Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Fan Fiction ❯ "I don't want to be alone anymore...love me always" ❯ graduation...and the big news ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“Maron! Maron, wake up! Open this damn door you lazy wench of a friend!”
Maron slowly opened her eyes, and when she listened to the door she quickly jumped, screaming so that Miyako could hear “I'm coming!”
She flew to her closet, and grabbing one of Chiaki's uniforms that he had left there from some other time, she threw it at his sleeping figure.
“Chiaki, hurry up and get up! We are going to be late for school!” she yelled at him while attempting to brush her teeth and do her hair at the same time.
She felt a couple of arms wrap around her and Chiaki's groggy voice saying “I'm tired…let's skip school today…”
She turned back around at him, and smiled sweetly.
“Sure, I'll skip school.” She said, as if it was completely normal to her.
“You will?” he asked, a bit surprised.
“Sure, I mean, its not like we have anything really important going on in class today.”
“I'm glad that you can see it my way for once.”
“Yea…the last day really isn't very important. Lets just skip school today and see if sensei will pass us even though we rent there...”By now she was grinning, and her smaile transformed into a laugh as she saw the realization don on his face. Without a word he pulled on his uniform, and rushed into the kitchen to get breakfast started.
She ran into the kitchen, and on her way she let Miyako in.
“Ash! Chiaki, don't burn those! What are you doing, you have that on too high!” Maron ran to where Chiaki was unsuccessfully trying too cooking, and grabbed the pan from him.
She sniffed, and then turned to where the coffee was brewing. She didn't like coffee herself; it was too bitter. Chiaki on the other hand loved it, and had to have a cup at least every day or he would be dead as a doorknob.
She quickly turned that off as well, and pleadingly looked at Miyako.
Miyako got the hint, and she filled the pot with water as she lectured “Chiaki, you have to put water in the pot before you can brew the coffee.”
When the survival test, also known as breakfast, was done and cleaned up they headed out the door. As they were about to leave Maron stopped and exclaimed “oops! I forgot my dress!”
When she returned holding an elaborately decorated black dress in a dry-cleaning bag, Chiaki asked “what do you need a dress for? Everyone else wears their uniform during graduation.”
She grinned and explained “yea, but because I'm a student council rep. I have to make a speech.”
As the trio got to school, they were quickly herded into the mass of confusion as the kids prepared for their graduation ceremony. (A/N: most of what I describe is going to be partly things that I have read about American graduations, partly imaginary what I think graduation would be like for them.)
The principal of the school announced that the student council reps had to be on the stage for their speeches in two minutes, and Maron started to panic.
She was wringing her little black dress in her hands as she kept saying over and over to her boyfriend “I cant do it, I cant do it, I cant do it!”
He tried to comfort her and get her to calm down, but the shout for her to get on stage came all too soon. He gave her a haste kiss and told her “you'll do great!” before she gave him a weak smile and walked onto the stage.
The school was now a cheerful bunch of chattering teenagers and their families, who were contently munching on cake and juice. The ceremony had taken about two hours, and Maron had won t four medals. She had one first place for best speech, first place for good sportsmanship, second place for honor roll (her grades dropped a bit when she became Jeanne) and first place for best school spirit.
All four medals were hanging loosely around her neck as she talked and laughed with her fellow classmates. As she was doing so on of the secretaries came and asked her if she knew where Chiaki was.
She smiled and answered “probably by the punch.” Since linchou had convinced the school to get a fountain that sprayed punch, she knew it wasn't long until he jumped into it or did something along the lines of that idiocy.
Chiaki was escorted into the principal's office saying “I wasn't really going to jump! I was just joking!”
As he entered the room, he was surprised at the occupants that he saw. In the room was his father, two of his old teachers at his other school, one of the doctors from his father's hospital, his currant sensei, and the principals from both schools. He looked surprised, and was about to ask what was going on when his father placed a thick packet in front of him.
“See how many of these questions you can answer-don't say anything, just do it.”
Although he was a bit bewildered, he complied and started working after he had snatched a pencil from the principal's desk.
It was now almost 11 at night, and she along with a few custodians and teachers were all that were left I the school. She had called Chiaki's cell phone, and nobody had picked up. She was sure that he wouldn't leave without telling her first, and she was worriedly searching the school for him.
As she was passing by the principal's office she saw Chiaki step out, and exclaimed happily “Chiaki! Why didn't you answer your phone, I was worried!”
He sheepishly put his hand behind his head and answered “I'm sorry Maron; I was talking to the principal...”
She hugged his arm as they walked and replied “well, just don't worry me like that again!”
When they got to her apartment she stopped, and blushed as she asked him. “Are you going to stay over again tonight?”
“He seemed to be troubled about something, and took her hand.
“Maron...lets go inside, I have to tell you something”
At the sound of his voice her face paled. It was rare when he was ever this serious, and he seemed sad at the same time. She turned on the lights to her apartment, and sat next to Chiaki when he patted next to him for her too sit.
“Maron…I don't want you to be afraid…or to panicky…and most of all I don't want you to cry.”
She looked worriedly up at his face and asked him in a checked voice. “Wha…what are you talking about?”