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Full Bloods
Chapter 7: Night 2
Not caring or concerned Xehanort retreats to his study for another day. So everyone scattered and retreated to doing whatever they want. Yami and Yugi sat in their room playing cards. Yami places a card down, “So do you miss your mom?”
Yugi shrugs and picks up the exact card that Yami placed down. “Ever since she became one of you I'm always top priority.”
Yami raises an eyebrow, “Isn't that a good thing?”
Yugi smiles, “She's been trying to marry me off to a vampire…I hate it terribly. She probably thinks that you will…”
Yami pulls him into a hug, “Well you won't have to worry about that ever again.” Later that night it happened again. Yami's fangs slipped slowly into Yugi's throat.
Riku lay on the edge of the fountain while Sora sat on the ground in front of him. Across from Sora is Roxas with Axel lounging behind him. Roxas smiles at his brother, “So have you found a way to get away from moon boy over there?”
Sora looks back to Riku. One aquamarine eye opens and glares at Roxas. “Watch it human or I'll get up and all you'll be is bones and blood.”
Axel's arms warp protectively around Roxas's waist, “You wouldn't hurt Roxy because I would do the same thing to Sora.” Riku flinches and closes his eyes, not wanting to provoke the red head further. Sora smiles and resumes the conversation with Roxas.
Riku suddenly growls, “Be gone Kairi. No one wants you here.”
Roxas and Sora turn to see Kairi and Namine. The crimson haired female saunters over to them and grins. “Sora, shouldn't you be with Atemu?”
The brunet jumps up, “No and you can't tell me what I should be doing either!”
Kairi laughs and kneels down next to Axel. “So…Axel…want to come to my chambers later?”
Axel grins, “No…Got it memorized?”
“Especially sine you are a completely idiotic bitch from hell,” a voice adds in. Kairi glares at the voice's owner, Zexion. Zexion stood with his arm around Demyx.
“What are you doing Zexion? This is my conversation, go away!” Kairi snarls.
Demyx smiles, “That's okay…we were just passing through anyway.” Zexion and Demyx continue on their way to their predetermined destination. Riku stands, grabs Sora's wrist, and begins walking away. Kairi calls after them, “And where are you two going?” She receives no answer as the two disappear into the building. Following the examples Axel picks Roxas up bridal style and hurries away before Kairi could call out to him. Namine also turns to leave. Kairi pouts, “Are you leaving too sister?”
The blonde smiles, “I'm going to find Anzu. I'll send her your way.” Kairi smiles deviously and sits down as Namine heads off to find Anzu.
Sora lies down on Riku's enormous bed. Riku sits down next to the brunet, “So tell me about your life.”
Sora sighs, “It was happy and perfect till that day. Roxas, Mom, Dad, and I were all eating dinner when someone knocked on the door. So Dad got up to answer it. Just as he unlocked the door it flew open and a vampire shot him. Our Mother pushed us toward the back door and we almost escaped with her. But a vampire grabbed her and had begun to devour her blood. Roxas and I got away but when people found us they kept me in the Northern city and sent Roxas to the Eastern city. I haven't seen him since…well that is till Atemu brought me here.”
Riku lies down and pulls Sora close, “Don't worry about a thing. I'll always protect you.”
Sora miles up at the lunar haired male, “Promise you won't leave me.”
Riku nods sincerely, “I promise.” Riku places a kiss on the hollow of Sora's throat and sinks his fangs into the veins.
Axel sets Roxas own onto the bed. “Sorry I had to get out of there.”
Roxas only smiles, “That's okay…I'd rather be here anyway.” The blonde pulls Axel onto the bed. “I think I'm starting to like you.”
Axel flashes a smile, “Good…It'll make turning you all that much easier.” Axel proceeds to sink his fangs into the smaller boy's neck.
Atemu presses his lips against Seto's neck. In response the brunet wraps his arms rightly around Atemu's waist. Atemu sits up, “I should go.”
Seto frowns, “That still doesn't answer my question…”
Atemu continues to the door, “I'll tell you tomorrow.”
Seto growls, “That's not fair! I've already said I love you!”
Zexion and Demyx walk deep into the garden's vegetation. In a small secluded area they fine their target. Cloud lay against a tree with Leon in his lap and head on his shoulder. Demyx smiles brightly, “Aw, that's so cute!” Cloud looks up and wraps his arm around Leon protectively. That is while Leon continues to lie on Cloud's shoulder with his eyes shut. Cloud smiles, “Have you decided?”
Zexion smiles back,”Of course…so how do we take Xehanort down? It's about time he got kicked off his throne.”
“Good because I can't do this on my own. No one else can know….I need to be chosen for the job.” the blonde admits.
Zexion nods, “Understood! Those who need to know will know. But we'll be back.” Zexion turns on his heel and walks away with Demyx at his side.
Just as soon they walked away, Anzu shows up. With a swift half-blood move, Anzu throws Leon to the side and dramatically sits down in Cloud's lap. Leon stands and strides back over, “Excuse me but that's my spot!
Anzu glances at Leon, “I don't care…you're a human. Cloud who do you want?” Leon moves to grab hold of Anzu's shoulder. But in the blink of an eye, Anzu has Leon pinned against a tree by his neck. Her inhuman grip tightens as Leon struggles to free himself. Cloud throws Anzu to the ground and pulls Leon into his arms. She stands and glares at Cloud, “You've made a terrible choice half-blood!”
Cloud smiles, “I think I made a great choice.”
Leon's breathing begins to even out, “Cloud…” In response, Cloud picks Leon up and walks away. But before he can get away Anzu launches at him. In the next second Anzu straddles Leon's slim waist as her delicate fingers wrap around his throat. Leon's head is smacked against the hard ground many times as Cloud gathers his bearings. Anzu continues her onslaught as short pale arms wrap around her waist. Namine and Anzu fall backwards to the ground as Leon's head slams against the ground one last time. Cloud picks Leon up and cradles him to his chest. Blood trickles out the nail marks that Anzu made on Leon's neck. A small puddle of blood lay on the green grass as some had matted the back of his brown hair. So cloud runs.
Once bandaged and cleaned up Leon is laid down on the bed and Cloud next to him. The brunet rolls over and lies on top of Cloud. The blonde half-blood frowns, “Are you sure?”
Leon smiles weakly, “I want to always be with you.” Cloud smiles back as he pulls Leon closer to him. Crystal fangs sink into Leon's neck.
Demyx smiles as Zexion caresses his cheek. The blonde's smile grows, “I love you so much…”
Zexion grins, “Once Xehanort is gone and Cloud the ruler, and we can live in peace.” Demyx pulls him close and Zexion slides his fangs in his slim neck.