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Chapter 6 The New Path
Sun shine graced the battle scorned shores the next morning after the massive battle. The shore was littered with swords, dead bodies of demons and men, catapults, blood, and so much more. All of the battle had ruined the photo perfect scenery from what it once had been, and even the ocean was littered with broken bits of ships from the once proud English armada.
Truly the beach was lined with dead that ran up and down the beach for miles, and yet it was peaceful. Gulls and wildlife went about there business like nothing had really happened. Life continued on while the tides drifted in and out peacefully with the sounds of the ocean accompanying them. Soon though with the light came movement from the French.
Gilles was up early so no one else had to, only a handful of soldiers had stayed up the full night to keep guard however there was nothing else at sea. No enemies were left after that single demonic weapons attack, and it had left thousands dead. The only consolation was the supposed lack of human soldiers, but there was no enemies left on French shores and it had earned most a good rest for the time being.
The roused troops started cleaning up all the dead bodies and throwing them in piles to burn; the sooner this was done the less there would be a chance of disease. It took a long time to clean up all the bodies, and multiple piles sent black smoke into the air that was blown out to see. Still the beaches were stained with blood and the massive craters from the Sviets weapons, and yet all this did not discourage any one's sleep.
Liane and Roger slept in the same bed with no armor in the way, the challenge against Rosso left them drained. They slept together long into the morning and no noise could rouse them from their sleep. Liane rested her head close beside Roger and had her hand across Roger's chest. They both had no guilt anymore about anything after how they chose to act, and it had worked out wonderfully.
Roger had done the right thing and felt that he had made amends with Jeanne for now. When it came down to it he had saved Aeolus, and even if it was not technically being even it was something that helped him sleep. Liane slept happily because her mind was at peace. Liane had her guy, and Jeanne had hers back and still alive and well despite injuries.
Jeanne had made sure that she got Aeolus to the infirmary before anyone else using everything she had. Most others wounds were no where near as bad, but Jeanne had pushed her way ahead of anyone in front of her. She was not going to take even the slightest chance of Aeolus dying now and she used her status to get medical attention for her needs first. Even with how serious she thought things were, still she smiled at how happy she was too happy to have him back.
Aeolus had a few bruises on his body, but besides the impale mark on his stomach from Jeanne; he was fine. He had no signs of infections or any really bad status afflictions and so Jeanne was told he would be fine. All they did was bandaged the man who had been through hell to this point in time, and then they sent him away with Jeanne. When she protested they calmed her saying it was nothing more then loss of blood, and Jeanne was still a little angry but also so relieved.
Even Jeanne slept very comfortably with Aeolus resting beside her. She did not care what anyone though, she was just glad to have him back. In the day he was gone Jeanne had missed every second he was not there beside her in one form or another. Still her heart relaxed and she slept incredibly well in the same bed as the person she cared most about in the whole world. She had let her guard down for him completely since she had finally come to terms that she was in love with him.
All night Jeanne was snuggled right up beside Aeolus, and she found herself that she loved his smell. Her head was using his chest as a pillow and even if it would be uncomfortable to others, it was not to Jeanne. She had to admit that she wanted to follow this man on what ever journeys he would experience so long as he was there it was plenty comfortable.
It was nearly mid day before even the first of the sleeping soldiers woke up. LaForge felt so much pain from his fight before that he could barely move the next morning. He personally could not let him self be seen this weak, but if this pain kept up then he would not be continuing on this journey. He hated everything about this but his body may be at its limits, and then he could no longer go with Jeanne any more, and then he relapsed and finally gave in.
Outside Gilles had his own problems with his weakness, and it was hard for him to deal with it. Only one blow had been landed on him by the small quick enemy he faced the previous night. It was one blade had sliced armor like it was nothing and left a nasty wound behind. However it was the small little extra thing that the blade had left behind.
The wound was barely healing at all, and even seemed a little alien with the surrounding skin dying around the wound. It was even making him feel weaker then any wound. Still it was like no poison that Gilles had ever come across, and if the English forces were to continue then it would be without him. The energy in Shelke's blades had left him in this state, and it would keep him in France.
Finally Jeanne woke from the first amazing sleep she had had in a long time. Now the fighting was almost at an end, and she had the person back she cared for most. For once it was not about getting right out of bed, she wanted to stay in this warmth for a while at least till she heard a familiar voice. “Jeanne; are you alright… normally you are up and telling me to get ready by now.”
The words caught Jeanne by surprise and she jumped out of bed just from the surprise. Aeolus was somehow awake and sounding fairly energetic, but that concern still was unbelievable. “Me…? I thought you were…I thought you would never wake up with the injuries I… I'm sorry but I had no idea you were inside that thing I swear!”
“It's alright Jeanne… I don't blame you for anything that happened since you did save me. I think I'm going to have to get stronger if I want to protect both of us right?”
Jeanne recoiled a little feeling that she was guilty for hurting the person she cared about most. She walked back over to him and got right up close to him looking into his eyes at first, but then turned her head from shame. “But it is my fault that you were hurt, but I swear I fought to protect you… but Roger…”
Aeolus sat up fully and laughed a little when he saw his girlfriend actually showing her vulnerability for once. He watched her for a few moments and knew what to say to her even if she would never accept it at first. “Perhaps but you know I don't blame you since you did rescue me. Even if Roger did something that made you mad; he is your friend right?”
No answer came from the young blond and she could still not look at him. Aeolus already knew the reason; she rarely showed her feelings and this was one of those times, but it was because she really did care for Aeolus and he did love that she cared that much about him. “Look Jeanne no matter what you can trust me right? Look he is a friend and we are going to need all the help because this fighting has to stop…”
Jeanne turned her head to look at Aeolus revealing a few small tears on her eyes. She was now looking to him for all the strength in the world, but really he just wanted to lift her spirits. “Listen we are going to go to England… even if it is just you, and me; and there we are going to infiltrate and do what we have to end this. We are going after the king because he is the cause of all of this.”
The suggestion was exactly what Jeanne wanted to hear, and she only waited a second before leaping into Aeolus's arms. She hugged him harder then she ever thought she would have. Tiny little sobs were heard coming from down by Aeolus's bandaged chest, and he could tell that he had hit the right spot. “Jeanne… I love you too, and don't worry I promise that even if it is just us that we will get through it.”
“Thank you Aeolus; I…”
Aeolus smiled at her hesitation and understood that it was hard for Jeanne and he already knew what she was about to say. “It's okay Jeanne; I know you love me and you just relax okay… we can go when ever you are ready.”
Much later in the day everything was settled and cleaned up to the best it could have been. Many soldiers were still celebrating the victory, but many commanders saw it as nothing more then a temporary victory. Roger would quickly be the first to get stray soldiers back working on re strengthening their line of defense in case of any more attacks that may come.
The order arrived later that day to continue to ever protect the shores of France. It only took half a day for things to return the way they were before the battle and Liane and Roger sat on the beach enjoying a moment of peace. They looked out to the ocean and talked about things. It did not matter what but they each found themselves complementing the other about their fight with Rosso. Everyone one's spirits were lifted high above what they had been the day before.
Later in the evening most of Jeanne's group had been summoned for a meeting that was secret from everyone else. Everyone arrived promptly and was standing around waiting till Jeanne and Aeolus arrived at the camp. He was different in some ways but still looked the same. His clothing was different with a new style but it still looked like Aeolus and he had a large smile as he walked in with Jeanne beside him close by.
Jeanne was standing tall even after how much emotion she had showed earlier. After that moment of weakness she had stayed with Aeolus the whole day and with the realization she had earlier was more then just infatuated. Jeanne had made sure that she told Aeolus how much she loved him, but she was still really new to being in love. Still now she had her armor on again, and Aeolus led her in for her first real confrontation with her friends since the event.
Aeolus stopped and leaned against the nearest post; Jeanne still stood up straight right beside him but wondered if he wanted her to loosen up. Roger took Jeanne's uncertainty as her trying to apologize but then he decided to be the first to break the silence. “Aeolus I'm…”
“It's alright Roger; I know what happened and I'm fine with it. Jeanne and I are just fine so don't worry alright; we think that it is best if we leave things at that and start over. I don't think we will be having anymore problems now that you have someone right?”
Roger looked left to see Liane beside him and nodded quickly after. LaForge's pain was too much to bare any longer and he finally snapped with a little aggravation in his voice. “Why did you call us here?”
Aeolus put his hands behind him and pushed off the post he was leaning on so he was standing up straight. After he looked to Jeanne who was still a little clingy not that he would have been the same if there positions had been reversed and offered his arm. Jeanne quickly took it and stood close beside Aeolus in a more loving fashion then most would have thought she ever would have in public while Aeolus spoke. “I called you all here to talk about what is next…”
“This war is looking to never end, and that is a major problem for everyone. Also while I don't know the location I do know that our advanced enemy has a base over seas, in short we cannot just let things continue. The problem here is the king, he has made deals with this group but I'm guessing they turned on him and now he is very frustrated...”
“I don't believe for a second that France will stop here; I believe they will push over to England and do what they did to the French. Why would they; they have the English completely out of France now, and so what reason do they have to stop. What I'm going to do now is too go over there and stop the king with just Jeanne if need be. This has to end now, we cannot allow what ever evil is in England to continue.”
Everyone fell dead silent afterwards for nearly a minute, Aeolus knew that no one could believe what was being planned. Collet stepped up looking cock eyed and both Jeanne and Aeolus and questioned them with a harsh tone of cynicism. “So let me see if I got this straight… just you and Jeanne are going to sneak into England and then try and assassinate the king?”
“No; do not misunderstand me we are not going to kill him, but Rosso told me about the king. She said that some ancient demon has control, and that is the main reason for the war. From that I can assume two things, one if we get rid of the demon then the war is over… and the more important one is we can find information through the king to stop the Sviets.”
Next Giles stepped up not showing any hints of his wounds and felt that he had some information to pass along. “Aeolus, you should know what I have heard… there are rumors that what the king is after is in fact the bracelets. I believe they are the only way to stop the demon that controls England.”
“Thank you Giles but I do not believe it is a wise choice to be relying on the bracelets to seal this thing away…”
Even Jeanne did not know what Aeolus was speaking of, and everyone was listening much more intently to what he had to say next. “What ever this thing is I think it is better off dead and not sealed away. Another wise Exia told me about his attempt to seal away his problems, and in the end it just came back to haunt him. Besides I can destroy anything if I have Jeanne there to help me!”
The young blond haired girl looked up and smiled at Aeolus, and then everyone looked to someone else not believing Jeanne to be happy. Giles enjoyed seeing that Jeanne was not just a soldier any more, and decided to offer what he could. “So I trust that you have already decided who is coming haven't you, I would be proud to aid you on this mission.”
“No… I'm sorry but I want as few bracelets as possible, and if the English attack then France still will need heroes. I'm asking most of you to stay behind because anyone who comes with us may be considered a deserter. Jeanne and I have agreed that after this we are not coming back; we are leaving together after we finish this.”
Almost everyone questioned the young girls motives, but Jeanne spoke up with the passion she was famous for. “No I have decided what path I will now follow. You all must understand that Aeolus is so very important. It was only when I realized how important that he was to me, that I finally figured out that I was in love and I never want to lose this feeling no matter what!”
Emotion was coming out in torrents from Jeanne and soon she found it to hard to control as she blurted out the last portion. She looked over to Aeolus and saw he had a look that was encouraging her to continue and she chose too with a slightly more timid voice at first. “Aeolus gives me another reason to live beyond France, and he cares for what I do but more importantly he cares for me…”
“Ever since I met him he has always been there protecting me, and my heart, body, and soul are his. He promised me everything and I believe him, and he has done the right thing even when my faith in France was shaken. I will follow him no matter what, and I'm sorry that I have failed you all as a commander… but this is my path now.”
After the poring of Jeanne's hearts true feelings; Gilles decided to be the first to speak first. “Jeanne, you are much stronger then many other soldiers I have encountered. If this is what you have chosen then I pray… no I have no doubt you will end this war. Aeolus please take care of her, may you both find happiness…”
At this point Aeolus slightly nodded and figured it was time to get ready to leave. He slowly he left with Jeanne still attached to his arm. On the way out Liane looked up to Roger, but he was already on the same wavelength and nodded. Not another word was spoken and they quickly left feeling that they had much to do with little time.
Later Jeanne and Aeolus found themselves on a hill looking back at the camp. The plan was now to find a ship they could stow away on till they got to England, and the port was still a fair distance away. Jeanne looked back realizing that her life would be forever changed but it was alright and she knew it. “Aeolus; I love you and I know you will take care of me…”
“Of course Jeanne; I promise we will be fine, but if you are not sure…? I mean I don't have you yet so you can always get away right?”
Jeanne turned back quickly to Aeolus and pushed hard on his chest. She did not look too happy at first but soon that look faded to a slightly sad look. “How could you say that; I told you that you are the only one who can ever posses my heart. As far as I'm concerned the war is over, and you shall be the only one to have my body because I love you that much…”
Quickly Aeolus felt flustered from embarrassment and could not help but blush. Then the sound of foot steps that were coming closer, and Aeolus to jump in front of Jeanne shielding her. He took a small dagger from his shoulder armor and looked ready to strike down what ever it was till he heard a familiar female voice. “Oh Jeanne I never imagined you would be the kind of girl to jump into bed with the first guy you fell in love with.”
Jeanne felt really embarrassed at what Liane had just said; she came up the hill in dull brown cloak with another cloaked individual. Both hoods were removed to show that of course Roger was with Liane, and before Aeolus could ask Roger explained why. “Aeolus I owe you a debt, and no matter what you say Liane and I are coming. I don't know if we shall aid you, but there is no way we are not coming.”
Jeanne and Aeolus both had the same kind of cloaks and both looked to the other and nodded. Aeolus sighed just a little but knew it would be better to have more help. “Thank you both, now we should get going because it is going to be a long trip.”