “This town; one was here not to long ago. The energy is entirely unique to anything else; this must be it. It is still close by: perhaps that direction I shall find my first treasure.” Aeolus said; walking off to the east, not giving notice to the dead bodies lying nearby.
Jeanne and her group had just saved the mysterious French noble from a group of English soldiers. The new man introduced himself as the French noble Gilles; the man carried a spear for his weapon. There were no live enemies left alive in the area. The group relaxed for a moment lowering their guard. Jeanne protested that they must continue on their path to save her homeland.
“So a girl holds the first bracelet, and such a pretty young thing. Killing you would be such a crime; truly it would.” An arrow made of wind landed right in front of Jeanne's feet; exploding, causing Jeanne to shield her self. Aeolus slowly came into sight; walking at a slow pace. He slowly walked into the clearing; his bow drawn back with a razor tipped arrow composed of the wind in place.
“That voice; you are with the English?” Jeanne questioned in a disrespectful voice. “Well you are a charmer; I'm on the side that offers me the best deal. Of course I like to be able to do what ever I please as well. So in return for my aid, the English promised me whatever I desired after I retrieved five bracelets. And prey tells I see you have one of the bracelets I'm looking for, and there is another close by.”
Aeolus finished his statement when Jeanne began to run forward. Aeolus let out a small laugh; he let the arrow fly at Jeanne. The arrow hit Jeanne knocking her back through the air, but leaving no permanent damage on the girl. Jeanne landed on the ground with very little force; she looked down to her chest to see no damage on her armor. “Why did you spare my life; I know you could have killed me with that.”
“You're right I could have killed you; but that would have been a terrible waste. Man I must be getting weak; because I do not want to kill such a strong beautiful woman. So how about we make a deal. Since you are really good looking, and I love that French accent, I will spare your life on a simple condition. You give me the bracelet and you and your friends can go free; okay? I despise killing women who do not stand a chance; but if left with no choice.”
“I would never make a deal with English scum! I would rather die then let the English win,” Jeanne shouted. “I have been chosen by god too lead the French to victory. You cannot defeat me.”
Song Chaotic Battlefield
Aeolus laughed as the wind erupted into bursts of violence; the gusts of wind forcing everyone to shield themselves. “That's a shame; you are too cute too kill. But you leave me no option in the matter; I act in the best interest of me. It is really quite funny you mention god; because I just happen to be the god of the wind. So lets see if your god really wants you to lead this army to victory; cause I will destroy anything that gets in my way.”
Aeolus summoned a new arrow from the air around him. He fired his arrow straight at Jeanne's chest; Roger jumped at Jeanne, pushing her out of the way of the arrow. Aeolus voice rose over the violent wind; “Oh you got a boyfriend already; well that makes me mad to see such a weakling with a beauty. I doubt he can save you from the very air you breathe. The wind is a very bad thing to be enemies with.”
Aeolus snapped his bow in half; the bow halves turned to wind for a fragment of a second. The halves of the bow turned into two boomerangs, eloquent designs symbolizing wind across the face of the boomerangs. Aeolus launched the twin boomerangs at his opponents; no longer caring about anything then retrieving the bracelet.
The boomerangs flew across the field; kicking up hurricane force winds, forming a small tornado around each boomerang. The boomerangs traveled across the field knocking each warrior from their feet. Aeolus wiggled his fingers; the boomerangs whipped back around returning to Aeolus. The boomerangs circled around his body; sensing every command of their master. “Where is your god now?”
Jeanne was disgusted with Aeolus; she knew this was nothing but a game too him. Jeanne ran foreword, towards her opponent. Jeanne raised her blade, bringing it down on Aeolus to find a wind shielding his very body from harm.
The sword bounced off Aeolus's shield; a single boomerang flew away from Aeolus. Striking Jeanne in her stomach; knocking her into the air. The second boomerang traveled underneath her; kicking up a tornado, trapping Jeanne in the middle. Jeanne struggled for air in the center of the tornado; the tornado removed all air making breathing nearly impossible.
Roger begged Aeolus for him to stop this madness; “Jeanne cannot breathe, you'll kill her!” Aeolus laughed through his helmet; “Is she not my enemy. I never wanted to kill her. I even gave her the choice, but she chose this path; not me. So am I suppose to let her kill me, and am I suppose to let her live.”
The opposing group was dead silent; Jeanne nearly out of breath, struggling for any air to enter her lungs. Aeolus commanded his boomerang to stop its torture on the girl. Aeolus walked up beside her; helping her up as he spoke. “I really do not want to hurt someone as beautiful as you. Please concede so I do not have to kill you; I'm not eager for wasteful blood shed. Are you really that dedicated to a cause; that you would die for it?”
Jeanne moved away from him slashing with her sword. The blade traveled upwards, hitting Aeolus in the helmet. His helmet flew off his body upon impact of the blade; revealing to everyone Aeolus's face. His medium length brown hair moved freely with the wind that surrounded him. Aeolus looked up at Jeanne; and she gazed into his. All Jeanne's company beheld Aeolus's eyes.
Jeanne looked into his eyes, “you're blind? But how can you fight the way you do.” Aeolus used the wind to bring his helmet back to his hand. Aeolus slowly put his helmet back on; reattaching his helmet to his armor. “Yes I am and I can see you all just fine. The wind allows me to see everything around me. If you think I'm weak because of it, then you are dead wrong. I am not interested in killing you; and this war is too one sided with a demon piloting the other army. Give me a better deal, because I would rather be with someone as beautiful as you, then free as the wind.”
Song A girl Named Shelke
Aeolus quickly turned away from Jeanne looking into the woods. Aeolus readied his hands and his boomerangs; when he sensed something in front of him. Aeolus jumped backwards to avoid a laser edge sword pass where he was. Energy traveled downwards through the air, revealing the body a young girl's body with light armor. She moved forwards using slashes from every direction.
Aeolus dodged each of the sword slashes; trying to find an opening in the barrage of attacks. Aeolus began to meet her slashes with his boomerangs. Each slash was met with a boomerang causing both warriors to pull away.
The two fighters found themselves completely matched with the other, in terms of speed and skill. Aeolus ducked under the next attack, slashing a boomerang across the girl's leg. The girl was not even fazed by the attack; she gave a mighty swing of her sword knocking Aeolus backwards into Jeanne arms. His helmet knocked off from the girls attack.
Jeanne helped him up asking Aeolus if he was alright. Aeolus turned around suddenly; using the opportunity to give Jeanne a quick kiss. “Thanks I owe you for that. You really are quite beautiful when you are not being so tough.” Jeanne face turned bright red; Aeolus caught her off guard calling her beautiful and strong. “Target sighted; will eliminate target on schedule. Azul there is no need for you to engage.” The girl said in a monotone voice.
The girl ran forward and Aeolus did the same with his boomerangs changing into daggers. The blades clashed with the laser edge upon impact; the girl incredibly strong for her size. “You are messing with the air here little girl. This is bad for you since there is already one fiery girl in my heart; so do not expect mercy.”
Aeolus finished speaking, turning his head giving a smile to Jeanne. “Fool pay attention to the battle you are in; not some girl you like” the girl stated. The girl pushed Aeolus back before jumping towards Aeolus; she launched a barrage of attacks, beating Aeolus down.
A final strike sent him flying through the air; he turned in the air tossing a dagger into the girls' leg. Aeolus flew back over Jeanne; his head smashed into something, stopping his unexpected flight. Electricity traveled across a new invisible body. A large male appeared from no where holding Aeolus in his hand. “Shelke are you hurt?” the large man asked.
“I'm fine, my armor is stronger then that. Do not worry about me Azul; all that matters is the Weapon of the Wind dies here today. We must eliminate the target at any cost.” Aeolus vanished into air; appearing beside Jeanne. “Run! Get out of here now; this next part is not for beautiful young girls. I'd rather you would be safe; not that I think you could not handle yourself.”
“Will I see you again?” Jeanne asked; a little enthralled with this young man who was so interested in her. “Well I could swing by later if you would not mind; I certainly would not. Maybe you could offer me a better deal so I could be with you.” Jeanne left with the group, occasionally glancing back to see if Aeolus was alright. Aeolus turned back towards his enemies, who were side by side.
Song The Summoning
“Are you done fooling around; you are wasting both our time. We have other things we must do after you are dead. Your death will provide us with what we need to be free. So let us finish this once and for all. Target is in knight form; power over wind is still minimal.” Shelke stated in a plain voice. Aeolus looked at her, “so sorry. I got a date now and I would like to get to it and not keep the lady waiting. Girl you just bug me with that monotone voice; and serious guy is no better. Let us fight but this time I will have the advantage.”
Aeolus disappeared, shouting the words “spirit form!” Aeolus was replaced by a large creature hovering in the air. The creature gave no pause; multiple tornadoes formed around its body, the shear force tearing the land apart. Shelke dodged out of the paths of the tornadoes. Azul stood there, unaffected by the tornadoes force. His weight and tough skin made it easy to ignore the power of the winds.
The large spirit grabbed two of his swords four swords; moving towards Shelke, at high velocity. Shelke dodged the initial strike; but the creature teleported behind her. Releasing its swords; allowing the creature to wrap its large hand around Shelke.
A large shell exploded upon striking the spirit's back. The explosion caused the spirit to release its grip on Shelke; Shelke whipped around using her swords slicing along his body before returning to Azul's side. Azul launched a barrage of cannon fire, covering Shelke from a distance; each shell hitting its target with fiery result.
The spirit was engulfed in flame and smoke; totally disappearing from the sight of the two mysterious opponents. “Target has been lost, unable to confirm target's destruction. New forms power is increasing exponentially; danger is now near maximum level. The situation is easily in his favor Azul, we need to destroy this creature soon;” Shelke stated.
Azul grunted, motioning to look upwards towards the sky. The spirit now floated high the battle field; looking down upon the two bellow him. With a motion of the spirits hands the four swords surrounding him traveled outwards in consistently in enlarging circles.
The surrounding floating pieces of armor began to spin around the spirit; traveling at a extremely fast pace. A large tornado formed around the battlefield, engulfing Shelke and Azul in the fierce winds. Azul and Shelke were sucked up into the vortex of the wind; completely at the wind's and Aeolus's mercy.
The swords stopped and hovered around the tornado in a box formation. Each sword glowed a single different color. The swords fired a beam of energy downwards into the earth; the energy broke the land apart, taking slabs of earth up into the air. Each slab rose into the tornadoes wind; Shelke and Azul to crash into the earth and debris of slabs causing massive pain.
The spirit let the two go free from the tornado; their bodies battered and bruised from slamming into the earth. The spirit descended, still hovering above the ground; unscratched and unharmed by the earlier assault. Shelke looked to Azul; “We have underestimated our enemy. A tactical retreat will prove to be beneficial to our cause. We now have an analysis of his controllable forms.”
Shelke turned; sprinting away while watching the spirit for any movements, signaling an attack. Azul looked at the spirit, “You shall fall by my hand, Weapon of the Wind. Be prepared because I will not hold back on our next meeting. I shall break you with my bare hands. Hmm… Finally I have a worthy opponent to fight.”
The spirit faded; leaving Aeolus in his full suit of armor behind. Aeolus watched the two warriors disappear into the forest. Aeolus looked to the sky; “Those two are not of this world. To think I'm falling for that girl after just meeting her. I must be crazy to give up absolute freedom for that girl. Well I guess I could live with that outcome; we'll see if anything comes of it.”Chapter 3 A Change In The Winds
Jeanne walked into Orleans with her company following behind her. She was worried about Aeolus; her mind fixed on that young man who had caught her minds attention. He was so strong, and he was interested in her. The difference was he complemented her strength; something where she had always felt was her best quality. Her mind was still focused on her goal; but her mind kept flashing back to Aeolus's compliments.
Jeanne and all of her companions arrived at the towns command center. Most of the day was used to plan and strategize the next assault. Jeanne found her thoughts betraying her goal of saving France; she could not concentrate on any ideas presented to her. Everyone knew Jeanne was not herself; she kept thinking back to the young man.
It was not just that the young man offered flattery to the maiden; but he was the first person to kiss her. Jeanne had never been kissed before; rather she never had aloud anyone to kiss her. Her own thoughts betrayed her. Every time she tried to think strategy; she would think back to kiss and the flattery, and get lost in overwhelming feelings.
Jeanne could feel herself blush with each thought back to that event; she could not focus at all. She excused herself from the meeting, explaining that she needed some alone time to sort through her thoughts. Roger offered to go with her, but Jeanne told him she did not want him with her; crushing Roger yet again.
She walked past a building; sighing deeply when she heard a familiar voice that caused her heart to skip a beat. “You know; I may be a little late, but I'm still waiting for that date. I mean I have been eagerly a waiting this for a while; I mean my renegotiation with you.” Aeolus was laying down on a banister, still in his armor but with no helmet. Jeanne ran over too him, “Are you ok?”
Aeolus looked at her in disbelief; “hold on a second. I thought I was your enemy; you know English scum. You hit your head or something; a strong girl could never fall for English scum like me.” Aeolus blushed a little; Jeanne blushed a little in return when the first compliment hit her. “Umm… Well you see, it is just that I have never really had anyone kiss me before. And well do you really think I'm beautiful? Can you really see me?”
Aeolus put his hand in front of his eyes; “I see through the air. The air circles around every portion of everything. I just cannot see color of things, its kind of a dream of mine to finally see the world in color. But to think you have never been called beautiful; it hurts me to think you have been around guys who have not treated the way you disserve. I love the short hair you have; it just heightens your beauty; not to mention an angel's face. I did not lie when I said you were beautiful.”
Jeanne heavily blushed; she began to get a little frustrated and could feel heat building in her body. “Now stop patronizing me. I'm not just a pretty face; I'm the savior of France.” Aeolus expressed a puzzled look; “well you are another pretty face. But that is not what attracted me really to you. It was more your strength; you stood up to me no problem, and I hear you are quite the heroine. You are the strongest woman I have ever met; you stood your ground for your ideals that is real strength. Course still does not hurt that you are beautiful too; French girls really are far more beautiful then English ones.”
“Now you really are just patronizing me; and you are just a little too self-centered for me to be interested. Besides you are still on the side of the English; I could just never be with you.” Jeanne turned her head away from Aeolus, praying that he was not willing to let this relationship end here. She knew he liked her; and she was hoping that he really did want to be with her. Jeanne always had him on her mind recently; she could not get rid of him for some reason.
Aeolus rubbed his chin wit his left hand; “so if I join you, you would be my girlfriend? That is an interesting bonus for signing up.” Jeanne was trying to lure him over, without admitting that she did, indeed like him. “We may be able to come to an agreement if you wanted too. If you really wanted me then you would join the French side; and if you really believed in my strength then you would want to be by my side.”
Jeanne turned around slightly looking to see if there was any sign of Aeolus being intrigued. Aeolus looked at Jeanne, seeing that she was blushing; he knew that she was too proud to admit that she wanted him to join her by his own accord. Aeolus sighed; “I would love to join you, but I would have to guarantee someone's heart for me.”
Jeanne turned around completely holding her hand together behind her. “Well who do you want; because I think we could really use your aid. And you know it is just that I thought you might like, umm…”
Aeolus sighed again much deeper; “You already know who I want, and I think you know who you want. So how about we just both pretend we are getting what we want; so let's seal the deal.” Aeolus walked up to her, pulling her in close. He moved in, Jeanne's heart beating loudly; eagerly anticipating her second kiss. He moved slowly closer till their lips met; the people in the street surprised their savior was with this man who was unknown.
After what seemed like minutes, the two pulled away. Jeanne's heart was still pounding; she gently began to speak sounding a little flustered. “So I guess you really wanted me to join our side, huh?” Aeolus looked at Jeanne, gently brushing her hair with his glove. “More then you know. I'm yours Jeanne and no one else; I love you Jeanne.”
Jeanne backed up in surprise; she was so flustered with her kiss, but to think Aeolus loved her. She was always so bold and head strong; but to have someone else who was passionate about her was what she wanted. She had been waiting for a man to come and be her strength; but no one had come to her before Aeolus. Jeanne was passionate about France; but she subdued to Aeolus of her own accord, she loved his strength.
Aeolus dropped down; kneeling on a knee looking at his love. “I promise to keep you safe, and France as well. No one shall harm you for I am your sword and shield. You have complete controls of the wind at your command.” Aeolus said bowing his head; looking up at her as he finished his statement. “Well come on let's go meet this group of yours. Unless you are having second thoughts about our deal? I thought that kiss would surely seal the deal.”
Jeanne shook her head; Aeolus rose from the ground. Jeanne quickly responded; “No, it is not that. I just have never had someone be so interested in me.” Aeolus looked at her with a confused expression; “no one? I cannot believe you were single before now. I'm a little surprised that you actually took to my flattery. It never works on any of the less intelligent girls; so why does it work on the smart one?”
Jeanne laughed a bit; which was a rare occurrence for her. “You really think I'm that smart? Well you see I was sent by god; so I can tell if you are lying.” “So am I lying?” Aeolus spoke while looking up to the sky.
Jeanne shook her head; “I have met dishonest people before. I can tell when people are being dishonest or lying; you are not like that. It is probably why I believe you; you would not lye to me if you loved me.”
Aeolus looked deeply into her eyes; “so I guess I'm in love then.” His hands moved out at his side motioning to a flower stand. A single rose; floated over to Aeolus's hand. Aeolus gave the flower to Jeanne, Jeanne blushing at the act, turning her head slightly away. “I now when we met I was a bit of a jerk; but you are the one who controls the wind now.”
Jeanne held the rose close to her nose; breathing in the sweet scent. She was in love for the first time in her life; and it was with someone who genuinely loved her for her. She wrapped her right arm around Aeolus's left arm. Still holding the rose in her left hand; they began to walk towards the command center.
Aeolus was happy with this situation; he had someone pretty, smart, and strong by his side. Aeolus never really got close to anyone; but he found it strange he was much more satisfied with this then he could have been with his other reward. Jeanne and Aeolus arrived at the area where the commanders were planning their next assault. The two walked in Jeanne still wrapped around Aeolus's arm.
Azul's mighty voice, echoed through their command center. “We shall finish him this time. Our squads are ready to strike when the assault begins tomorrow. All squads will proceed and kill everything in the area; then the weapon shall fall. Make sure the girl survives, we cannot allow the weapon to enter rage form.” Shelke and Azul stood in front of a small army of soldiers and machines. All of there warriors armed to the teeth with weapons that were more advanced then anything on this world.
Azul laughed loudly; “A worthy opponent for Azul the Cerulean. This shall be indeed worth my time. HAIL WEISS!” With the mighty cry of Azul praising their leader; the soldiers all cried out. “HAIL WEISS!”
Meanwhile Jeanne had explained what had happened between the two. Roger's heart sunk the moment he saw the two together. “I know you are all a little nervous about me. You may have heard about my story; how I command the winds; which is probably why you do not trust me. The truth is simply you cannot trust me; I'm not here for any of you, I'm here for her.”
Roger stood up; looking to Jeanne with a troubled expression. “Jeanne are you sure about this? He tried to kill you earlier.” Jeanne looked into Rogers eyes; her voice filled with confidence and strength. “Roger; I know he was like that before but I know he is on our side. We love one another and he will never turn on me.”
Roger was once again, felt his heart break. Aeolus summoned a torrent of wind in his right hand; “Cheer up boys and girls! You may not know if you can trust me; but you trust Jeanne, and I'm hers. She has the God of the Wind on her side.” The commanders looked at one another before one of the commanders questioned. “A God, huh? Well you and Jeanne shall prove your value in the next battle. We welcome you to our side; please aid us in our goal, your aid is truly appreciated.”
The meeting concluded, late in the evening. Jeanne and Aeolus left heading towards Jeanne's room. Roger was left behind in the room with Liane; Liane tried to comfort him, but he was hung up on Jeanne.
Jeanne and Aeolus arrived at Jeanne's room. Jeanne aloud him in; it was late and Jeanne started getting ready for bed. Jeanne began to remove all her armor; her breastplate hit the floor with a loud crash. Aeolus's ears perked up; “Sorry I'll leave while you to get changed.”
Aeolus began to leave, when he felt a hand wrap around his. Jeanne was holding his hand; “I thought you were going to stay and sleep with me. That is what people who love each other do; they usually tend to spend as much time as possible together.”
Aeolus face went bright red; he breathed deeply feeling a little hot under the collar. “Well we just met, isn't a little early to get so serious. I means do not get me wrong you're beautiful, but it is just that well what if someone sees us. They may over react a little since you know, a maiden sent by god not being a...”
Jeanne became embarrassed very quickly when she realized what he was talking about. “Oh mon dieu. That is not what I meant; I just meant sleeping but not anything like that…” Jeanne was embarrassed and so was Aeolus; the dead silence weighing down on the two soldiers, till Jeanne broke the silence. “You wanted to sleep with me, like that? Well we could not do it now; but perhaps after we win this horrible war ends?”
Aeolus stuttered as he spoke; “I would love to, ah well you know, ah…” Jeanne just removed the rest of his armor, leaving her bodysuit on underneath. Aeolus's armor simply disappeared leaving him in simple light clothes. Soon the two laid down falling asleep, resting together for the battle to come. Loving the company and the relationship they had found together.
Chapter 4 The Power of the Storm
Song Zaft's intrigue
“I do not like the idea of this one bit. Charging the castle with a massive force; it can only lead to unnecessary bloodshed. Not to mention that it is incredibly dangerous for everyone here; Jeanne we should take our time with this.” Roger finished speaking, looking over to Jeanne and Aeolus together; Jeanne still wrapped around Aeolus's arm. A general looked up from the map he was looking at. “What do we have to worry about; we have two powerful warriors who are sent by god to us. Then we have our self appointed god himself. Surely they all can win this with little effort.”
Jeanne laughed a little at the comment; before she began to speak with strength in her voice. “I agree god is on our side; there is no way we can lose this fight. We also have Aeolus to protect us; and I'm invincible already. This fort will be ours with no opposition; the voice of god has told me of our victory.” Immediately following Jeanne's mention of the voice of god; Aeolus snapped out of his daze. “Hold on a second! Roger might be right here; I mean if we rush this then someone could easily die, or worse many could die. I'm all for insane charges but this may be too rash; we have too many lives at stake in this.”
Jeanne looked at Aeolus; surprised that he was having second thoughts. She knew that Roger was always careful, but Aeolus was more the bold rushing into things type like her. “Aeolus I never expected you to be having second thoughts. Why are you worried about this battle? Surely you believe in me and my ideas.”
“I do not doubt you Jeanne; I will follow you to the death if need be. But I can sense something is wrong with this; something else is moving against us here today. I can handle a few thousand of these English soldiers easy; but there is another evil is at work here. Those soldiers I fought in the forest were not from this world; they have weapons that can kill us from great distances. I only care about Jeanne and I'm not going to let something happen to you but…”
Before Aeolus could finish; Jeanne tightened her grip on his arm. She looked into his eyes; speaking passionately. “I know you will never let anything happen to me, and neither will god. Both of you are giving me strength here and that is why I'm not afraid. Now we shall drive these English monsters from our lands once and for all.”
Song End
Jeanne turned; running out of the room before anyone could usher another word. Aeolus watched her leave, shouting to her; “Jeanne wait! Oh; oh god damn it!” Roger and Gilles approached Aeolus; Roger grabbed Aeolus's arm with a fierce grip. “You better not let anything to happen to her. You better always be here to protect her; or no amount of power will save you from me.”
Aeolus looked to the man he knew loved Jeanne as well; he laughed before responding to Roger. “I'm always going to be there for her; giving her support and everything you could not give her. Unlike you; I care enough about her to always be by her side. You had more then enough chances to have Jeanne; and you did nothing. Do not make the mistake to think that you are the only person who cares about her. I love Jeanne, and she loves me; so get over your self.”
Roger's grip weakened when the words of Aeolus sunk into him. Aeolus broke free of the grip; running as fast as he could to catch Jeanne. Gilles walked past Roger, speaking to him in a gentle voice. “Roger please get over it, we need you out there. I know it hurts, but he is right; you had your chance and you did nothing.”
Gilles left with the rest of Jeanne's group; leaving only Roger and Liane behind. Liane approached Roger; she put her hand on his shoulders, in an attempt to comfort him. Roger turned around hugging Leanne tightly. A tear formed in Liane's left eye; she loved Roger, but he was in love with Jeanne. His feelings for Jeanne were stronger then his feelings for Liane; but if he chose to be with her, she would not think twice about it.
Song Impatience
Meanwhile; Jeanne had already reached the French troops, and issued the order to attack. Jeanne moved forward with her army. The army pushed siege towers closer, and closer to the Bastille of the Augustins. Jeanne commanded all of her troops to go forth and win this battle in the name of France.
The English had all of their troops ready; waiting for the ideal moment. Hundreds of soldiers waited inside Bastille; all with bows and arrows ready for a massacre. Jeanne and her group approached the Bastille; when a loud command was given to the English army.
Hundreds of arrows flew into the sky at all different angles. Jeanne swatted arrows that came towards her, but her army suffered with the barrage. Arrows came down ripping into many of her soldiers. In one wave of arrows many French soldiers lost their lives; before they could recover the English commander shouted for a volley.
More arrows came from the sky this time; Jeanne braced herself for the worst. Aeolus ran through the bodies of soldiers till he got past Jeanne. He stretched both of his arms behind him for a second before throwing his boomerangs. The boomerangs caused two tornadoes to form, getting rid of the volley of arrows.
Aeolus pulled Jeanne behind a siege tower; looking at her, “that was too rash. You could have died out there. I love how bold you are but do not go head on versus a hundred arrows and expect to win by yourself.” Jeanne blushed; but quickly snapped out speaking in an aggravated voice. “I know what I'm doing out here Aeolus, we are going to win.”
“That may be the case but not through rash moves like this.” Aeolus finished speaking before he ripped his helmet off; leaning in and kissing her quickly. He jumped out from behind the siege tower; he caught his boomerangs, slamming them together to reform his bow. Aeolus quickly fired off multiple shots; the wind and force killing any soldier in its path, while blowing things close by away.
The rest of Jeanne's group arrived at the battle; taking cover behind different Siege towers. Aeolus jumped back behind the tower; “the troop's moral is low. Their frightened about this battle; and they should be. This is going to take a while for me to breakdown the walls.”
Jeanne snapped out of her daze; climbing the Siege tower she was behind. Jeanne reached the top of the tower, grabbing a French flag. She stood tall waving it; the French soldiers looking up to their leader. Jeanne screamed and chanted about the victory to come; how they could not let the English continue the atrocities. Aeolus looked up at her; “god damn it Jeanne. You are going to be the death of me.”
Aeolus ran to the front of the siege tower looking up on the top of the wall. An archer was aiming directly at Jeanne's exposed body; aiming directly so the arrow would pierce her heart. Aeolus jumped up into the air; aiming to land in front of Jeanne. The arrow was released at Jeanne; poised to kill her with a single blow. Jeanne turned to see the arrow flying right at her heart. Jeanne closed her; her life flashed before her eyes when a green flash blocked the arrow.
Aeolus flew high into the air, shouting at the English soldiers in front of him. “That was a big mistake!” Aeolus charged his bow; sending a powered version of his arrow into the soldier that attempted to kill Jeanne.
The arrow hit the soldier, splitting the man in half; the remaining power destroying a large part of wall. Aeolus dropped in front of Jeanne; he jumped forward pushing her to the ground. Jeanne was still in complete shock from her near death experience. Aeolus grabbed her head kissing her lips. He pulled away and was breathing heavily, managing to speak between breaths. “Never… Do that to me again. You scared me half to death with that move.”
“Well Shelke? Shall we move in and destroy the weapon?” Azul asked the small female standing beside him. Shelke turned her head, gently nodding to Azul; “we shall proceed. We have been approved to use 10% of our fighting force. There should be no need for more unless he enters rage mode. All forces commence assault; kill all that enter your path.”
Without any warning; over fifty soldiers emerged from the nearby hill. Many with rifles, some with snipers rifles; and a few members were equipped with advanced rocket launchers and swords. The infantry moved forward; while the more advanced troops attacked from hills.
From behind the Bastille rose three helicopters; each launched a swarm of missiles into the Bastille killing hundreds. Aeolus and Jeanne got up looking down onto the new enemies. All of the advanced soldiers opened fire on the French troops; the primitive weapons doing nothing against the new enemies.
The French soldiers were being slaughtered without any shred of mercy. Jeanne and Aeolus stood up, they gazed out across the land, watching the massacre. Jeanne put her head to Aeolus's suit of armor; crying her eyes out at the terrible massacre. A sniper moved along the hill, into position. He aimed his weapon while he looking through his sniper scope; targeting Jeanne's heart, the only way for his bullet to kill the weapon from his position. The sniper laughed; “I am not afraid of this creature. HAIL WEISS!”
Song End
The sniper pulled the trigger; sending the bullet though Jeanne's and Aeolus's chest. Jeanne cried out in pain; dropping to the floor bellow her. Aeolus screamed at the top of his lungs at the sight of Jeanne dying in his arms. Shelke immediately knew what had happened, cursing the sniper for his arrogance.
Song Finally Reborn
Aeolus's eyes filled with tears; Jeanne's grip on his hand weakening, her life fading from existence. Aeolus felt rage build deep inside him; his body surged, his eyes now glowing bright green. He put his hand above her chest; green waves came from his hand entering her chest.
The wound slowly healed with each wave of the mysterious energy. Jeanne heart began to beat again; she woke up wrapping her arms around Aeolus's neck. She gently whispered into his ear; “I'm alive. I knew you would protect me no matter what fate beheld me.”
Aeolus picked the woman he loved up; his eyes still glowing bright green. He jumped off the siege tower; entering the lower shelter on the bottom level; setting Jeanne down to rest. He grabbed hold of Gilles chest plate; pulling him close to him. Aeolus looked at him with his green eyes. “Protect her till I return; or you will find one more that I and the English have a common enemy again.”
Aeolus finished speaking; tossing Gilles beside Jeanne. Aeolus left the siege tower walking in front of the army of advanced soldiers; his powerful aura clearly present. Aeolus stopped in front of the army with guns; the helicopters positioned above him. Aeolus began to shout at the army; “all you bastards die right here, right now! There will be no escape for any of you! You shall all die, every last English soldier and every last one of you who do not belong. RAGE FORM!”
Aeolus turned to green light; his body shoot into the sky at an amazing speed. Clouds formed from nothing; turning black like the night. Lightning crashed high above when everyone heard a terrible roar; when the true Weapon of the wind descended from the sky. Everyone could simply not believe the sight before their eyes…
Chapter 5 The Perfect Storm Dragon
Song Beowulf Slays The Beast
The clouds gave way; parting across the sky, revealing Aeolus in his rage form. Aeolus had transformed in to a long Chinese dragon. Its green skin was thick; the long body bore on its four limbs all with razor sharp claws. The dragon struck terror into everyone bellow who beheld the fierce creature. The dragon had a V-shaped head that was large compared to its body.
The Dragon roared; gazing down upon the enemies bellow. The dragon roared shaking the very earth to the core; every soldier covered their ears from the deafening sound. The dragon bared its teeth; the large fangs were incredibly long, with long points going forwards and backwards.
Shelke was beginning to sweat; the creature that floated before her was what she tried to prevent. “The rage form of the weapon has limitless power. It will evolve rapidly and become more of a treat; Azul we must leave now!” Azul shook his head in defiance; staring at the amazing Dragon above him. “No I will not leave; this is the opponent I have been waiting for. Shelke go and report this to Weiss; he must be informed of this development.”
Shelke nodded to Azul; leaving the behemoth of a man behind. Azul shouted to the armies before him; “Deepground soldiers! Open fire on that creature.” Azul finished shouting; his body began pulsating before he transformed in to a much larger beast form of his self.
The blue beast roared to the dragon with all of its might. The Deepground soldiers took there cue unleashing their weapons; bullets traveled high into the sky. Each weapon's ammo harmlessly bounced off Aeolus's Dragon form.
The dragon flew off into the distance; turning after traveling approximately one hundred yards away. Lighting and wind whipped around the dragons mouth; light formed inside the dragon's mouth. Energy leaked out of the dragon's mouth, disrupting the space around the dragon. The dragon lifted its head for a second before it dropped its head dropped; from the mouth poured out a giant stream of energy forward towards the enemies.
The blast plowed through all of the Deepground forces; none were left after the beam cleared. Scorched earth was all that remained after the fierce beam of light and energy. Azul's beast from ran along the ground; he jumped into the air before sinking his teeth into the dragon's skin. The dragon roared; it flew down to the earth and sent its body spinning so it could collide into the earth.
Azul collided with the earth, releasing the dragon from its grasp. The dragon flew into what was remaining of the Bastille; crushing the fortress and everything in it. The dragon broke free of the spin, before it soared high into the sky. The dragon's skin was unharmed and Azul's beast form, and was still in perfect condition.
The two creatures growled; they starred into the others eyes with no mercy for the other beast warrior. Both people inside their respective form were lost in a sea of power and rage. Azul ran forward jumping into the air with his teeth bared. Azul approached the dragon's underside; he tried to sink his teeth into the dragon's skin again.
The dragon disappeared out of Azul's path turning into the very air; seconds later the dragon appeared behind Azul. The dragon moved forward; catching Azul in his mouth. Azul growled; the razor sharp teeth piercing his skin, entering his body and the dragon tried to tear the beast apart in two.
The dragon held Azul in his half opened mouth, still hovering high above the earth. Azul felt energy coming from the dragon's body. The beast tried to brace itself for the coming blast of energy. The wind picked up speed causing a vortex to form around the dragons mouth. Time and space appeared to bend around the dragon's mouth while energy continually built up.
Lightning came from the mouth as the dragon let loose another blast of energy. The energy tore Azul from the dragon's teeth. Azul howled fiercely as he felt his arm being torn off from his body. Azul plowed into the ground with tremendous force; Aeolus continued poring energy through his breath into Azul. The dragon stopped the flare of energy, sending a fierce roar across the land.
Jeanne woke up from her state of unconsciousness with the last roar if the tremendously powered dragon. She questioned where Aeolus was; she could remember him saving her life by healing the hole in her chest. She exited the shelter of the siege tower to behold the massive destruction of her country. She gazed skyward to see the large dragon looming over the battlefield. “Aeolus what happened to you?”
The dragon turned its attention to the distance; rage still present causing Aeolus's mind to lose all control. The dragon charged sending a flare of energy into the distance. The flare hit English capital causing massive damage to all things surrounding the blast area. Aeolus stopped firing sending projectiles from his body that traveled in the direction of England.
Each missile erupted causing massive tornadoes destroying more and more homes of innocents. The dragon turned its attentions to the English soldiers in forts near by. Needing no pause the dragon fired another wave of energy into the lands occupying the English troops. The dragon turned this head so that the single flare would crush the other forts in one fell swoop.
Aeolus finished his flare of energy; pausing momentarily to charge and fire again. This time the dragon turned its head around multiple times; the beam ripping into cities both friendly and full of enemies. Aeolus did not stop this time, continuing a constant stream of energy into lands near and far. Death and devastation filled the air; screams of innocents and sounds of innocents' deaths were poison to Jeanne's ears.
Jeanne watched the man she loved destroy her country; he had lost his entire mind in the power he found. His rage was tearing the land apart with no mercy for anyone or anything; reason had nothing to do with anything any more for Aeolus. Jeanne began to cry and pray for Aeolus to stop the assault. Jeanne's prayers could not reach Aeolus; the man's mind was lost in hatred and rage. The dragon continued to destroy everything around it, setting the entire country side a flame.
Aeolus came down to the ground still in his dragon form, only a few yards away from the group of French soldiers. It stared at the French soldiers that were still alive hiding in the battered siege towers. Aeolus could not longer tell friend from foe; the dragon form charged its next attack. Jeanne could not believe what had happened; and by Aeolus no less.
She ran forward, hugging the massive dragon's body with all her strength. She cried out as hard as she could; calling for Aeolus to stop this madness. The dragons head tilted backwards readying to fire the blast downwards onto group in front of him. Jeanne lifted her head yelling as loud as she could; “Stop this Aeolus; I LOVE YOU PLEASE STOP!”
The voice hit Aeolus's mind; the dragon stopped charging its attack. The dragons began to glow, shrinking back to a human size in front of Jeanne. Aeolus appeared in front of her, rapping his arms around her. Jeanne hid not hesitate either, hugging Aeolus with all of her force too.
A small feminine clap drew the attention of everyone that was lucky enough to still alive in the area. A young grey haired woman walked up to Aeolus and Jeanne; still clapping at the performance. “Girl you truly are destined to be with him. A weapons rage form is unstoppable by shear brute force and strangely rage. The weapon loses his mind and only someone truly in tune with the weapons “Soul” could ever stop their rampage. You love one another; and your love knows no bounds, but I'm here to rip you to apart. You will come with me Aeolus; we must meet your creator.”
Song end
Jeanne was not going to let him go and Aeolus was not going to leave her. The woman saw that he was not going to go willingly. “If you do not come I will kill her and you cannot hope to stop me.”
The woman unleashed her aura; it completely eclipsed Aeolus's rage aura. Aeolus looked at Jeanne giving her one final kiss goodbye. Jeanne let him go towards the new woman; Jeanne put her hands together praying for Aeolus to be safe.
Aeolus approached the woman; “I have one request; if you do not fill it then I will fight you to my death.” The woman nodded before Aeolus continued; “Freeze time if you are so powerful. I have destroyed these lands and I will return and take responsibility for my actions.”
Jeanne's heart skipped a beat when she heard this; Aeolus seemed like an entirely new person. The grey haired woman nodded as she said, “it is agreed. Time shall halt till you return.” Aeolus looked one last time at Jeanne before he disappeared into a portal bellow him.
The woman vanished, and the entire dimension came to a halt. Everything stood dead still; nothing moving an inch till the day Aeolus returned…