Kiddy Grade Fan Fiction ❯ Feelings ❯ Feelings ( Chapter 1 )

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This is my first fanfic ever. Kiddy grade is owned by GONZO and not owned by me! I'm doing this
because I love the series.

Kiddy Grade - Feelings

Why do I always feel this way around her?
Is it friendship, a sisterly bond or maybe love?
No, it canít be. We are both girls!
We have known each other for years and went through some rough times together and even
came near death on several missions.
But I just canít shake this odd feeling, every time that Iím near her.
I feel like I can do anything when I am with her.
Maybe I am in love with her.
She is like me, an ES Member and has a special kind of power that is unique to her alone.
I just always want to be by her side until the very end.
She looks just like an angel that has descended from heaven itself yet is so delicate that anything
could break her.
I always love that smile she gives me when she tells me ďa lady must always be elegant.Ē
I wish I could someday tell her my feelings and how I really feel about her and how I want to stay
by her side forever!
That day will come someday and how I wait for the day to arrive.
I just hope that she will feel the same way that I do for her.
I love you, Lumiere.