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Universe Title : N/A.
Story Title : Love Is…
Chapter Title : Acceptance (1/1).
Chapter Rating : PG12.
Main Character(s) : Katou Julie, Suzuki Adelheid.
Genre(s) : Romance.
Summary : Thirty different ways to love.
Warning(s) : M/F, Swearing.
Word Count : +/- 127.
Author's Note(s) : A series of drabbles and oneshots depicting thirty kinds of love.
Love Is

Living with Suzuki Adelheid is a daily challenge.

It's bras on the doorknobs and broken remote controls and Thai cuisine every Thursday night.

It's constant smacks upside the head with a metal fan, just for saying 'hi' to a cute girl.

It's sullen frowns and zealous passion, quick blushes and even quicker denials.

It's voracious kisses and angry, red marks born out of sharp nails and even sharper fangs, punishment meted out by way of handcuffs and a riding crop.

It's a whole world of purification and can't you take anything seriously for once? and for the last time, put the fucking toilet seat down!

Living with Suzuki Adelheid is - in and of itself - a talent.

It's a good thing Katou Julie is so talented.
~ The End.~