Kiddy Grade Fan Fiction ❯ Kiddy Grade - Past Lovers ❯ Our Feelings ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Anime: Kiddy Grade
Fanfic by: x_Taiga_x
Pairings: Eclair and Lumiere
I don't own these characters, they belong to Gonzo.
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Kiddy Grade - Past Lovers
Chapter 2 - Our Feelings
After that experience, Eclair was found wrapped around Lumiere's arms. It felt good. It felt warm. Unfortunally it didn't last long enough, Lumiere had to let her go sometime soon.
“Are you ok Eclair?” the smaller girl seemed as concerned as she never was before.
“Never better” her taller partner replied with a weak smile on her face, she tried to get up and she did it but slowly and still trembling because on the injuries on her body, she almost fell back down but held it. Lumiere flinched again placing her hands over her stomach. Eclair hurried up picking her partner gently carring her to the couch in the back on of the ship, she layed her partner down and kneeled infront of the couch, as Lumiere was in much pain. Eclair couldn't stand to see her partner and friend like that, though she was still bleeding from her wounds “I'll go get the medical pack...” said Eclair and she got up slowly and weakly. Lumiere quickly held Eclair's hand causing the taller girl to turn her head around quickly at Lumiere.
“What will you do... if I disapear?” the girl put a weak smile on her face. This caused Eclair to shout out at her partner “What are you saying?! Are you going to give up?! I won't let you do that!” as the taller girl shut her her avoiding her tears to stream down her eyes, and shutting her fists thightly. Lumiere opened her eyes wide and stared at Eclair intently “Éclair...” she said with an amazed expression on her face.
The brunet kneeled infront of the couch once more and held both of Lumiere's hands “You know better than anyone that I never know when to quit!”
Eclair held Lumi's hands a little thighter “Don't leave me...” said the brunet quietly. Unfortunaly it able to be heard by the smaller girl's ears “Eclair...” said Lumiere as she suddenly sat up and wrapped her arms around her partner thightly “I don't want to leave your side either...” sounding a little sad.
Eclair opened her eyes wide and felt something she didn't felt before in her whole life, she felt a small flame building up inside her causing her to blush hard “Ah... L-Lumi-ere...” her voice came in gasps.
“Please be with me... until I'm gone...” said the smaller girls not tending to unwrap her arms from the brunet's neck.
“You're not going to leave!! I won't let you leave!! I...” her eyes got covered by the shadow of her hair “I can't live without you...” said Eclair in a low tone of voice.
Lumiere let go of her neck and looked at Eclair straight in the eyes, as Lumiere was blushing slightly “” Lumiere wouldn't know what to say, Eclair never said such words to Lumiére before.
Lumiere quickly avoided contact with Eclair's eyes blushing even harder, this reaction also caused Eclair to blush even more aswell.
The two girls stood there without words to say to eachother, the moment of deep silence didn't last long “I-I'll go get the nanomachines” said Eclair getting up quickly and running up to a door that lead to a room that looked like na emergency room, she opened a closet taking a medi-pack out and rushed up to Lumiere again kneeling infront of the couch, she toke a vaccine out of the medi-pack and gently picked Lumiére's right arm up carefully. Lumiere layed back down and shut her eyes slowly.
Eclair tried, as gentle as possible, to inserted the needle inside Lumiére's arm right in her vein.
Lumiere wasn't much of a complainer but she did flinched slightly.
“G-gomen…” said Eclair, Lumiére only smiled in return.
“Lumiere you must get some rest now...” said Eclair with a concerned look on her face “Hm” Lumiere simply nodded to her friend and closed her eyes slowly, after a few seconds she fell asleep, her smile still on her face.
Eclair got up slowly and sat on of the the chairs in the ship and started to wrap some bandages on her right arm.
After healing and recovering her streght Eclair got up and opened La Muse's door to outside, her eyes went wide open, she just couldn't believe in her sight.
She saw the world that once was blown away from the galaxy, she saw Earth.