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Rea: Okay well this is going to be a difficult story to keep writing, I know that with all the people. But it will be done and I hope you all will like it in the end. Anyways this is a long chapter. Its 5 pages on my computer and 6 pages on notebook paper. So proud I got this done too! Hope you readers enjoy.

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Full Bloods
Chapter 6- Night 1
Everyone met in the dining hall but no one dare spoke. Xehanort stands, “I would like this week to be devoted to my daughters getting to know their could-be husbands.” The intimidating man takes a deep breath, “Riku will accompany Namine and Kairi. The following princes will go: Axel, Zexion, and Yami. Cloud and Atemu will go with Anzu and Seto will supervise. Is this understood?”
Namine looks up at her father, “What about the humans?”
Xehanort snorts, “They can stay in the garden. No one is to bother me.” With that said Xehanort leaves and Anzu immediately speaks up, “Okay well let's get this over with, and come on guys.” Reluctantly Atemu, Seto, and Cloud follow her to the library. Following Anzu's example, Kairi stands, “Come my suitors…and Namine and Riku. We are to go to the sitting room.” Axel, Zexion, Yami, and Riku follow her obediently. While Namine follows quietly.
In the first half hour a heated argument between Kairi and Zexion had started. All because Zexion respected others privacy and he felt he deserved his own in return. Kairi glares at the slate haired male, “Why won't you just answer the question? Now tell me, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?”
Zexion glares at the crimson haired female, “Too bad you'll never know. I only tell people with a brain.” Then he just walks out and doesn't come back. Leaving Kairi stunned and fuming. Hoping to still have a chance to marry and become powerful, Kairi twists in her seat and lays eyes on Axel. “So Axel, same question…and you had better answer it,” smiles Kairi.
Axel merely smirks, “Well what I would enjoy doing would be to take you to your room, tie you to the bed, and…light you on fire. Got it memorized?” Kairi stares at Axel in utter shock with wide eyes and open mouth. While Yami sits back and snickers at the answer she had received. Axel turns to Namine and smiles like a hero. In return she giggles quietly, smiles, and mouths the words `thank you' back to Axel.
Things weren't going any better for Anzu. Cloud refused to answer any questions that related to him, which was every single one of them. On the other hand, Atemu answered most in one or two words then glancing at Seto and back to the floor. Anzu turns back to Cloud, “You know what? Atemu and Seto can leave. I want to talk with Cloud, alone.” Seto only shrugs, grabs Atemu's wrist, and hurries off down a corridor. Cloud's eyes narrow, “I don't want to put up with you right now.” Anzu grins evilly and she moves over and sits down in Cloud's lap. Cloud winces but wraps his arms limply around her waist nonetheless. Anzu smiles, “Now tell me about you.” The blonde tries and smiles back before he began talking, knowing she probably wasn't listening.
Sora had led his fellow humans to the gardens where they sat chatting amongst themselves for a good hour. After getting Leon to spill about his deal and feelings with Cloud, Demyx had moved on to the others. Yugi, Demyx, and Sora had begun talking amongst themselves while every once in a while Leon and Roxas would talk. That is till Zexion strides over and pulled Demyx away and to their room. During their time of chat each had learned the other's secret and hidden feelings for a particular vampire. Axel and Yami had sauntered over and snagged their humans. That is they did it without being rude to their on going conversations. The only ones left were Sora and Leon and neither knew why.
Seto pulls Atemu into an empty corridor. The tall brunet pins Atemu to the wall. “Riku's going to turn himself and Sora into full bloods. So…well I really like you Atemu,” he whispers into the shorter's ear.
Atemu smiles, “I'll have to think it over. But what exactly are you saying?”
“I'm saying…since everyone else is using one another…what about we do the same thing? I mean you want to be a Full Blood right?” says the brunet.
For his answer Atemu nods, “Fine…I'll meet you in your quarters later.”
Seto smiles down at Atemu and steps away. Atemu leans up and places a small kiss on Seto's cheek. The red eyed half-blood heads to the gardens. Before he could ask, Leon spoke up, “Sora went off with Riku…just to let you know. Where's Cloud?”
Atemu groans, “Damn it that Sora. Oh well…oh and Cloud is still in there with Anzu, you might want to go save him.”
At that tidbit Leon hurries to find Cloud. The brunet finds the room within a few minutes and swings the door open. His eyes go wide at the site and his heart shatters. While still sitting on Cloud's lap, Anzu swoops in and locked lips with him. As they part Cloud notices Leon immediately. Leon's stormy eyes well with tears as he spins on his heel and runs. Cloud pushes Anzu off gently and hurries after his human. Anzu smiles evilly and saunters off to her room. Not knowing where he was going, Leon just ran until strong arms wrap around his waist. Leon turns to face Cloud and he punches him in the chest. The blonde merely picks Leon up and takes him to their room. All the way Leon struggled, not wanting to be near the older man.
Cloud throws the teen down onto the bed. After he bounced slightly, Leon proceeds to lie on his stomach with his face buried in the pillow. After shutting and locking the door, Cloud strides to the bed and sits down. “Oh come on Leon, what did I do wrong?”
“Why…and with Anzu?” the brunet mumbles into the pillow. Cloud sighs and pulls Leon to him and sits the boy's small frame into his lap. The blonde wipes away Leon's silent tears, “Now why was that such a problem? I'm doing my job, trying to gain trust.”
The brunet human squirms out of Cloud's hold, “Liar! That's all you vampires do is lie!” Frustration and jealousy fills Leon's veins.
“Why do you care? We have no bond, just a deal…nothing more.” the blonde half-blood adds in. As he says this his eyes fill with sadness and regret when Leon turns away and lets more tears slip down his cheeks. Cloud bows his head, “I'm sorry…I-I didn't mean it like that.” Leon takes a breath to steady him.
“C-Cloud…I-I have f-feelings for you…” as he does Leon turns away to try and hide from Cloud. But Cloud frowns, devastation clear on his perfect features, “I…Leon, I am sorry. I was just getting information.” That response only sends more tears down Leon's face. Distressed Cloud listens to his feelings. The blonde pulls Leon backwards and turns him around so their eyes lock. As Cloud stared into his stormy eyes, it was as if he could see the storm that raged inside the young man. “Are you ready to begin transformation? I wouldn't do anything to hurt you,” the blonde whispers. With a nod from Leon Cloud lies him down and then lies down half-on and half-off of him. Porcelain white fangs slip into Leon's neck.
Riku shuts and locks the heavy wooden door. “Just lay down…it won't hurt or last to long,” the lunar haired male assures. Sora does as he is told and lies down, followed by Riku. As Riku leans down and slips his fangs into Sora's neck, the brunet wraps his arms around Riku. After Riku stops, Sora looks up with hazy eyes, “Don't I drink your blood?”
Riku smiles, “No not till the seventh day when you're a half-blood and can become a full-.” Riku's cut off by Sora's lips connecting with his. The brunet lets Riku go, leaving the lunar haired male stunned. “W-What…why did you do that?” the half-blood asks quietly.
Sora blushes 50 shades of red, “I trust you…I want to tell you everything.”
Riku smiles sincerely, “We'll share our history tomorrow…but right now try to calm down and I'll walk you back to your room.” Sora grins and begins to calm down.
Yami's crystal like fangs slips into the side of Yugi's neck. A small eternal fire rips through Yugi's small frame. As Yami stops and pulls away, the fire slowly begins to burn out. Yami places a soft kiss to Yugi's forehead and whispers reassuring words. The older lies down and in return Yugi rolls over to face him. “Thank you…” whispers the younger teen before cuddling up against Yami's chest. While Yugi drifts into sleep, Yami runs his fingers through Yugi's spiky hair.
Demyx's hands run through Zexion's hair and grip hard at his shoulders. The inferno inside his body had started the second Zexion's fangs slipped into his soft neck. It felt as if his body was a blaze and no amount of anything could put it out. Zexion pulls away and caresses Demyx's cheek. The half blood sighs, “I don't know why but I think I'm in love with you, Demyx.”
The musical blonde grins happily, “It may be sudden but I love you too!” Zexion smiles back and places a gentle kiss on Demyx's lips before they curl up and go to sleep.
Atemu sneaks down the corridor leading to Seto's quarters. A door opens silently and someone drags Atemu inside. The spiky haired male turns and his lips crash into Seto's. Atemu pulls away, “I'm not here for any other reason than to find Sora.”
Seto sighs, “I understood…but I wouldn't do that to Riku. I will not give you any help.”
Atemu's eyes narrow, “Fine if you won't help then I'll do it on my own…”
Seto shrugs and lies down on his bed, “Whatever, do what you want. For goodness sake Atemu, I think I love you…and you won't even tell me no!”
Atemu raises an eyebrow, “You think you love me huh? Well you don't know anything about me! I don't want to be here. I hate being a prince! But most of all I hate that I love you,” the spiky haired half-blood shouts and ends in a whisper.
Seto sits up and walks over to Atemu before wrapping the smaller in his arms. Seto kisses Atemu softly, “You should hurry back. Make sure Sora is okay.” Atemu smiles slightly and leaves. When he enters the room Atemu sees Sora lying peacefully asleep. Atemu merely shakes his head and lies down as well.
“So why did you agree to turn me?” the spiky blonde, Roxas, questions.
Axel flashes a genuine smile, “Because I want to protect you. I'd die if you were killed.”
Roxas's cheeks tint pink, “You don't mean that…nobody would miss me.”
Axel saddens, “I would miss you Roxy. More than you know. I would do anything to keep you safe and to please you.”
Roxas grins, “Okay then lean down to my level.” The fiery red head does so and Roxas places a small simple kiss on Axel's jawbone. “Turn me…” he says.
Roxas lies down on the bed with Axel extremely close to him. Once again Axel's ghost white fangs sink into Roxas's slim neck. A fire runs through Roxas's veins. He had not felt this the first time. Now as the fire slowly dies, Roxas opens his eyes to see electric green. Axel lies down and pulls Roxas close, “I won't let anything happen to you…so go to sleep.” Roxas does as he is told and leans against Axel's chest, swiftly falling asleep. .