Jem Fan Fiction ❯ MUSICAL: The Mega Rock-Man ❯ Come with us to Europe. ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Jordan was sad to say that all was he could remember. “Mykan evolved into a great Rock-star, but then sometime later, he changed completely.” He said. “Nobody knows why, but it must've been something pretty sad.”
That was all he knew, and he left to head back to work leaving the group with many unanswered questions which they desperately sought.
When Eric saw the condition the Misfits were in, all beat up, and the goons all taken to jail. “What do you mean he changed into another guy?!” he thundered.
“Look, I know it sounds crazy but we saw him.” said Pizzazz. “This guy's something else. Or someone else at that.”
Eric always had a suspicion, back when he used to work for Emmett Benton, he always thought the story of the Mega Rock-Man was all it was, just a story… but nothing else would explain the events that had occurred today.
Still, he couldn't let that bother him. He had to find a way to get me onto the Misfits' side if he wanted to outdo Jem for good.
He picked a newspaper, and saw the clipping. “Hello… what have we here.”
The section said: I was going to Europe next week, Personally invited by Princess Adriana, to perform in a concert in the honor of their finally crowing her, Queen.
The Princess was personally invited her friends from Jem to come and perform in the concert too, and she especially wanted me there… but as to why, nobody knew. All it said was…
Adriana would be making a huge speech in a brave confession, but she wanted everyone, especially “Me” there to hear it.
“Mmm… this couldn't have come at a better time.” Eric sniggered. “We can get rid of Jem, and capture Mykan all at the same time. Then at long last, stardom will be ours.”
“Alright, Misfits… Listen up!”
One Week, Later
The Group was at the airport, waiting for their private plane.
“I can't believe we're going to see Adriana again.” said Kimber. “It's like we almost haven't seen her in a long, long time.”
The others agreed with her. They remembered how Kimber accidentally switched places with Adriana, due to the fact they looked identical to one-another.
“At least this time we can enjoy ourselves, and not worry abut someone trying to assassinate her again.” said Shana. “But I wonder why she's invited Mykan too.”
“So do I.” added Aja. “Maybe Mykan's played there before, and she'd like to here his music too.”
Jerrica, however, she was more concerned about trying to solve what it was that changed the way I acted in Music. One minute: I'm famous.
Next: I'm not seen for a long time, and then am back, but am being cautious around crowds as the Real-me.
She knew it had to be something else besides the Mega Rock-man, something really sad, but what was it? What could it have been?
Just then there was an announcement over the P.A.
“Attention all Chopper-passers. Due to a technical problem with our Helicopter radar tracking equipment, all choppers are hereby grounded until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience.”
Well, the group was traveling by a private jet plane, and jets used a different system, so they were okay. However, the only other passenger in the waiting lobby was not so lucky.
That's right, it was me. I didn't have my own private plane like Jem, and always traveled by chopper to get to my destinations faster.
“Oh, this is just great.” I said as I got up and began walking away. “I'll just have to find another airport.”
The group heard me, and Kimber got an idea, which the others already agreed to. They quickly got up and walked over to me.
“Excuse me… Mr. Rockman.” said Jerrica.
I turned round. “Hey, I know you.” I said. “You're Jem and the Holograms. One of my favorite bands in the world.”
Kimber almost felt embarrassed to been seen face-to-face with me, and when she told me that she idolized me as a Keyboard player, I felt really touched. “It's nice to have a fan.” I said.
“We heard that your flight got canceled, and your heading to Europe.” said Jerrica. She showed me and add that both I and the holograms would be performing at the same location.
“Well I'll be darned.” I said, “How about that.”
Aja told me that their private jet was big enough for an extra passenger, and asked if I'd like to tag along with them.
“Oh… well I don't know… I mean I don't want to be a bother.”
The girls all exchanged No-no comments and they didn't mind and all that stuff. Jerrica even told me that… they knew. “Mykan, it's alright.” She said, “We know about the Mega Rock-man, and how life has been treating you.”
“You do? I asked.
Jerrica nodded.
“Come on, man. You've been alone for a while now.” said Shana. “This'll be a good chance for you to travel first-class, and be around other people who trust you and all that.”
No one had ever been this nice to me after having discovered about my conditions. They were really willing to help me, and weren't afraid or ashamed of what I was.
“Besides… Kimber's been a fan of your music since she was little.” teased Aja. Kimber turned away and blushed, and the others giggled at her.
With a warm and comforting invitation like that. Not to mention how late I would be if I found another airport, how could I refuse?
So I gathered my luggage, and boarded the plane with the girls once it was ready. “Wow.” Was all I could say. “I've never been on a private plane before. Usually I just take a chopper.”
The girls let me make myself at home, and soon we all took off, and were due to land in Europe sometime tomorrow afternoon, plenty of time just to kick back and relax.
Little did we realize that the Misfits and Eric were following along in their private plane, and they were going to Europe for a picnic, no sir.
“I've got you now, Rockman.” Eric sniggered, “Even with Jem by your side, you'll be working for us pretty soon.”