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Chapter One: Down the Rabbit Hole
Hana was once again roused from her sound sleep by the incessant beeping of her alarm clock. She rolled over and saw the numbers on the clock face. It was six forty-five, she was late again. Hana rolled over and hit the clock in a futile attempt to stop that horrid sound. As hard as she tried, she just couldn't find the strength to get out of the warm blanket cocoon she had created over the night.
The clock started to beep again, this time it seemed louder. She looked over at the clock again, this time it read six fifty. Hana sat up in her bed and ran her hand through her tangled brown hair as she stretched.
She sat awake in the dark for a moment and came to the conclusion that she had no time to shower before school. Oh well, looks like personal hygiene would have to wait until tomorrow morning.
She pulled on her knee-high lime green striped socks and got out of bed. Walking over to her closet, she pulled out her outfit for the day, a simple white tank top with detached black sleeves, a black skirt, and a black neck choker. After getting dressed for school she walked out of her room. The house was dark and empty, the same as it had been for several days. Her parents were out on some sort of business trip, Hana didn't really pay attention to the details.
“G'morning Xaki.” Hana said as she walked past the large rabbit cage sitting on the kitchen floor. Hana never rushed around in the mornings; she could never be bothered to. Of course with this attitude she never had time to eat a proper breakfast so she just grabbed a muffin from the cupboard and a bottle of water from the fridge. She walked over to the kitchen table and began pushing around some of the loose papers.
“Where is it...?”
She walked to her room... nothing... the kitchen counter... nothing again. The clock on the wall began to chime. It was Seven o'clock. She looked from the clock to her pet rabbit on the floor, who was anxiously chewing the corner of a piece of paper. Upon closer inspection Hana noticed that her pet Rabbit Xaki was in fact eating her homework.
“...Xaki.” Hana sighed. She reached down into the cage and ripped the homework away from her. She looked at the ripped up piece of paper and shrugged.
“It's still fine.” She said as she closed it in her textbook and walked out the door.
It was still dark on that dreary autumn morning, dark and cold. Hana noticed how chilly it was when she felt a cold breeze hit her face and make its way down her spine. She shivered. As she walked she stared up at the trees, some of which had not yet lost all of their leaves. Hana had always had a bad habit of ignoring the distractions of the world outside her mind in a subtle attempt to escape reality.
No response.
“Good morning Hana!”
In response to the loud voice behind her, Hana turned around to see her friends Riku and Kairi walking up behind her.
“Oh, good morning.” Hana said with an innocent smile.
“You weren't ignoring us again were you Hana?” Kairi asked with a sarcastic smirk on her face.
“Of course not Kairi, I was just thinking is all.”
“You were off in that imaginary world of yours again, weren't you?” Riku laughed.
“No! Of course not.” They all laughed.
“So Hana, did you finish your Chem. homework? Man that stuff is tough!”
“Kinda, the equation balancing was easy, but that stoichiometry junk was hard.”
Hana pulled out her tattered up homework out from her textbook. Both Kairi and Riku stared blankly at it.
“Man, Even's going to kill you if you hand it in like that.”
“You're joking right?” Hana's teacher looked from the tattered piece of paper in his hand to Hana.
“Well... it's done isn't it?” She said looking up at her increasingly frustrated Science teacher.
He leaned his hand on Hana's desk as he looked over the homework for a second time.
“First off, only half of the questions are completed. Secondly, the questions that have been answered were not even done correctly. And finally,' he turned from the homework to Hana, 'this looks like it was used to line a hamster cage.”
Actually it was a rabbit cage... but that didn't matter, by this point Hana had already stopped listening. You see, her teacher Even did this strange thing with his eyes when he spoke. One of his eyes would practically bulge out of his skull while he spoke, while the other was squinting... very distracting...
“Miss Fujioka!” Hana shook her head and focused on her teacher. “Were you even listening to me?”
“Of course.”
“What did I say?”
“...That a rabbit attempted to eat my homework?”
“Very funny.” And with that he walked to the front of the class and began teaching the lesson.
What a weirdo...
“Told you he wouldn't like it.” Kairi said as she leaned over her desk to whisper in Hana's ear.
“I thought you said you were actually going to do your homework from now on.” Said Riku from the desk in front of her.
“Yeah I guess I did say that... but that stuff is just too boring. And kinda hard I guess.”
Riku tilted his chair backwards as he looked at Hana.
“Need some help with it?”
Hana paused to think about the offer.
“I suppose if you want to waste your time tutoring me then you can come to my place after school sometime.”
He laughed at her lethargic attitude.
“Sure I'll come over sometime after school.”
The final bell of the day rang. It was a good thing too; Hana was tying her hardest to stay awake through her history class.
None of her friends had taken this class with her which means she had no one to keep her awake. Oh well, the walk home in the cold air would wake her up anyway.
Her house wasn't far from the school, only about a ten minute walk.
Supposedly Riku was going to be at her house this afternoon but it wasn't that exciting, Hana never liked chemistry anyway, it was her parents' idea for her to take that class.
When she got home she slid her schoolbag off her shoulder and dropped it off in the kitchen, walked over to Xaki's cage and looked at her white rabbit.
“Wanna come outside with me, Hun?” She looked into the little black eyes staring back at her and watched as Xaki's nose twitched.
“I'll take that as a yes.” She reached her arms down into the cage and pulled out the rabbit.
Hana had always had a bad habit of over feeding Xaki, so she was quite a bit larger than most pet rabbits.
Hana didn't bother putting her shoes on since she planned on cutting through the backyard as she so often did.
She slid the screen door open with her free hand and walked across the yard to the back fence.
Hana's yard had a short chain link fence surrounding the area with a hedge slightly larger than the fence on the other side, which lined two sides of the park behind her house.
Hana always used her backyard as a short cut to the park rather than going all the way around the block. She sat on the ground in front of the fence looking at a hole that had been cut out of the chain. The fence didn't actually have a gateway so Hana made this hole in the fence a few years ago so that she could easily crawl through the bushes.
She set Xaki on the ground and gave her a little push, telling her to hop through first with Hana following right after. After she was through the bushes, Hana picked up the rabbit again and began pulling out the loose twigs from her hair.
Hana came to the park often when she didn't feel like being alone at the house. She found it very relaxing here for some reason. Since it was a cooler day, there weren't many children playing at the playground. There were however, two kids occupying the swings... the swings were Hana's favourite...
“Well... let's just lay here in the grass for a while. You've never really liked the swings much anyway.” She said, looking down at her white rabbit. “And besides, you have lots of yummy grass here anyway.”
She sat Xaki down beside the weeping willow near the corner of the park as she leaned up against the tree. There was a small rock cave at the very back of the park. Not many people knew it was there since no one really ventured all the way to the back of the park.
Hana saw that cave every time she came to the park. It gave her the creeps so she never went to close. She had been staring at the cave for a couple minutes when she thought she saw something.
“Hey, what's that?” Hana blinked and stared at the cave entrance. She though she saw a black tail from the inside of the cave.
“It looks like... a cat...”
She picked Xaki up off the ground, interrupting her meal, and walked over to the cave. As Hana got closer to the cave the tail quickly receded deeper into the cave. “Hey, come here kitty...”
Xaki started to squirm around in her arms. “Hey calm down, Xaki. I'm just going to take a look.”
She looked into the cave and saw the tail... and whatever was attached to it.
“That must be one big cat.” Hana said quietly to herself. She put Xaki down near the mouth of the cave. “Stay here for a minute, `Kay Hun.”
She had to get down on her hands and knees in order to fit through the cave.
She crawled deep into the cave. “That cat must have come back here.”
The deeper she went in the cave the less she thought about how she would get out again...
Before she knew it her hand slipped and she found herself falling.
“Whoa..!” She was having trouble seeing down the well, but it seemed that it was very deep, either that or she was falling rather slowly.
She tried to focus on the walls of the tunnel as she fell past but alas, it was too dark. Before she knew it she had slowed to a sudden stop, though she knew she had not reached the bottom since her feet were still not touching a floor.
She began to swing back and forth on her newly acquired seat when she noticed something brush across her face. It felt almost like a rope of some sort, so of course Hana's natural instanced was to pull the cord.
A dull light flooded the room and Hana could now see all of the items that were falling through the cave with her. At a closer glance she noticed that the objects in the well were not actually falling with her but instead, she was falling passed them.
“What the..?”
And such curious objects they were... she looked at the walls and noticed many mirrors, but she didn't see her reflection in any of them. There were tables and chairs... none of these things should be in a cave, or floating in a cave for that matter.
After looking at her surroundings she finally took the time to look at what she was sitting on. It was a swing, like the ones in the park. She smiled and began swinging back and forth. Just like the swings in the park, this one made a gentle squeaking sound as it moved back and forth.
She looked up and noticed that the swing was not fastened to a wooden structure, or any structure for that matter. The swing was being held up by two blocks of wood floating alone, but still managing to hold up the weight of the swing and Hana. Very strange. Just as she looked up she noticed one of the links was breaking.
“Uh-oh.” The creaking of the swing continued to get louder until the chain finally broke leaving Hana to continue slow her fall.
She sighed, “Well I guess now I know why I've never come down here before...”
She looked around again. “I wonder where that cat went...”
“What cat?”
Hana was shocked to hear a voice other than her own in the well. She looked around trying to find where the voice came from.
“Who's there?” She didn't see anyone.
“I am,” said the voice.
“Who?” She looked behind her.
“Me who?”
“No who, just `Me'.”
“Okay... Who are you?”
“I already told you. I'm `Me'.”
Hana was beginning to get irritated by this voice.
“But what's your name... and where are you?”
“Two questions now? My, my, aren't you the curious one.”
“Well in all fairness you never answered the first question.”
“Hmmm, I suppose you're right. However, if I were you I would be more worried about the ground rushing up to meet you.”
“Huh? Ouch!”
Before Hana had a chance to look down she had landed on the ground with a thud. She was lying on her back with her feet leaning against the wall in a somewhat contorted looking manor.
“That looks rather painful.” The voice said.
“Thanks for noticing... and not helping...” She tilted her head backwards to look down the twisted hallway and saw a boy walking away.
The strangest thing about this was: the boy had a black cat tail.
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