Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Fan Fiction ❯ "I don't want to be alone anymore...love me always" ❯ I love you... ( Chapter 1 )

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Standard disclaimers apply. I do not own kamikaze kaitou Jeanne, and sadly never will. It is owned by the very talented Arina Tanemura. I have read all of the manga's except for the last one(cant seem to find it, so if anyone has translations, I would appreciate if you told me ^_^) and I have seen the whole series, so it is kinda a mix of both. At times they will seem out of character, but hey, its my fanfic!
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The duo walked away from the scene where Maron had saved Finn, silently thinking over the occurrences that had taken place. The `ice castle' disappeared as they walked away, and the cold, crisp air started to warm significantly as the affects of a great evil suddenly disappearing came about the world.
Seeing a very wounded Chiaki and Maron, and also having seen the light from when Finn was `sealed', Miyako was extremely worried about the two. The silent fear that something had happened to them had been firmly implanted in her head since they had headed in.
Chiaki looked up at Miyako and gave her a smile, weekly saying “yo'” before leaning against Maron for support. Maron could already hear the angry shouts of questions that would soon bombard her, but to her surprise Miyako didn't make a word. Maron (or Jeanne) smiled at Miyako and warned her “if we don't get him home soon; he is going to pass out from the loss of blood….and I'm going to pass out from the amount of holy energy that I used today….”
Deciding that she would ask about the holy energy think later, Miyako nodded her head and wrapped her two friends' arms around her shoulders as she helped them get back into their apartment building.
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Maron held onto Chiaki's hand as she worriedly stroked the palm with her fingers. His skin was cold, and even though he insisted that he was ok, she could tell that he wasn't.
“Oi, Maron, I'll be ok…….you heard Finn….she said that I would be ok.” He placed his hand on her cheek, trying to sooth her worries.
She placed her hand over his, and was on the verge of tears “I just don't know what to do! I mean, now that Finn is in heaven finding out whether or not she will be banished, I don't know what I should do to help you recover…….and I cant prove to Miyako that what am saying id true without Finn he- she soon found herself in Chiaki's bed, his arms wrapped around her.
What?” she asked as he hid his face in her neck, giving her soft butterfly kisses up and down it.
“You said that you wanted to be there for me, and that you didn't know how you could help me. Well, this is how…..just be here with me….I don't want to be alone, thinking about how I almost lost you…….” She felt him stiffing up, and she asked him softly “Chiaki……….are you crying?”
She got no reply, but she knew anyway. She scooted closer to the warmth of his body as she tried to ward off the coldness of the outside air. He wrapped his sheets around her and pulled her close, and she could feel the wetness of his tears.
She turned around and looked into his eyes, her own starting to glisten over, as she thought of everything that they had been through together.
“Chiaki……I…..I…. L-lo….I…Love y-you….” She stammered, barely above a whisper. She was red now, and trembling. She was afraid, oh so afraid. Afraid that he would turn her down…that he didn't love her back…that he thought that this was all a game.
Chiaki could sense her fear and held her close to him. He whispered into her ear “I have been waiting so long just to hear those words…I love you too Maron…ever since the day that a saw you sighing in front of your mailbox….and I've waited so long, dreaming to hear you say those words…” he held her to him, his body shaking as he willed himself not to cry…wimp, you can care less if you get turned down by someone…but when it comes to her..You get all teary eyed when she finally confesses what you have known the whole time… he tells himself as he holds her.
Looking up at the man that she so dearly loved, she brought her hand up to touch his cheek. His eyes were squeezes shut as if he was trying not to cry. “Chiaki…” she whispered, and when he didn't look at her she place her thumbs next to the corners of his eyes as she whispers once again “Chiaki, don't hide your eyes from me…….let me see you…look at me…” her throat was constricting as she said this, she herself trying to hold back the tears.
He slowly opened his eyes at her request, seeing her were overflowing as well as his. He shifted his weight so that his face was inches from her, and he was on top of her. He placed his hand on her cheek and asked her “can I kiss you Maron?” he asked her, wanting her permission first.
She slowly nodded her head, and he leaned down and kissed her. As soon as their lips met they were overwhelmed with love and passion….one soft brushing of their lips turned into a deep kiss, which turned into two kisses, then five…..they drew back for air and then started too kiss some more, ever the more passionately.
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