Jeanne D'arc Fan Fiction ❯ Chaotic Out break Breeze of a Storm ❯ Chapter 2 Our Future is Decided ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter 2 Our Future is Decided
Not even Aeolus's spirit form attack had deterred the English; the lands of England and France scared by the attack cried for revenge. More and more English soldiers were arriving on French shores at a quick pace. The few days after the attack only served as more time for the French to ready weapons and soldiers of their own, and Aeolus and Jeanne found themselves in a war that would not end. Desperately trying to find a way out of this war, but everyone kept dragging them back in.
The couple was quick to show their affection over the few hours they had alone over the next two days, but it was obvious that the war was not about to end. Both sides cried for blood and revenge, and the once strong Jeanne was now becoming sick of this war. All she desired was to be with Aeolus; her hero, but the bracelet was keeping her part of this war. She did not care to see France burn, but this war was becoming about more then that.
More of a golden shackle now then a gift from the gods, but there was no easy solution. Her heart; which was once only fixed on saving her beloved France was now focused on Aeolus. The man who had saved her life and soul from the dark abyss was the only thing on her mind now. She was so fixed on him being the perfect one for her. He had saved her life, and would do what ever she asked, and now he was the only thing her mind was fixed on.
Aeolus was still trying to deal with everything that had happened on his end. The knowledge of what he was; the destruction and death he had caused; and the knowledge of all the things that still was waiting for him in his future. Despite everything that troubled him; Aeolus found comfort and strength in being with Jeanne. She was what mattered and no matter what he was going to not give up for her. Till the future was looking bleak, and he wondered how to deal with everything.
“This war council is now open; we will now decide the future battle plans, and we will decide how to achieve victory in this war!” The minister finished shouting, and Aeolus who sat with Jeanne right beside him was ready to speak up. “And how exactly do you want to achieve this? I do not intend to be used as a Weapon, and quite frankly; we have bigger problems; not that you are really that concerned with that… are you?”
“Commander Aeolus… you have great power, and you should use it if you want to keep that girl of yours safe as well as our lands. Do not forget that we now have the rest of the English army on their way here; we cannot stand against that. Your power can easily clean our enemies from the map, and we can end this from ever happening again. You have a responsibility towards this country to protect it…”
“Well that is just all nice and pleasant, but you are wrong… My priority is to Jeanne first; then everyone one in France. Besides what right do you have to tell me what to do; the only person I follow is Jeanne, and perhaps you failed to notice that so many of our enemies are demons now? I think we should take out the source; then victory can be easily achieved and peace can return; unless you intend to further this war to the domination phase? That would really upset us… I will not use my power to destroy thr English; so find another way.”
Jeanne already knew who Aeolus was talking about; ever since he had returned; he was very protective, and always around her. Jeanne was finding it hard to ever again be as committed to this war as she was. Still Aeolus would follow Jeanne to hell and back if he had to; this war was becoming more and more extreme. The war was no escalating despite what had happened, and things seemed only to be getting worse and worse. Not even a divine event had deterred the enemy, and questions of what each side was after were always present.
Aeolus simply slammed a fist on to the table; puncturing a hole well into the wooden thick table. His rage was actually getting out of control, and he knew he had to leave. “I will aid in this war if that is what Jeanne chooses to do, but you should take a look at yourselves. You are all crying for revenge, and what's worse slaughter… this would not have bugged me before, but after what I have seen… I'm just not interested in aiding you know…”
“So you want us just to give up… fine. When they come and slaughter everyone; it will be on your conscience.”
Those words of the minister were the last things Aeolus could bare to listen to. He simply got up, and left the room; Jeanne followed close behind with her nose turned up. Roger watched the whole event, and turned to the ministers. “They are both very stubborn, but they have a point to a degree. I think we cannot rely on Aeolus solely to end this. So how are we going to end this?”
Together; Aeolus and Jeanne walked to nice meadow outside of the battle camp. He was in very little mood to go back to go back, and Jeanne could understand why he was upset. Jeanne grabbed Aeolus's arm and pulled back on him; eventually he stopped. Her gloved hands went on both sides of his face, and with a gentle breeze that blew by; he was finally starting to calm down.
“I know I joke a fair bit Jeanne, but I'm not happy at the way everyone is treating me. Roger's jealousy is still bugging me… But then everyone else is treating me like a weapon. That did not bug me till I found out that I'm not a weapon… It is hard for me to keep the same over the top attitude… You're the only person that I will ever open up to, but maybe this time I was a little quick to react.”
Nothing was said at first; Jeanne looked at Aeolus with such happiness to see him letting his guard down. They both had changed since they met; even if Jeanne was more timid and feminine; she was still a strong warrior. “Aeolus… I think you were correct to think that of them; they are treating you like a tool of death for their own goals. No one will every use you like that while I'm around…”
“Still Jeanne; what I saw out there has been a real awakening. What happened… was a real shock to my system. The other Exia; the fact that I'm just a clone; the power others possess, and even the just seeing half the things I did… It was so easy for me to be who I was when I was just a weapon. It did not matter to me; I always figured that I had the power; why should I have to act like others, but that was too much power. Even killing was a game till I met you, but meeting others; that are clones like me, and they fight for what is right… I don't think I can act so casually about death anymore…”
Then Jeanne led Aeolus over to a small rock that they sat on; side by side. “You shall not be alone, but you should not see this as a bad thing. You have the power to make a difference, and I will help you through this.” Jeanne paused a moment and kissed Aeolus's cheek before continuing; “you know that you are not just a Weapon. This is a chance for you to become who you could ever possibly want to be, but what do you want to do now?”
A short chuckle was all Aeolus could think to do, but remembering a few words gave him a few of his own to proclaim. “You know; Lightning, or Brett once told me that in his world; that one war became about the extermination of the other side. This war is not that bad yet, but it is definitely escalating on both sides. Not even a god like creature deterred this world, and there is that other group to contend with. I'm so overwhelmed right now that I have no clue who I should be, or even what to do… so I will say it again; I will follow you Jeanne.”
“If that is the case then may I suggest that you simply be yourself, but it still hard for me to walk away from this war? I must protect France, and I hope you will be there at my side. Still; you may be right, but after wards… can you take me to another world. The things you have told me about sound so exciting!”
At first all Aeolus did was snort, but then he leaned back and then hugged Jeanne from behind. “Well if you want me to be myself… then maybe I could be a happy gentle wind for you. You must be crazy to think I would leave you after everything we have been through; like oh let's say bringing you back from the dead… Still if you really want to see another world; I could probably take you somewhere after this…”
“Stop teasing me Aeolus; you still sound the same to me… so I guess you do not want me…” Jeanne just looked away all frustrated, and Aeolus snuck his face up beside her. When she saw him; they both started to laugh just a little. They were so close now; on the brink of forgetting their obligations to this war, and just leaving together. With the exchange of a short kiss; Jeanne had only a few short words; “please do not leave me.”
“I won't…”
“Azul's wounds are quite severe, and I doubt he will be able to participate in any further combat in the near future. We have increased the dosage of mako energy, but given the severity of his wounds; it will take more time then expected. With that in mind; my question is what are our orders lord Weiss…?” Shelke finished her monotone report, and continued to stand at attention in front of a monitor. The man displayed via the monitor looked at her with a serious tone from a relaxed position. “The situation is quickly becoming more complicated Shelke… that is why I sent more aid for you next mission. We must either exterminate or capture the Exia soon.”
“It's true darling… the mighty Rosso the Crimson has been sent here to finish what you and Azul could not finish.” Shelke only gave a quick glance to Rosso before looking back at Weiss. “Yes lord Weiss… I understand and we will not fail you again. What will be our objectives in the next battle…?”
“Good Shelke; at this current point in time the Exia of Light is too strong. Despite Nero's best efforts; we still have not gained our freedom, but Nero will wait for the opportune moment. You however have a different task… We have now created the same black invincible armor that held the Exia of Light Captive; now we need someone to test this armor on. Your mission is to capture the Exia of wind… we need to make sure this armor is perfect before we continue.”
Rosso just laughed a little; “oh really Weiss… You are so clever; does this mean we can use any methods we have to capture him. I have been so bored; the Exia of Fire disappeared before I could even have a chance to destroy him. That is no fun; I want to prove my strength, and have a little amount of fun if possible.”
“You may use any method to capture the Exia, but you are to leave the girl alone. I want to test the armor out against a girl who is devoted to him; if the armor cannot be broken; then we have replicated it perfectly. The Exia of Light was able to destroy the armor because of that girl of his, and we need to se if we can prefect it. Remember we need him alive; there can be no failure this time. Balance is growing impatient, but he still has no idea what we are really up to.”
Both girls nodded to Weiss, and both spoke in unison; agreeing to Weiss's commands; both ladies started to leave; till Weiss spoke up. “Rosso… Remember we need him alive, and the same with the girl. I do not want to hear that we failed; once we have accomplished our goals; you can do what ever you please. Think of this as a chance to test your true strength; I know how much you enjoy torturing your victims.”
“Well of course Weiss… it is so much more fun to let your victims suffer; nothing really lasts against my power anyways. Why should the fun end so quickly; you do not have to worry about me Weiss… I look forward to this mission, and we will succeed. All hail Weiss…”
The meeting was now long since over; Jeanne and Aeolus were readying to go to sleep. Tomorrow they would be sent out to fight against the new English forces that were coming to oppose them. The decision had been made to war, and even if Aeolus was his same cocky old self; he would follow and protect Jeanne to what ever end.
If this war was going to continue; then Aeolus was going to stay beside her. Even if Jeanne was becoming more timid and thoughtful; she still was the fire ball that Aeolus loved. Even when tomorrow they would march to meet the enemy; they still were able to put that fear aside. This night was their first real night together; Aeolus just sat by the window looking out to the starry sky.
Thoughts of how the others were doing passed through his mind, and his future was looking bright. Now he was just trying to enjoy a brief moment of peace, but something made moving forward hard. Aeolus still feared his powers; especially if he would enter his dragon form again. He had to learn to control it, and he thought about how he had changed even when he was still over confident.
Just a small snort at the thought was all Aeolus could do to shake the feeling off, but it also gauged a response from someone who was watching him carefully. “Aeolus; what are you thinking about…?”
Aeolus then turned to see Jeanne in nothing more then her underwear, and Aeolus looked back out the window. “Jeanne… I thought we agreed not till after the war… not; not that I mind you in nothing at all… You look great in nothing.”
Not even the small joke could hide Aeolus's embarrassment, and Jeanne just walked over and grabbed his hand; pulling him over to the bed. “I know we agreed, but you make me feel so beautiful even when I'm a warrior… I cannot give you it yet, but I fell comfortable being like this… because you would never do anything without my permission.”
“Wow…! Any guy in the world would kick my ass for passing up on a beautiful girl… but I guess it gives me something to look forward to.” Jeanne laughed at Aeolus with just a slight blush across her cheeks. “I don't know why when you say it; it makes me feel so wonderful… maybe this is just really true love… please come to bed with me.”
Slowly they both laid down side by side, and Aeolus played the caring one helping Jeanne in. They eventually settled with Jeanne's back against Aeolus's stomach. Accidentally brushing Jeanne's breast; Aeolus was speechless, but Jeanne grabbed his hand and lead it back under her arm. Landing right below her breast, and Aeolus was more then a little nervous.
When he started to move his hand away; he suddenly heard an immediate response. “Don't you dare move away; I like your hand right there… it feels so wonderful. Aeolus… tell me about other worlds.”
After moving his hand back; Aeolus just laughed a little, and thought back to what he had scene. Still that depressing world was not what Jeanne wanted to hear about, and he knew it. “Well Jeanne… when we go to another world; you will not believe your eyes. We will go anywhere you want to, and there is so much…”
“Stop being so general… but keep talking; I want to fall asleep to the sound of your voice. Tomorrow we are going to have a big day…”