Jem Fan Fiction ❯ Musical: Rocket Star to the Moon ❯ Trouble time two ( Chapter 6 )

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All of us, feeling much better after takeoff, we all headed up to the command deck to get a look outside. Aja couldn't stop muttering Asian phrases. “It's all so magical…!” cried Raya.
All those stars shimmering in the blackness of space, and the Earth getting smaller, and smaller as we flew further away from it. “Well… we're really on our way now.” Steve said. “Switching over to autopilot.”
The girls however were so intrigued, they just had to sing about it…
“Set your sails” STARLIGHT RECORDS
-Set your sails for adventure
Set your
sails for romance
Set your sails for the dream of a lifetime
Give love a chance

(Set your sails ) Set your sails for the islands
(Set your sails) Set your sails for the sun
(Set your sails) Set your sails
for that far off horizon
Where we'll be one

-Long before land has been sighted
Our lips, and our hearts will
be united
(Be united)

-Set your sails for the tropics
Set your sails for the sea
(Set your sails) Set your sails
for the rest of forever
And spend it with me

-Set your sails (Set your sails)
Set your sails
(Set your sails)
Set your sails
(Set your sails)
Set your sails
Steve applauded, “That was wonderful, girls.” The girls grinned at him. “How long will it be before we reach The Moon?” Jerrica asked.
“Oh, quite a few hours at the most…” I answered her. “I suggest we rest up and prepare all we can. We're going to have a lot of work to do when we arrive.”
Just then, there was a large thumping sound coming from below-deck. “What was that?” asked Shana. The thumping continued, and the hatch to the lower deck opened. Rio held Jerrica, who was trembling, close.
“Who's there…?” called Kimber.
Finally, up came “You two…?” Rio said in shock.
“Ahh…! Here you all are.” said Bill.
“What happened?” asked Ben. “Did we have an earthquake or something?”
The radio began to bleep. Earth calling Rocket-Star-- What's going on up there? We can hear strange voices.”
I picked up the speakers, “Rocket-Star here. Everything's okay. It's technicians Bill and Ben. They somehow managed to get themselves stuck onboard.”
At the control center, Adriana smacked her head. “Bill and Ben? Oh, no…!”
The men were just as dismayed as she was.
“What are you two doing here?” asked Jerrica.
The technicians explained that they wanted to make sure they hadn't made anymore mistakes that would jeopardize the mission. “So we decided to make one final inspection before the launching.” said Bill.
“Speaking of which…” said Ben. “What time is it?”
“It's 2 A.M.” I answered them, with a little anger in my voice.
The twins thought they had plenty of time left. “That is, if the launching's still scheduled for 1:34…?”
We all exchanged looks of dunce between each other. “The rocket left Earth half an hour ago.” said Jerrica. “We're on our way to The Moon.”
The twins laughed, believing it was all a joke… until they caught a glimpse of the Earth moving away from us as we flew further away from it. They gasped, and whimpered as they held each other in fear. “This… this is joke, right?” asked Bill. “You're just trying to pull our legs.
“You just said, the launching was set for 1:34 pm, right?” asked Ben.
“Am! Not pm!” I snarled.
“A…M…?” cried the twins.
Everyone began to wonder how bad this was. From my calculations we did have enough food and things for everyone, “But that's not our main concern. We assessed our oxygen supplies for eight people… and now there's ten.”
Rio suddenly began to bark like a banshee. “You hear that you goons! We're going to run out of air all because you can't tell the difference between morning, and night!”
“Rio…?” said Jerrica. Her boyfriend realized, “Whoa… where did that come from?” he wondered. “I've… I've never spoken like that before?”
Steve assured him it was just a touch of space-sickness. “It comes and it goes. Nothing to worry about.”
Rio decided to go down for a rest. Jerrica followed. They broke out some of the refreshments in the refrigerator; cookies and milk. “Ahh… just what the doctor ordered.” said Jerrica.
Hopefully having the two technicians onboard wouldn't cause too much trouble for our oxygen. Bill then sat down at one of the telescopes, and placed his hat over a lever. “Here! Hoy' Ben… you just gotta come and look at the stars here. They're beautiful.”
He got up to let his brother have the chair, “Watch your hat!” I cried, too late! Bill pulled the lever down along with his hat. The rocket rumbled a little and the engines stopped.
Jerrica and Rio clinked their milk glasses together. “To the Moon.” they cheered, but as they raised the glasses to their lips… the milk floated upwards. “Huh…?”
Then they found themselves floating around. “Wow!” cried Jerrica.
“This is incredible…!” added Rio.
On the upper-deck, all of us were floating about. “Hey! What's going on?” cried Bill.
I explained to the fool, that by pulling that lever he stopped the nuclear-motors. “It was our accelerated speed that created our artificial gravity. Without that gravity we float!”
The girls actually seemed to be having fun. “If I catch you, Kimber, you're IT.” Shana joked, and both they and the girls floated about merrily…
Jerrica and Rio were having fun down below too. Dancing to no music while weightless. Jerrica giggled, “This is fun. It's like floating on air.” That's exactly what it was, “At least I can't step on your toes.” Rio joked.
Eventually, Steven managed to reach the controls. “Hang on everybody…” he warned us all. “I'm switching the motors back on.” In no time the rockets fired, and everyone landed on the floor again safely…
Except for Jerrica and Rio who hadn't heard the warning and landed flat on their bottoms. “That's smarts!” cried Rio.
Earth called us, when it was reported that we drifted slightly off course. “It's okay… one of the technicians accidentally shut down the motors. But we're well in-hand of things now. E.T.A The Moon, now nine and one half hours. Over and out.”
Adriana couldn't believe this. “What will those goon cause next?” she wondered. Regardless, she decided to get some sleep, and told her men to take the watch. She still hoped that with the two goons up there… that we'd have enough oxygen to make it back alive.