Jeanne D'arc Fan Fiction ❯ Chaotic Out break Breeze of a Storm ❯ Chapter 11 The Decision ( Chapter 11 )

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The Decision
Almost everyone split apart into their own worlds groups still too timid to talk to others, of course each Exia's group had a lot to discuss. All of the Exia had a tough choice to make when it came too what would happen next. Asagi could tell her fiancée was restless and would want revenge. Blair was very upset with how her Brett had been treated by Siarnaq, and extremely furious with what he had implied. Both Celestia and Jeanne had doubts too, but out on a small balcony looking down on the isolated island was Siarnaq and Misora.
The Exia of Darkness left each of his brethren a tough choice, now they had to decide. He was never one to interfere in others personal affairs because something always told him not to. However the approaching footsteps reminded him that he had violated that policy yet again. “It is nice to see you again Siarnaq. I always hoped I would get to see you again, I have to say you were a little tough on that one of your family.”
Misora took a spot right beside Siarnaq, staring him from an angle but prompting a response. “Right now I have to be; despite the happy lives everyone has been able to live I still cannot. I'm the only one who is like this, and what ever it is does not permit me to do anything for myself. None of us are natural, the only true thing I feel certain about these days is that something must happen to change all of us. Are fatal flaw was that we were designed to be perfect, now the only real question will be if we can survive long enough to evolve into a real species.”
Misora listened intently, becoming very curious to hear what the reason was and prompted the answer with a quick observation. “You believe being a natural creation is better then being created?”
“Yes; our design was meddled with too many times, and I know now that originally we could not survive. Still it seems that something is still on our side, working with us to insure that we continue on. The Exia will die out for sure… unless someone helps us evolve into a species that is beyond what we are. Natural evolution is the key, and someone or something is going to have to be the one to change everything. I will have to become the one that performs this act, but I must ask you to not tell anyone of my plan. Soon all the Exia will die if things pass the way I want them too, and then from the ashes we can begin a new.”
The idea was a dark one that Misora could understand even if she could never approve of. The fact that this man had saved her and believed that she should not throw her life away did hold significant meaning. Reluctantly she just had to agree, and she would not intervene in his plan. It meant a lot just telling her, but she could just tell that Siarnaq would not harm any of the Exia in his attempt to save them.
Blair was inside with Brett and a few of their friends all together talking things over. Blair was still embarrassed at what she had told every last person so openly, and what was worse was that total strangers heard it. Even though it was joyous to hear Blair's conviction Brett had a tough choice that he had to talk over with everyone; now he had to face his darkest realization. “I cannot leave; I just cannot fight in this kind of battle and lose what I have here. It is my responsibility to protect you and I just cannot lose this place. This is the only place I know I will ever be happy, and I'm too afraid; what should I do?”
Everyone fell dead silent in the small group of duelists, this was Brett's decision and one they could not make for him. They had personal feelings but they understood what each choice could mean too, and interference could have the worst ramifications at this crossroad, but one person was as blunt as ever. “No; you are not going to leave me!”
Brett looked up at Blair who was presenting a very serious expression, but he knew what she would say even before she could continue to speak. “I don't want you to leave me, just stay and we will have fun and duel and everything you like. You don't have to; leave it to the other Exia; it's not fair that we should give up our happiness because something is happening that you can't help. I have almost lost you to many times to lose you again; I can't believe I never realized how great you are but I don't want you to go.”
It was a very heart felt statement that could have easily swayed Brett to stay with her no matter what would come if it was not for the knowledge of what might come after him now. “Blair… I don't want to go, but how can I just turn my back on the people that are like my family; if I'm with them then I might be able to make a difference.”
“But we are your family too…” Blair cried out with no regard for who was listening, and she was ready to fight for what she had. “Everyone with you at Duel Academy is your family to; none of us want you to go. I know you think you can help but you are too weak now after the mistakes I made, I'm sorry for my mistakes but I still don't want you to go because I'm afraid of losing you!”
The plea tugged at Brett's heart; he could not imagine leaving from his own issues. He got down onto one knee and brushed Blair's hair out of her eyes for his confession. “I'm scarred of losing you guys and not coming back to Blair. I don't want to even risk it no matter what happens, so… I'm going to stay here with all of you; if that is okay with the rest of you?”
Blair was the first to exclaim how happy she was that she had won her prize. They could find a way, and she was going to enjoy hiding with him. All of Brett's friends were glad to hear that he would stay, but somehow Alexis knew that eventually who Brett was would catch up with him. Still deep down she definitely wanted Brett to stay as well.
Across the room and sitting at a table was the former Theus, pondering what choice he would make now. Both Celestia and Ashe were curious too, but really Ashe had been blown away by the complete overload of information. Her mind had been swept away by just everything she had seen in the last few hours, and she was completely dazed allowing Celestia to have a serious chat. “Levius, what are you going to chose to do?”
“There is no doubt this is a tough choice on all of us. I cannot because I still have a job to do; Weil is still my responsibility. I'm partly to blame for the state of your world and I do not feel ready to leave it to its fate. I don't belong but I know that Weil is still there after all those years. I can still sense his presence like a knife in my back, and so I cannot leave the world. I'm still as responsible for the biometals, and I will make amends for all the mistakes I committed and lay for the next generation.”
Levius quickly glanced over at Ashe who was still dazed from the information and shock to what se had thought about him. It had completely overwhelmed the young girl and this little confession gave insight for Celestia. “So is that why you are keeping her close; because you feel responsible for laying this huge fate down on her. I'm as much to blame as you are, and that is why I'm going to follow you to where ever and help you. I'm not going to leave you after everything that we have been through.”
“Thank you Celestia… thank you for understanding. I never meant for you to feel like I was leaving you for Ashe. I have a responsibility because I helped Weil, and he still haunts me. I will see that what ever is causing the problems this time is dealt with and then I will do what I can. I want you to stay at my side, and together we can aid the situation that threatens to destroy everything.”
Celestia smiled and grabbed hold of Levius's hand showing her affection despite that he was not so open with his feelings. They both looked over to Ashe who was still off in space processing the information not listening to either of them, and Celestia let out a long sigh. “Alright I will let her stay for now, but that does not mean I have to like it.”
Meanwhile Jeanne, Roger, and Liane were being led around by Aeolus looking at different places in the mansion and it was quite a shock. Just the technology of electricity was an awakening, but the different pallet of food was even more of a system shock. Jeanne was in love and had taken a full plate of food along with her, after all her war was over and despite her refinement she still was eager to put one ordure after the next in her mouth to sample.
Everything was new and beyond what they could have ever imagined possible. All the technology of things like television and holographics were easily mistaken for magic. It was life times beyond Jeanne and her companions, but Aeolus never missed a step when it came to explaining the science behind it. He could tap his reserve of knowledge which covered and amazing amount of knowledge. However Jeanne had noticed that even if Aeolus was making good on showing her new worlds, she could tell he was putting off his choice. “So you have not decided yet what you are going to do have you?”
“No Jeanne I have not even been thinking; honestly I have no clue what I should do… I'm sure that the solution will show up, and that will be the path that I will follow. It's not that big of a deal anyways…”
A sudden cold feeling draped over Aeolus's soul the second he finished, it was just the feeling of those same serious eyes that he fell in love with were now upon him. He shifted his eyes to gave upon Jeanne still in her medieval armor looking like she was aggravated with her significant attraction, and her tone matched her persona perfectly. “What do you mean by just you…? Or do I not matter to you anymore?”
“Come on Jeanne…” Aeolus said with a smirk and a slightly nervous crack in his voice. “You know that I'm not going to leave you and that everything I do includes you so don't sweat it. All I'm saying is that things will work out so why not just enjoy everything here and now in front of us.”
Jeanne sighed with the fact that she could not stay angry with him, but she was not going to let herself be seen as weak to him. “Very well, but from now on just remember that it is both of us together.”
Roger and Liane smiled to one another while watching the two have a little squabble; both knew nothing would come of it. Jeanne and Aeolus worked to well together, proving that opposites were attracted to one another. Somehow it did work, and the other wore off and influenced the other to act certain ways. What ever it was it worked well with both being strong enough and providing them with a happy exciting events that kept it interesting.
Back in the main hall was the last group with he most fired up Exia. Not one of his friends could calm the nerves of Brett who wanted to hunt down and exterminate Larxene. Everyone else wanted to at least seek justice for what she had done, but Brett was not going to stop there because he could not. “There is no way in hell I'm going to let what she did go; I'm not going to let her get off easy either. I swear she is going to pay; I don't want her to get away with what she did to any of you.”
No one could really argue, but Asagi could see the difference in Brett's heart. His tone told her that he was dead serious about making someone suffer. To her Brett was not like that, at least not the person she fell in love with years ago. “Brett please, you do not have to do this; we can hide away… I just don't want to lose you like we almost did.”
Brett grabbed Asagi and held her tight to his body fully ready to make it clear about how he felt. “Asagi; I'm not going to let you live like that, and you are not going to lose me. I cannot take living in fear and I won't let that happen. This is something you cannot hide from; let's go destroy what is bothering us and then we can live a normal life. Please, you know I love you and that I only want the best for you…”
In her heart she knew that Brett was restless, and she could tell that this was more important then her. She was nervous and unsure about this idea feeling that it would only cause more problems, but also she started to wonder about Brett. She wondered when exactly he had became like this, but it was not the person she fell in love with and it was starting to weigh heavier on her mind. All their friends had no intentions of joining because some could not while others were unsure.
Cagalli had her country to think of, while Kira and Lacus were starting to settle in to a quiet peaceful life. Truly no one wanted to leave their homes and there was always the chance they would not come back. Leaving home was hard enough, and there were people who just did want to leave Brett. Everyone had a hard choice ahead, but Asagi had made her choice and started to leave with Brett to go for a personal walk. Things were too chaotic making her place her faith that following Brett would be the right choice.
Together they started to leave and passed by another young couple, the two girls looking over the others Exia. Blair did not like how close they looked and neither Asagi like the resemblance either. Both girls scowled and passed by staying close to there guy not liking that it was like seeing someone they were so close with another girl. However both were going there separate ways, and both Bretts' were focused more on other things.
Brett and Blair exited out onto the balcony to where Siarnaq and Misora were both spending some quiet time together. Misora could see how serious this talk was going to be just from the look that the moonlight revealed across Brett's face. Misora left, but Blair did not because her faith in someone she thought really helped her before was gone, and now she wanted to know what was going on.
After Misora had completely left Siarnaq could already feel the tone that was set, and he would not hold the truth if they demanded it. “I trust you both want to know what is going on; I'm sorry I was so blunt with you earlier but we as a race have a lot to deal with in the near future. Our genes are predominate so that everything that follows us will always be an Exia, and therefore evolution is very doubtful. I cannot sit back and let things continue. Soon everything will change…”
The deep voiced warning was very ominous, and Brett had already started to question his ally behind the meaning of his words. “What do you mean Siarnaq, what is going to happen and how do you know?”
“Because I have a similar gift to what Fayt has, and I will not lie to you… this is a very important crossroads and the actions I'm going to take are only for the best. Things are to chaotic at the moment, too many enemies know of us and fear something false. They fear a power of limitless evolution, but we do not posses this ability, Jenova would never risk it and I still do not know why we do have souls. Arniath did not modify, he only separated us so where we got souls is beyond me, and still something is guiding us.”
“Siarnaq…?” Brett nervously questioned not feeling like the situation was going to be too far beyond him to stop.
“Do not worry; this is all just a premonition for the true Chaos to come; this is still the prologue and the real journey has yet to begin, but in no way is this meaningless. For now just continue the way you are going, and let the others do as they please. I promise you that things will work out for all of us; for the longest time I have been hiding from what is about to happen, but now things are going to happen the way I have seen…”
Except for the noise from inside everything fell dead quiet, and neither Brett nor Blair knew what to truly believe or think about what Siarnaq was doing. “You both should get some rest; I promise you need not worry because soon things will happen the only way they can.”