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Universe Title : N/A.

Story Title : Hitotsu Dake (1/1).

Chapter Title : N/A.

Chapter Rating : G.

Main Character(s) : Xanxus, Superbi Squalo.

Genre(s) : Romance.

Summary : Squalo asks a question to which he should already know the answer.

Warning(s) : M/M.

Word Count : +/- 98.
Author's Note(s) : N/A.

Hitotsu Dake.

"Why do you love me?" Squalo asks one day, head curiously tilting to the side.

It's not a tease, Xanxus knows. Not one of those mushy, frivolous moments couples love to indulge in - playfully querying about romantic things they should already have answers to.

Squalo's asking because he genuinely wants to know.

So as easily as leaves falling from their trees in autumn time, Xanxus replies, matter-of-fact because it is, "You're the only person in the entire world I would change absolutely nothing about."

Squalo's eyes widen to almost comical proportions, evidently surprised.

And then, he smiles.

~ The End. ~