Jem Fan Fiction ❯ Musical: Rocket Star to the Moon ❯ Out of this world ( Chapter 8 )

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This was it, everyone was strapped to their beds, or seats ready for the big landing. The rocket started shaking and quaking almost like it was during takeoff. It was sure rough on our senses, though.
But at least it wasn't so rough to make me transform this time...
“Ooh!” I can't take… much more of this!” cried Aja.
“Y-You… think this is bad…” cried Bill.
“Were… not even… experienced!” added Ben.
“Oh, Shut up!” snapped Shana.
On Earth, everyone around the world was tuned into the broadcast, and many people in cites huddled around jumbo-visions, or their neighborhood shops with TVs.
This was truly a historical moment. Never before had a rock concert been preformed on The Moon, and now everyone had their fingers crossed, anxiously awaiting the touchdown.
“We have just received word that the Rocket-Star is only half a mile from touchdown, and hey are no commencing the final countdown to the landing.”
Kimber felt like she was going to blow chunks. “I don't think I can… URP… hold it in!”
“Steady Kimber!” I called up to her.
Rio and Jerrica held hands tightly.
“Touchdown, minus fifteen seconds.” Steve called from the command-deck. “Ten seconds…!”
“Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One…!”
The rocket hit the ground hard banging us around madly. Thank goodness we were strapped down.
“And there it is folks…” Newscasters cried out for joy. “Rocket-Star has landed safely. The rock-stars are on The Moon!”
The entire Earth was rocked with cheers for joy. Now that the stars had landed, the people waited anxiously for when the concert would start, but not for a little while yet.
After finding our strength to get back up, we just couldn't stop talking about how exciting this way. We landed in a area bathed in the sunlight, and the stage that was set up was just a few yards away from the rocket.
“I don't believe it…” cried Raya. “We're actually here, on The Moon!”
It was such a thrill to be there, but it was going to be a great thrill more to actually go out and walk… and that was just what we were about to do. The girls, Rio, the technicians and I all suited up and prepared to leave the rocket.
“Rocket-Star to Earth…” Steven called. “This is it folks. I hope you're watching. The team's about to walk on The Moon.”
The crew was indeed watching, especially Adriana. She could barley keep herself calm…
In the airlock, the nine of us were suited up and the hatch opened and the ladder extended down, down, to the ground. “This is it…” I sighed heavily. “Here I go!”
“Go get' em Mykan!” Jerrica cheered.
The others all shot me a win or a thumb high, and I began to climb down the ladder down I went until my boots made the first footprints. “I'm down!”
The people of Earth were cheering louder than ever. Mykan Rockman, the first rock-star on The Moon… and now another first was about to commence.
“Come on, Jerrica…!” I called up to her as Jerrica climbed down to join me. Then her feet touched the ground. “That's it…!” I cried for joy. “Jerrica Benton, the first female rock-star on The Moon.”
More cheers were heard, and soon the rest of the group joined us. “This is incredible!” cried Aja.
“No doubt…!” added Shana.
Raya was enjoying the low gravity and seeing how high she could jump. “Wow… I sure wish life were like this on Earth. WEE-HEE-HEE…!” Some of the girls joined her in a game of jump tag.
That's when Rio came down, “Holy Cow!” he cried with glee. “I can't believe I'm on The Moon!”
Then he hopped over towards Jerrica, and they both jumped into a huge hug. “We actually made it!” Jerrica said. “I just feel like crying.”
Rio and Jerrica would've shared a kiss, but their helmets bonked. Ow…!”
Then they laughed.
After a while, we started to unload the large and heavy equipment for our concert onto the surface, as well as a little exploration. We were still barely on schedule, but hopefully with the technicians on the surface with us, it would conserve our oxygen on the rocket.
Only, the technicians were having more fun goofing off. “Hoy' there Bill… bet'cha I can jump higher than you.”
“I'll see your wager, Ben.”
For a few minutes they goofed off, leaping about and laughing like hyenas. As fun and as effective as it was. “Hey… you two?” Kimber called. “Quit fooling around! We have work to do.”
The technicians took that rather harshly, but realized that was true. So they hopped back to the rocket, and helped unload the equipment.
The stage was pretty basic. Metal flooring, and steal beams to hold the lights up. Large special speakers, with their cables were hooked up to the special transmitter. It was all solar powered, and since the sun was still shining on us they wouldn't run low.
“It must've cost a fortune to build all this.” said Jerrica.
“Oh, it did…” I assured her, “It cost a greater fortune more with the space-programs to get it all up here in the first place.”
“Well I wouldn't worry about that now…” Rio said, “I have a feeling this concert is going to make things happen beyond belief.”
We continued to setup, and that's when Rio headed back to the rocket to begin transmission, as well as keep his eye on the sound.
We all took our places. Jerrica on guitar, Kimber on second keyboard. Shana on drums. Aja on second guitar, and Raya on base. I of course was the main singer for the first song, but I did have my keyboard next to me, and the microphones in our helmets were ready.
There was only one thing to do now. “Do it girls…!” I said.
Jerrica nodded, “Showtime Synergy.” And she and the group transformed into their holographic rock-star forums. Then it was my turn. I focused on my anger, and then it happened, “LET'S ROCKET------!” I became Mega Rock-man.
“All right! Ready ladies…?”
The girls threw their arms up high and shouted, “YEAH…!”
“All right… let's rocket!”
It was Showtime. The cameras were activated and the lights began to flicker as smoke pots began to go off. “Hello, Planet Earth!” I called.
I couldn't hear the crowds cheering, but I knew that on Earth, people were glued to their TV sets, and screaming for joy. “Are you ready to rock like you've never rocked before?” Jerrica said loudly.
The girls started playing the song I wrote for this occasion. “This is song is dedicated to my lady fair.” I said, “For you, Princess Adriana of Morvania.”
Adriana blushed, and held her hands to her heart, as the song began. It was a song that explained my love for Adriana, as well as my being the Mega Rock-Man, and performing on The Moon.
“Out of this world”In association with
-Take a look at me, and tell me what you see.
Just another pretty face?
Some guy form out of town who came to hand a around
And seemed a little out of place.
Ya' say ya' wonder what on Earth I'm doin' here.
I'm only here to tell you, girl!
I may be an unknown, from the twilight-zone.
But you're the one who's out of this world!
-You're the one who's out of this world.
I mean it… You're the one who's out of this world.
I'm spinnin' in an orbit I ain't never been in…
Cause' you're the on who's out of this world!
Adriana felt touched, as well as in the groove.
Rio, on the rocket made sure to keep his eye on the boards, and the sound adjustment.
“Boy, I have to hand it to them-- their great!” said Steve.
“They sure are.”
Now what's happened, Hey! Well all I'm here to say.
Is that I came here out of love.
A-hundred thousands of miles, and it's all worth the whiles
To be way up here all above.
But still the reason that I've come, I shall tell you.
And let this secret be unfurled.
I may be just a goon, up on The Moon.
But you're the one who's out of this world…
-You're the one who's out of this world.
I mean it… You're the one who's out of this world.
I'm spinnin' in an orbit I ain't never been in…
Cause' you're the on who's out of this world!
Now it was time for a musical solo. Kimber and worked both our keyboards perfectly. She smiled at me, which told me she was proud and excited.
Then Aja with her second guitar.
And Kimber switched her keyboard sound to a saxophone.
Still playing my own keyboard it was time for the big bang finish, and all the girls sang with me as the chorus.
-You're the one who's out of this world.
(I mean it…) I mean it… You're the one who's out of this world.
I'm spinnin' in an orbit I ain't never been in…
Cause' you're the on who's out of this world!
-You're the one who's out of this world.
(I mean it…) I mean it… You're the one who's out of this world.
I'm spinnin' in an orbit I ain't never been in… (I ain't never been in…)
Cause' you're the on who's out of this--
(You're) You're the on who's out of this—
You're the on who's out of this world! (Out of this world!)
The final instrumental solo played, and it was wrapped up with Jerrica doing a wild ending guitar strumming, and Shana banging the cymbals followed by a big blast of smoke.
Rio called to us over the radios, “Guys… the switch boards are lighting up. YOU'RE THE BIGGEST HIT EVER!”
We all cheered and hugged madly on the stage, and this was only the beginning. Our concert was officially on.