Kiddy Grade Fan Fiction ❯ Kiddy Grade - Past Lovers ❯ The Present Past ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Anime: Kiddy Grade
Fanfic by: x_Taiga_x
Pairings: Eclair and Lumiere
I don't own these characters, they belong to Gonzo.
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Kiddy Grade - Past Lovers
Chapter 1 - The Present Past
After that last beam on La Muse's wing Lumiere was injured baddly… Eclair just watched her partner laying there…
”Lumiere…” she couldn't handle it, she just couldn't watch her partner die. She let out a scream of anger, as she screamed La Muse shoot another beam torwards A-oh and Un-oh's ship, their ship did the same, both both beams caused a turbulence that La Muse's A.I. busted! (believe me it never gets busted) Wilberwind opened the warp gate to somewhere unknown.
As the ship started to enter in the warp gate Eclair tryed to make it stop, but it was useless.
“No!” Un-oh could see anything on the screen because on the turbulence. As the screens turned back to normal he did see anything, they were… gone…
The warping ended.
“Lumiere! Lumiere!” she was soo afraid of losing her partner until Lumiere opened her eyes.
“E-Eclair...” Lumiere put a weak smile on her face but flinched a little.
“Don't move, you're too weak…” Eclair pickes lumiere up, putting an arm around her waist and another under her legs . She layed her partner on the couch that was situaded behind Donnerschlag's “head” and their respective chairs.
Lumiere shut her purple eyes again “Where are we?”
Eclair looked behind at the screens, she went opened her eyes wide and gasped “N-no way…”
The screens were showing a large light blue planet, the lands with light green, seemed that living beings lived there.
Eclair knew she saw something like that before… before GOTT destroied Earth… she taught she would never see it anymore… but ther it was, right infront her, the Earth.
The young girl opened half of her eyes “Oh my…” she was also speechless.
That moment didn't last long until a meteor hit La Muse's left wing. It was quite a shake, “La Muse!” Eclair tryed to contact Wilberwind, but there was no response.
“Wilberwind?...” Lumiere was really concerned because that ship was part of her, though it wasn't like her, in other words, a human. “Wilber…wind?” small tears started to form on her eyes, she shut her eyes emmidiatly, the last this Lumiere wanted was Eclair watching her cry.
“Lumiere…” the yellow-eyed girl reached out her hand and grabbed one of Lumiere's and smiled a little “She's ok…”, Lumiere smiled weakly back at Eclair.
Before the tender moment could last longer there was a huge shake and the last thing they could feel was the ship falling towards the big blue planet.
Lumiere could only scream in fear, Eclair held her and tryed to calm her down “ECLAIR!!” Lumiere thightened her grip around Eclair's waist. Eclair could only pull Lumi's head against her chest for protection… they passed throught the atmosphere as the ship was covered by fire, like if it was a meteor falling.
The falling didnt last long…
After a long time of being unconscious, Lumiere was the first to wake up, she looked up still a little dizzy, she was bleeding from her head, her vision was a little distorded from the blood in her eyes… after she got her vision back she saw Eclair with blood all over her body.
Lumiere quickly entered in panic… “Eclair…Eclair…” Lumiere shaked her partner's shoulder a little. “Eclair please… don't…” tears started to form on her eyes. “Hmmm…” Eclair mumbled. “Eclair!!” Eclair opened her eyes bleeding from her head and mouth, she closed them for a second and opened back again smiling “Ta-daa~…” Lumiere embraced her.