Jem Fan Fiction ❯ Musical: Rocket Star to the Moon ❯ Possible Sabatoge ( Chapter 2 )

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Over the next few days, the Holograms and Rio were put into training, while I helped out with other things like our special space-suits. “This glass feels so smooth…” Aja said while feeling one of the helmets.
“Oh, no, no, Aja… not glass.” I told her, “Flexi-Glass. Ordinary glass would be too fragile, and it would leave scratches and smudges”
Everyone was surprised at first to hear how much I knew of what we were getting into, then again, I was a guy of science, as well as rock.
The space-suits we had were special. Unlike heavy spacesuits that you could barley move around in, they were light, and stretchy, and really showed off the body. Just right for the girls, and me too. If I changed into the Mega Rock-man, my suit could adjust.
They also had special speakers near the mouth so we could sing with clear voices, as long as we kept the special microphones we'd be using attached to the suits. Special speakers were also designed for the instruments we'd be playing. They were covered in special material to withstand extreme temperatures on The Moon, either hot or cold… and special speakers were already up there on the lunar surface.
There was no air in Space, or on The Moon. No sound could be heard unless it was radio transmitted. All things and details were worked out.
Right now, Rio was in the pressure chamber and getting ready to test the feeling of being in space. “I still don't see what the problem is…” he said, “I can move around in this suit just fine, and it's light enough already.”
Jerrica explained to him again, “Remember Rio, everything weighs six-times less on The Moon. You're suit will be so light you'll barley be able to feel it. You should test this out anyways just like we all did.”
Rio sighed and then pecked his girlfriend on the cheek, “As usual… you're right.” His helmet was then placed on, and the Jerrica was told to get out of the chamber as it was sealed.
“All right… begin testing.” I ordered, but nothing happened. “I said, begin testing!” Still nothing happened. I gazed over at the two twin technicians, Bill, and Ben; both which had a reputation of being bumbling idiots at times… they were fast asleep.
“GENTLEMEN…!” I snarled. The men wok up in a snap. “Sorry, Master Mykan.” Said Bill. Ben yawned a little, “Guess we dosed off again.”
“That's the fifth time in a row…!” snapped Kimber. “Can't you goons do anything right?”
“Okay, settle down, Kimber.” said Jerrica.
The test continued. The pressure and air in the room was changed. It was colder than the north pole inside, but Rio seemed perfectly fine. “Wow… this suit works like a dream.” he said over the radio, “I don't feel anything.”
So far, all was going well, but unbeknownst to all that someone had tampered with Rio's oxygen-pack batteries, as well as cutting the cord to the hatch-- a spy working for Eric. Who was also relaying images with his hidden camera in his glasses.
Eric was sitting in his place in town, and counted down on his fingers. “Five. Four. Three. Two. One.”
Rio suddenly gasped. “UGH…!” and held his throat.
“Rio?” cried Jerrica. “Rio!”
Rio couldn't breathe, and all sensors showed his feed-tube batteries were empty. “Shut down the pressure.” I yelled, “Hurry!”
The twins nodded, and began to restore the room to normal. Jerrica was getting jumpy as Rio fell to his knees. “He's dying!” she cried with tears now forming in her eyes. She dashed for the door to the chamber, “Jerrica, don't!” cried Raya as she and Shana held her back. “Let me go! Let me go I have to help him!”
“Not yet Jerrica…” I said. “The pressure's still too low-- You'll freeze!”
Jerrica calmed down a little, and within seconds the pressure was okay enough to go in, but the hatch wouldn't open. “There's a fault in the hatch!” cried Bill. “A circuit disconnected.”
“Well fix it!” cried Aja, “We have to get Rio out of there.”
Kimber looked inside, “He's not moving!” she said in a half sob.
Jerrica and I dashed to the door and tried to open it by hand. “Come on!” Jerrica grumbled as she and I pulled on the crank-seal which was stuck tight. “Move…! MOVE I SAY!” I roared. “COME ON…!! AAH…!” That's when I felt my anger spiking.
The girls all backed away as my body began to glow wildly. “Mykan…?” cried Jerrica.
I poised my head up high, “LET'S ROCKET--------!” I shouted as my voice began to alter and my body began to change. Every started in awe at me as I had become my alter-self, “Mega Rock-man!” Kimber said with awe under her breath.
“All right…” I said to everyone, my voice sounding deeper. “Stand back, and cover your ears all of you, NOW!” Everyone did as they were told and I stood poised at the door, drew in a huge breath and let out my “SONIC-SCREECH…!” and blasted the door down with my sonic powers.
Everyone dashed inside, and got Rio out of his suit just in time. “I thought I was… a goner” Rio cried while catching his breath. Jerrica hugged him to no end. “Oh, Rio…!”
Still as Mega Rock-man. “Hmm… I wonder.” I said. Rio's air batteries gave out at once after I had just checked them myself, and the hatch door develops a fault. “This is no accident.” I said. “I think someone's trying to sabotage us.”
The girls began to believe me. So did Rio. “Do you think maybe we should forget about this project?” Rio asked, but then he realized, “What am I saying?” and he was right. None of us were up for shutting down now.
“I'm going to have security tripled.” I said. “We're just going to have to take extra precautions now.”
The girls and Rio all agreed with me, but right now it was late, and we had all had a fighting experience, I needed to relax so I could change back to my normal self, and Rio needed lots of rest for more testing tomorrow. So we all decided to turn in.
Tomorrow began a really big test…
As for Eric… he failed this time. “See you tomorrow Jem!” he hissed, “I'll be rid of you all yet!”