Jeanne D'arc Fan Fiction ❯ Chaotic Out break Breeze of a Storm ❯ Chapter 7 England ( Chapter 7 )

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Chapter 7 England, Land Of Peace
“Hey you..! Get over here a minute and give me a hand will you!”
The cry summoned a soldier over to aid another near the docks. Four cloaked individuals slipped by the distracted guards and out of the port city and finally relieving some stress when they could remove their hoods. Once further out and far beyond the city everyone nearly collapsed and fully relaxed for a moment after the stressful trip.
Sneaking onto the boat was simple enough, but after that they rested hidden amongst cargo that was being traded. From there it was incredibly difficult, but they made it into the port. When questioned by a passing soldier they had nearly been caught because of Jeanne's accent, but Aeolus had quickly take action and knocked the guard out with his powers to cut of his air and knock him out.
Now they were safe out in the open, and they had the hard task of making it to England. Surprisingly there was no demons roaming the lands; all there was lush green settings. The beautiful country side was peaceful and serene, and everyone let down their guard to enjoy the country side.
The girls loved the lush green setting, and the guys were stunned by it. There was even wildlife, and blue birds sung peacefully with a merry little tune, and it seemed like no war could ever reach this land. Jeanne slowly removed her down, and just let her arms hang astounded a place like this still existed. Liane thought is was wonderful and ran forward into the open meadow carefree, even when Roger reached out hesitantly wondering if it was a wise choice.
Liane's hood on her cloak blew off revealing her smiling face to the world. Aeolus already noticed Roger's concern, but was not quite as concerned. “Don't worry Roger; no one knows who we are here, anyone asks we just lie about who we are. Not that hard really, so relax…”
Jeanne and Roger both had conflicting emotions about the whole thing, but Jeanne wanted to loosen up a little like Aeolus. She removed her hood and walked right past Roger with little a care in the world. Roger was surprised to see Jeanne being the first between the two of them to actually start to have fun, but even Roger gave up and stopped hiding behind his cloak's hood.
All four walked through hills and valley's on the way to London, and the girls were traveling far enough ahead so they could talk more privately without the guys listening. Aeolus could have ease dropped but decided it was not the best time for mischief. He had never really gotten to know Roger since they both were interested in Jeanne, but perhaps now was a good time to start with admitting something. “You know I don't blame you for what happened right?”
Roger turned and nodded to Aeolus before beginning to talk. “Yeah I know, but why exactly are you not mad at me?”
“Pretty simple Roger, it's because I know how you feel, and I might have done the same…”
Aeolus watched Jeanne and Liane playfully talking far ahead and he loved Jeanne's every reaction. “She is one of a kind, and I just love everything about her… don't get me wrong Liane is great though.”
Roger laughed a little and looked up Liane having fun with the still at heart timid and serious Jeanne, and he laughed again. “No it's okay, I have Liane and I know she is right for me, but thank you for forgiving me.”
“Don't worry about it, so how far do you and Liane intend to go with us?”
“That is more up to her at this point because it does not matter to me; I will go where she goes. I have to thank you again for what you did…”
“Oh really what exactly did I do?”
“If it was not for you I would have never realized Liane had feelings for me, or even that I had them for her…”
Aeolus just smiled and tiled his chin up to the sky feeling a little proud. “Glad I could help with that; see looks like I can help some people, huh? You better watch out or we may even become friends.”
“Perhaps we will…”
Then once they realized that they may yet become friends came Liane laughing loud enough for the guys to notice. Aeolus smiled while looking straight ahead at the two girls, and Roger did the same but had a question to accompany the smile. “You think those two are talking about us?”
Aeolus took a breath and laughed while shaking his head. “Most likely…”
Up ahead Jeanne was being teased by Liane about her actually being serious about something other then battle. Jeanne was just as surprised as well for something to just come along and be so important. On the other hand Jeanne did not like being seen as a battle maniac, and being in love was something Jeanne had no experience with but perhaps Liane might hold the answers she wanted. “Liane; how do you know if it is the right time for you and someone to…”
“Well Jeanne, it is something only you can decide; if you truly love them and are ready then that is your choice to make.”
“I'm sorry for asking such an embarrassing question, but I have never been in love with anyone before. I have no idea how I should act if I should change who I am or stay the same. I'm so lost, and I worry I will lose this…”
Liane smiled and walked right beside Jeanne, it was fun to have a friend that was dependant on her for a change. Jeanne was the stronger fighter, but it was nice for Leanne to have her friend needing her. “Jeanne you are fine the way you are, he even told you that he likes you because you are you. Even with his cocky attitude, he is as tough as you and I think he is just right for you. I always worried about you because you did rash things, but with Aeolus at your side I worry less.”
“Liane you do not have to worry about me; I would be fine even without him… are you sure I should not change at all?”
A small laugh came out of Liane uncontrollably, but she soon stopped and started easing Jeanne's fears. “Jeanne you are very beautiful for being a warrior at heart, and I just think you should be yourself. You are much more beautiful then I am anyway, and all the men love you no matter even if you do ignore them.”
Liane finished with a giggle and then quickly dodged a swipe of Jeanne's right hand. Liane continued to laugh after the attempted swipe, but Jeanne was not in a mood to laugh. “Liane stop talking like I'm… you are just as beautiful as I am, and you two have many guys who like you to…”
Suddenly Jeanne stopped and kneeled down in pain; her movements had somehow opened her wounds again. Soon Aeolus was right beside her tending to her and questioning if she was okay. Roger and Liane were also side by side; concerned for their friend, but Aeolus was doing just fine at making sure Jeanne knew he cared. “Jeanne are you alright; will you be alright to fight? I don't want you hurt, but I know you are tough enough that this won't stop you.”
“Thank you, I will be fine in a few minutes; I'm sorry I should not be so weak.”
“You're so damn cute Jeanne, but I'm here to pick up the slack when you cannot… so come let's get moving Jeanne.”
Jeanne was knocked off guard by Aeolus complementing her out of nowhere, but then Aeolus surprised her again. He moved quickly ahead of her, and then grabbed her arms and pulled her up with him. Jeanne was now being carried on Aeolus's back, and she was so embarrassed. “Aeolus what are you…”
“It's alright Jeanne; I told you I would help you get through this. Come on Jeanne this way you get to talk with all of us… Jeanne I love you, and come on you have worked so hard that you disserve this.”
“Thank you… Aeolus; it's just I…”
“It's okay Jeanne; besides I just like you being right beside me.”
From that point all four walked side by side enjoying this brief calm before the big battle. It would be hard enough soon, so they all took there time enjoying what they could. There were no signs of war, and the country side was so beautiful that they all wanted to stop even though they could not. Soon they arrived at a small village just outside of England to rest for the evening.
Now the massive city was only an hour's travel at the very least, but everyone still needed to rest. After sampling what English had to eat, it was time to get some sleep. The small village had citizens that seemed completely oblivious to the war, and yet it was best to stay quiet. It was not worth the risk of Jeanne or Liane speaking to loud and revealing their accents, and yet there was no evidence of the war here.
Even though it would have been best to not do anything, everyone took a stroll together through the village. Most people actually did not care about them, and gave them nothing more then a slight glance. Jeanne stayed quiet most of the time even when Aeolus tried to get her to talk, but she did loosen up. This was a night of peace and tranquility before a battle.
The night was slowly getting later and later, and eventually Roger and Liane returned to their own room for the evening but Jeanne and Aeolus stayed out. The starry night was not suppressed by any clouds, allowing both Jeanne and Aeolus to share in the beautiful night sky.
It was breath taking to see all the stars with no outside lights hindering them, and the young couple lay snuggled up in the field. Jeanne found that she never wanted to forget these kind of moments. It was romantic, and then Aeolus lifted his free hand presenting something that made Jeanne's heart thump loudly; a single red rose that was at the prime of its life.
Jeanne took it and then took in it's scent and loved that Aeolus had been so thoughtful and had surprised her. Then Aeolus turned bashful for the first time, and he was unsure if what he would say next would be right, but he had to try. “Jeanne… You know that I love how strong you are, but tomorrow I promise nothing bad will happen to you. No matter what we will both make it out okay, I Love you Jeanne…”
The sincere voice told Jeanne that Aeolus was very serious, and she was again taken by surprise but knew how to respond. “I love you too… and thank you.”
Both lay out under the stars not saying anything, but just enjoying the company. The truth was both were nervous about the enemies they would soon meet, and yet having someone there was so very comforting. They could have fallen asleep right there, but soon they decided to retire as well to their own room.
Inside Jeanne still had not made up her mind, but she did not want to insult Aeolus, and this choice was eating her up inside till Aeolus noticed her hovering around the entrance. “Jeanne come on we need to get some rest…”
Jeanne lost her train of though, but went along wondering how or even if they would proceed. Jeanne was a little eager, but nervous about her first time. Then Aeolus just laid down with her, and decided to explain his feelings. “Jeanne you do not have to if you are nervous; it will happen when it does okay, and when you are ready we can. It's okay really.”
“Thank you, maybe I'm to nervous with the battle being tomorrow…”
“It's okay; I'm happy just having you near me Jeanne…”
The two settled in, but Jeanne at heart was not ready yet. This was a momentous event, but in her mind she was ready to experience more, and Jeanne started to pray till she fell asleep; the prayer was that they would both be alright so that they could be together with nothing holding them back.