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Universe Title : The Long Way Home.
Story Title : Love Is…
Chapter Title : Understanding (1/1).
Chapter Rating : PG12.
Main Character(s) : Superbi Squalo, Lussuria.
Genre(s) : Friendship.
Summary : Thirty different ways to love.
Warning(s) : M/M, Swearing.
Word Count : +/- 646.
Author's Note(s) : A series of drabbles and oneshots depicting thirty kinds of love.
Love Is

"Still awake, love?"

Squalo jumps - startled out of the enervating mess of thoughts which had him distracted enough to not notice Lussuria's presence - and turns his head, snarling angrily. "VOOOII!!! Don't fucking do that!!!"

Lussuria breezily sashays into the kitchen, ruffling Squalo's hair. "Sorry, sorry," he singsongs, not looking sorry in the least. He quickly relocates himself to the counter, rummaging the overhead cabinets for his bag of coffee, before the younger man can attempt at slicing his hand off. "Why are you moping around when you should be in bed?"

Squalo frowns sulkily but says nothing. He watches Lussuria make himself a cup of instant coffee, the flamboyant male's humming grating on his nerves like fingernails on chalkboard. Squalo runs his finger along the rim of his glass, sleep-deprivation and annoyance catching up with him. He suddenly remembers the thoughts Lussuria so rudely shocked him from. "Hey, Lus?"

Lussuria stirs his beverage exactly six times, counter-clockwise, before lightly hitting the teaspoon twice against the rim of his mug. "Hmm?"

"Did something happen to Sawada's Family?"

Lussuria glances at his companion, carrying his mug over to the small, wooden table Squalo's seated at. "What do you mean?"

Squalo forces his hand to stay still. "Like, are they in trouble again or whatever?"

Lussuria sips his coffee, before setting the cup back on the rosewood surface. "Not that I know of. Why?"

A low growl rumbles from the swordsman's throat. "Then why the fuck are we going to Japan tomo - today?" he hastily corrects, noticing the time displayed on the black and gold clock on the kitchen wall.

Lussuria's eyebrows raise in surprise. "You're going to Japan?"

Squalo scowls darkly. "Aren't we all?" And then, a sudden thought occurs to him. "If that damn Boss is making me play messenger again - "

Lussuria raises a hand in a halting gesture, cutting off Squalo's impending tirade. "Wait. You and Boss are going to Japan today?"

The younger man nods, still fuming.

"And he hasn't told you why?"

Squalo nods again.

"Nor has he told you to inform anyone else about it?"

Another nod.

Lussuria's brows knit in momentary confusion. "But that's - oh!" And then the flashy asshole starts giggling. Giggling. "Oh, I see."

Squalo valiantly fights the urge to punch Lussuria in the face. "VOOOII!!! What the fuck is so funny?!?"

The Muay Thai expert clucks his tongue and sighs dramatically. "Squalo, Squalo, Squalo, where did your father and I go wrong with our little Squalo?"

Squalo's fingers curl against the fabric of his pants in exasperation. "Okay, first of all, ew. Second of all, what the fuck are you talking about?" He lifts his glass to his lips, taking a long gulp of his drink.

Lussuria leans forward, as if he's about to reveal some huge secret.

Squalo can practically feel the glee radiating off that ridiculously tall, muscular frame.

"See, love, there's this thing people have after they're married. It's called a honeymoon - "

Squalo promptly chokes on his orange juice. "VOOOII!!! Don't say stupid things!!!"

Lussuria leans back in his chair, seemingly satisfied. "Au contraire, love, it's very un-stupid."

The Second Sword Emperor shakes his silver-haired head adamantly. "It is because it's not possible. Boss wouldn't go on a fucking honeymoon."

Lussuria arches an elegant eyebrow, taunting. "And why would you think that?"

"Because he's Boss," Squalo emphasizes - still unaccustomed to calling Xanxus by name - and looking at Lussuria as if he's retarded. "He's never been on a honeymoon before."

"That's because he's never been married before," Lussuria calmly reminds his obstreperous squad member.

Squalo chokes - on his tongue, this time - again.

Lussuria lets out a faintly amused snort before getting back to his precious coffee, smirking around the rim of his porcelain mug. "You really ought to learn to read between the lines, Squ-chan."
~ The End.~