Jeanne D'arc Fan Fiction ❯ Chaotic Out break Breeze of a Storm ❯ Chapter 1 The Wind Reborn ( Chapter 1 )

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Chaotic Outbreak
Exia of Wind
Breeze Of a Storm
Chapter 1 Re-awakening
Sudden coughing and hacking broke the gentle sounds of the meadow apart. The sound commanded everything's attention towards the source. Slowly Brett hacked and coughed and struggled to move his body; he felt no pain anywhere in his body. His eyes opened to a blurry sky; his vision was failing him and none of his muscles could do anything. “Did I die? Is this the afterlife?”
Brett continued to struggle upwards when he felt a palm against his chest. “Take your time; you have not moved in some time. It will take some time for all of your motor skills to return.” A voice told Brett; he could not see well at all but he recognized the voice. “Siarnaq? Is that you? I can feel nothing in my entire body; am I dead? Did I fail everyone?”
“No you are not dead; not yet anyway…” Another voice said causing Brett to shoot upwards into a sitting position. “I thought you had no control of your muscles, but I guess you really are something special.” Brett's eye sight returned and he looked over to see Váli sitting beside 4 other Exia. “Váli what are you doing here…? What happened? How long was I out…? Where am I? what…”
Lightning jumped down and support Brett's trembling body; causing Brett to pause his assault of questions. “Easy there; you just woke up so relax. You need to take it easier; after all you took the worst beating of everyone here.” Lightning stopped after his sentence when he felt a poke to his side; he turned to see Aeolus looking down on him. “Stop stressing the guy out; he just came too after that battle and now you're making him worried. You feeling any better; you idiot… I cannot believe you were dumb enough to try that.”
Sounds came back to the meadow of birds and wind blowing through nearby trees. Brett got all of his vision back, but he still had multiple questions. “Yes I think my vision is back to normal; I'll live but how long was I out. How did I survive that attack; it felt like my body was disintegrating in the energy… Just how the hell could I have survived that attack? That attack clearly should have killed me…”
Brett sighed just when Theus began to answer; “well not to alarm you but you have been out for about three months…” Brett shot up; knocking everyone off to the side. Theus jumped up and grabbed hold of Brett; stopping him from leaving while Brett struggled against his grasp. “Slow down there; if you are worried about how much time has passed do not. This dimensions time passes at a much quicker pace then other dimensions. So these months are more like a few days or even hours to others. Stop worrying yourself; you still need to rest.”
Brett stopped his attempts and relaxed into a standing position, and Theus calmly continued. “I had a feeling you would be stressed by the idea, but that is why we came here. You can thank Siarnaq for everything.” Brett's legs were still weak, and he collapsed into a sitting position looking up to the sky. “It is so peaceful here; how did we end up here?”
Siarnaq sat there in his cloak with his legs crossed. “No doubt you would want to know what happened. Brett when you were battling with Váli; you tried to stop his final attack, but it would have killed all of us. So I used my power over darkness to transport us to another dimension to avoid the attack. We were all hurt slightly but you were the worst because of your valiant efforts. So I brought us here and we evaded the attack; Váli unleashed it onto the empty dimension. But regardless you have finally recovered from that attack; and that is a beacon of light.”
Brett looked back to Váli who was sitting beside Siarnaq. “Why is he here? He was trying to kill us not to long ago. Also where is Fayt to…?” Váli looked at him momentarily before beginning to speak; “yes there is a story behind that too. When my attack passed it had left me completely drained of all my energy. Siarnaq returned and rescued me from dying out there. Since then I have had time to realize that you all are not bad, and perhaps that this truly is not your fault. I owe Siarnaq a great deal for saving me, and you all have my thanks for pledging yourselves against Jenova.”
Lightning walked over and put his hand on Brett's shoulder; “so that makes us all allies. Unfortunately Fayt did not share that idea. He cursed all of us, and even himself for how weak he was; to think all he cares about is power. He told us he wanted no part of who we were. He left this dimension by himself and headed off somewhere. But even if he did he only has a days head start about…”
Siarnaq interrupted; his commanding voice drawing everyone's attention to him. “More importantly is what he was promised. Jenova promised us each something in return for aiding her, and after fighting with him it clear what he seeks… Jenova promised him power and he intends to find her and collect. He could become a threat but all of us need to decide what we will be doing. We have many problems arising, and a thousand questions; even I'm wondering how to overcome it.”
“That was not the real Jenova you met” Váli said; looking down at the ground. “No one in any dimension you could access has ever seen the real her. The one you met at the previous world was a clone as well. Now that they control the Weapon of Infinity I doubt they will give any time in going after their real goal. I do not know what Jenova will do from this point on beyond her goal but she has thousands of clones operating under her command. Thankfully Olympus is still incredibly well hidden, but it will only take so long for her to get there and then the true chaos will begin…”
Suddenly before Váli could utter another word; Brett's ears perked up and he rose. He starred into the sky with a panicked expression across his face. Lightning looked over at his friend's panicked expression. “Brett what is wrong? You sense something going on somewhere?”
“I have to leave; my home is in danger! I can sense it I have to leave now!” Brett finished his statement and changed into his tech form. His form was fully regenerated to its former glory. Brett wasted no time and shot off into the sky at a greater speed then he had ever traveled leaving the others behind. “Do not worry Lightning; he will be fine. It is rather amusing to think that he has that kind of power when he is worried about her. If he had used that back when we were fighting then the outcome may have been different.”
“Perhaps but regardless; I know most of you have your own agendas. I do not want you going after Jenova; that is the final decision. It is my battle to fight her and I wish that you all will respect that. You have earned my trust and my respect, but this is my battle. You all go off and do what you must, or what you feel is right. But none of you are to go after Jenova; understood?”
“If that is the way you feel; then we will comply. I have no interest in chasing after her at this moment; we will only lose. For the moment it is unfair for me to ask them to help in a pointless battle. I feel that I can be some assistance to you however; if Jenova gets a chance to use that Weapon then everything will change.” Siarnaq stated before he stood up looking to Váli for a response.
Váli stood there silently for a moment; “I thank you for your offer; but must refuse. You still have no idea what you are up against and even I need more power. For now it is best if we go our separate ways. Many groups are quickly gaining power; they are becoming huge threats against everyone of us. For now it we cannot risk going after Jenova directly. So for now you all must agree to obey my command.”
Everyone agreed to Váli's command; Váli gave a sigh before speaking again in monotone voice. “Good; I hope you all survive long enough for us to meet again. Nothing is certain about our future, but you all must give me the time to find a solution to the Negastream. Till I see you all again; I hope you all are safe.” Before anyone could say anything in response; Váli disappeared into multiple green waves of energy that disappeared into the air.
The sun beat down on all of the four Exia who still remained in the peaceful meadow. Theus waited for a moment before speaking up to the others; “it is now obvious we are all over our heads. For now I suggest we each return to our respective worlds and protect our loved ones. Other then that; we do not have much of a choice to do anything else about the situation that is arising…”
“I agree; if we cannot do anything to fight against Jenova, then we should protect what we can. Hopefully something will turn up eventually that can help us better understand things.” Aeolus looked said while looking around at each of them; Siarnaq just stood there looking to the ground. “Then I hope you all stay safe; one day we shall meet again and decide further. Last piece of aid I can offer you all is to return you all home by my power.”
“Thank you that would be most appreciative; I would like to return to my world.” Theus said and Aeolus agreed to the statement made. Lightning however stood there for a moment; “Siarnaq before you aid me return to my world I would like a word with you.” Siarnaq agreed and with a wave of his hand Theus and Aeolus disappeared into a dark portal back to their respective world.
It was pitch black inside the portal; the young man could see nothing. He fell through the long winding portal; it whipped and thrashed Aeolus inside of it. A minute passed and Aeolus fell through to the ground bellow; he hit the ground hard but quickly recovered, and then he realized he had made it home.
Time slowly started up again; the fires continued to burn and everything came back to life. Aeolus had returned to the exact moment he had left; Jeanne immediately noticed he was gone. She turned to see him kneeling behind her; she ran over to him and kneeled beside him. Jeanne held him tightly; unaware of what had happened during his barely unnoticeable absence.
“Aeolus you're back!” She shook him while she spoke, but received no response. Jeanne quickly lifted his head to see that he had passed out. The remaining troops evacuated the area; taking Aeolus and anyone they could save. The country still lay in ruins from the rage form, but none of that mattered to Jeanne. She had Aeolus back, and for now a retreat seemed like the best choice was a retreat.
Azul lay on the earth; he had already lost a massive amount of blood, and was in danger of losing his life. “Curse you Aeolus; I will survive and return to kill you!” The wounded giant lay there; trying to stay alive when he heard footsteps coming towards him. “We have found Azul; he is badly injured and we will need a transport immediately.” Azul could only laugh; “I will return for you Aeolus, and next time you will die. My teeth will destroy you…”