Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Fan Fiction ❯ “Fallen Feathers of love” ❯ Goddess wings ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Fallen Feathers of love
Chapter 1:
The Goddessof wings
~~The wind plays swiftly like a moody little girl, flouting ice crystals and feathers, with a changing current. With each blow it strengthens and until a whisper is almost as clear as understandable
“Come find me!” She wakens with her silken dress still on, this fabric of royalty and beauty; she'd fallen asleep in a garden full of dreams and lost memories. While the midsummer breeze plays with her hair, gently curled and long. As she opens her emerald blue eyes, with her almost pale colored skin, she sits upwards and looks towards to sky, with hope filled of a never ending blue though only one cloud to cover the suns full brightness. The sent blooming orchids that had caught her attention, was almost poisonous coming from near waterfall that makes the sound of shimmering raindrops.
“Dreams….” She whispers, still a pit dazed from awaking. Looking around confused, she finds herself surrounded by beautiful flowers of all kind but no living soul on sight. An unusual place indeed, one could say. This garden filed with flowers and ornamented statues of fallen angels, playing so gloriously in the sun. Like there'd never been no good nor evil, to decide the difference between one another. Still beautiful and yet strange how each single feather or autumn leave just like falls to place, a bit sad it seemed. No doubt about it, this place was centauries old but someone had been here before. There was a trail of blood leading into the darkened forest and a sound of someone crying but all that was mounted away by those angels with cruel eyes that seemed rather frightening, gazing upon her like they'd watch her every move. Cold shivers ran down her spine that moment, when she felt someone touch her shoulder.
“Chiaki…” Spoken, in a soft and hopeful tone, she turns around quickly but only to find no more then air. She looks around trying to recognize the whereabouts of her stay, with no use still.
She slowly turns her eyes back on the ground, what sad eyes she had knowing his not there.
Where am I?” Gently she closed her arms around herself as she shivered. There, the gate to the garden was closed suddenly by the winds icy touch. Some of the crown leaves from of the flower flew up into the air.
“What is this place?” She thought to herself. Sun's warmness was too much for her. Watching the flowers made her remember what Chiaki had once told her.
“Don't be afraid of a strangers wish. They only mean to frighten you.” So, she gave a faint smile as she held her memories of Chiaki, dear to her heart.
Beautiful flowers around her danced too the winds melody, whispering:
“Smile for me, princess” while butterflies fly from flower-to-flower, making a circle around her. She looks around with wondrous eyes then tries to touch one of the flowers on sight.
This flower opens into a blooming rose and wakens a fairy whose dreams were kept closed from reality.
This creature no larger then one's hand has about opened its graceful little eyes.
More beautiful then anything Maron had ever lied eyes upon. Came to life and made all the flowers there sparkle with glory.
As this little one sat-up with her heavenly white dress and lighten purple colored hair. It all became to realize this was more then just a dream, something was happening. But this was too much to understand at once, as those two glared at each other with the same wondrous eyes.
For minutes at leased, until the little one smiled and claimed the attention by introducing herself.
She threw out her softly feathered wings, such beauty and elegance in her movement that it was remarkable to look at and then flew gently upwards until she was face-to-face with the princess.
Maron couldn't help but wonder if she was the only one ever felt this way or did she really start daydreaming?
She leaned her head to one side and then the other and made a circle around her, before she spoke a word at all “this little remarkable creature.”
Then she proudly announced, “I am Fin. The angel of heavens wish.” and made a bawl next to that.
Then with such curiosity she asked, “Who are you? “ She stopped for a moment to gather her thoughts and smiles after that.
“Ah, I know who you are; you must our princess from the skis beyond but better to say the words we usually don't speak of…” she came really close and whispered as softly as she could.
“Goddess wings”
When dose words were spoken it seemed as though all time stood still but only for a moment.
“Dreams… “She whispered again. She started getting dizy, as all sound faded, mounted words, spoken from a faraway place. Seemed to eco like the waves of an ocean, played a melody of a lullaby.
Until she could stand it no more, she fainted. Gently she fell upon dose roses and lilies. The wind to catch her hair as it drifts along after her fall.
Lying there between the rocks and sand, she'd felt a shimmer of pain. ~