Jem Fan Fiction ❯ MUSICAL: The Mega Rock-Man ❯ It's in a dream. ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Author's notes:
Hi everyone, Mykan here.
This is of critical importance to note:
I've never ever watched Jem in my life. I've only seen it on clip sites and things like that, so I really have no idea what the WHOLE is like.
I've studied as much of the characters and plots as I could, but it's still not enough. So all Icando is my bestwith what I've got. Enjoy
The holograms had finished another concert that night, and also had finished signing autographs for their adoring.
Kimber even gave a few extra special people a small peck on the cheek. Those who had a lipstick smear on their faces vowed never to wash it off.
“We really knocked them dead tonight.” Said Aja.
“Ha, ha… Easy there, Aja.” Said Jerrica.
“No, no… she has a point.” Added Rio. “You guys sure do know how to bring down the house.” That must've been the thousandth time he made that compliment, but Jerrica liked it, and would never have it any other way.
“Oh, and speaking of houses…” replied Rio as he opened up his briefcase. Inside was a document, but underneath it were pictures of new Jem products.
A company was willing to produce small figurines and doll houses in honor of the group. “They promised to pay us half their profits, and give us full credit too.” Said Rio. “What do you think?”
The group all exchanged nods of agreement, and Jerrica gave him the thumbs him to sign the contract. “This is going to make Eric and the Misfits really steamed.”
He was off to mail the contract, but the girls decided the night was way to young to head home. So they decided to head to the mall for a little shopping, and a well deserved bite to eat.
Kimber bought at least a dozen new shoes, and Shana bought a few new Fabrics for more dress making she had planned for a while. Raya bought a new small tree for her bedroom, and asked for it to be delivered, and Aja bought some heavier weights for her place in the gym at home.
Jerrica shook her head. “I wonder how it is for those girls to buy that much.” She asked herself. “Well… come on Rio, we got other shops to visit.”
Rio came slowly up from behind holding most of Jerrica's merchandise. “Ugh… yeah, yeah coming.” He grunted. “Boy, and she wonders how they can shop this much.” He mumbled jokingly.
After a good rundown of shopping, the group finally called it in and decided to grab some grub before they left.
The food court was located in the center of the mall for good reason too. A Stage was set at the end of the court and most of the tables facing it.
They had arrived to see someone on the stage, playing not one, but TWO keyboards at once. The kinds of keyboards that let you play other instruments, and the guy playing them was me.
“Hey, look at that guy go.” Said Aja, “He's playing two keyboards at once.”
Kimber took a good look at me, and gasped. “No way… could it really be--” she scrambled through her handbag for a certain picture of my face and made the comparisons. “Wow… it's him! It's really him.”
“What? What is it, Kimber?” asked Aja.
They took a good look at my picture and read the writing underneath it.
Mykan Rockman: World's greatest One-Man Keyboard band. Plays any music.
Kimber never told anyone about this, but I was like a hero to her. Sure she could play the keyboard pretty well too, but next to me she thought of herself as a preschooler.
I was playing music before Jem and the holograms were launched, and was as the note said. “The Greatest Keyboard Master in the world.” and Kimber saw me as inspiration to keep practicing the keyboard.
Kimber immediately took a seat not caring that she had forgotten to get any food. She just wanted her me sing my last song for the night.
The crowd applauded for an encore, and I waved my hand up. “Thank you…” I said in a calm spirited voice.
“You know… some men have dreams that they wish they could have come true, but just will never happen, not in this lifetime.”
I hit a “Play” switch on my first keyboard which played back a recording of a bass guitar I had made earlier. I then changed the keyboard instrument playing to a Ballad organ, and played it in combination with the base.
Then I hit the “Play button” on the other keyboard an it started playing back another one of my recordings of a soft drum taping ballad, complete with cymbal waves too.
“My last song tonight… is for all those out like me, who have dreams. They can't come true, but that doesn't mean you should stop dreaming.” And with that, I began to sing.
Dreaming's a gift, not a dread.
It's a wish from your heart to your head
A goal, a craving, a desiring sensation
Like taking a longing vacation
In a dream.
I hit a couple notes on the other keyboard which played electric guitar notes, and really seemed to make the atmosphere pretty intense.
Girls in the audience rested their heads on their boyfriends shoulders, and others mediated to the soothing sounds. Kimber even shut her eyes, and imagined she was flying like a bird.
Dreams may be all fantasy
And are dispelled by reality
It comes to and end, and your sad for a while
Instead of being far away more than a mile
In a dream.
As I kept on playing, the rest of the group agreed with Kimber, that I really was all that great. “This guy really is good.” Rio whispered to Jerrica.
“Yeah, he is too.” Jerrica whispered back, but she couldn't help notice something different about my face.
It was exactly the same as the one in Kimber's poster of me, but with a more serious look. Probably it was because Kimber's poster was at least five years old, and I could have grown up since then and my facial appearances had changed a bit.
Some dreams come true, but others don't do,
And that's give you your fondest hope.
But even still so, there's something to know.
Just keep on dreaming and you just might cope
-If it seems that it won't ever come
Dreaming is still number one
It won't ever leave you
And will always be if it's not true.
In a Dream.
… It's in a… Dre-e-e-e-e-e-am
The crowd applauded like crazy as I finished the song, and stepped up to take a bow. Then I walked out of the spotlight and off the stage.