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Universe Title : N/A.
Story Title : Love Is…
Chapter Title : Joy (1/1).
Chapter Rating : G.
Main Character(s) : Yamamoto Takeshi.
Genre(s) : Gen.
Summary : Thirty different ways to love.
Warning(s) : N/A.
Word Count : +/- 161.
Author's Note(s) : A series of drabbles and oneshots depicting thirty kinds of love.
Love Is...

It's not that he's incapable of taking anything seriously, because he does. His understanding of the gravest situations and his unwavering, laser sharp focus are second to none - anyone who truly knows him could vouch for that.

It's not that he's a complete idiot, either. Back then, he may have been a naive kid. Now, his ignorance is a cover for anything he doesn't want exposed.

It's not like he doesn't care. He just knows from experience that it's stupid worrying about anything that makes you worry.

And it isn't like he's indecisive, either. He is, after all, a firm believer in doing what you love, regardless if it's just one thing or several.

Because the fact is, there's a reason the corners of his eyes so effortlessly crinkle in laughter, and his mouth constantly curves upwards in that easygoing smile.

Over regretting back then, or fretting about later which may never come, he'd much rather revel in right now.
~ The End.~