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Rea: okay this is the next chapter…and thanks to my devoted little brother, I have come up with something that's….mean and despicable. But it will go with the story so whatever. I hope you all will like it because it starts next chapter, this one leads up to it.
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Full Bloods
Chapter 8: Night 3
Dusk had already fallen and Cloud and Leon retreated to their room. On the way Zexion stops them. “I've researched and I'm able to confirm…Can we talk in private?”
Leon nods, `I'll go stay with Demyx.”
Zexion smiles, “He's in the library, I'm sure he'll enjoy the company.” As Leon strides away Cloud takes Zexion into his room. Zexion begins. “I spoke with Riku and Seto, the sons, and they're more than happy to oblige….and to have you rule.”
Cloud smiles, “Good, what about Axel, Yami, Atemu, and the humans or soon to be vampires?”
“Seto said he would talk to Atemu and Riku to Sora. They should let me know tomorrow. Then I can talk to Axel and Yami soon as well. We'll have all of us on the same boat. This will be easy.”
Leon pushes the library's heavy oak doors open. Demyx had on blue jeans and a baby blue tee. Leon's black pants swish against his boots as he sits down across from Demyx. The blonde smiles, “I like your pendant.”
The silver pendant of a lion's head and a cross underneath lie on Leon's white tee, “Thanks.” The clicking of heels against the cold tile floor dances and fills the boys' ears. Both turn to see Anzu saunter in. Leon stands and moves in front of Demyx, hoping to shield him from her wrath. Leon glances at her, “What are you doing here?”
Anzu pouts, “That's so rude you little humans, I just came to get a book.” Anzu picks up a book from the table that Demyx sits at while Leon stands next to the book. She smiles, “How to eliminate competition.” The book swings and collides with his skull. The boy falls to the ground from the impact of the large hardcover book. Anzu yanks Demyx out of his chair and lays him on the table. She growls at the blonde, “Because of you two I can't convince Cloud or Zexion to marry me. So I just have to get rid of you.” Demyx struggles to get away but Anzu reveals a slim dagger. It plunges into Demyx's right shoulder and sticks into the table below. Leon throws Anzu to the ground and slams that same book into her face, temporarily unconscious. Powerful hands grab Leon and a hand wraps around his throat while he is lifted into the air, feet dangling above the ground helplessly. The brunet claws at the hand…Lord Xehanort's hand. “Leave him alone Father!” a young girl yells. Leon closes his eyes as his lungs burn for the insatiable need for air.
Atemu pulls Seto in his room and makes him take a seat on the bed. Seto sighs, “Good, now about Xehanort.”
Atemu nods, “Your Father.”
Seto's eyes harden. “He's not my Father. I was a human with a human family. Until he came and infected me…that's how he acquired his children.”
Atemu winces, “Sorry…”
Seto shakes his head, “Don't worry about it. Anyways how do you feel about Cloud? Well if Cloud won and became ruler?”
Atemu scoffs, “Why should he win? You and I are capable of running this place.”
Seto stands, “I don't think…” Atemu's lips crash against his own, leaving him breathless.
Atemu strokes his cheek, “I love you Seto.”
Seto slaps Atemu's hand away. “You are ridiculous! I hate that I love you so…so leave me alone…forever.” Seto turns on his heel and left leaving Atemu standing there speechless.
Riku lies I bed with Sora next to him. They had just engaged in the vampirism transformation process once more. Sora smiles, “So what did you want to talk about?”
“Well I've chosen to vote for Cloud to overthrow Xehanort and become ruler. I was wondering, since you'll be a vampire soon, if you would do as I do.”
Sora nuzzles Riku's chest, “Of course I'll back Cloud up.”
Riku smiles, “Thank you…Sora you should hurry back, I don't want to get you in trouble with anyone.”
The brunet frowns, “Okay…” Sora pecks Riku's cheek and bounds out the door. Sora walks in his room to see Atemu sitting on the end of the bed with his head in his hands. Sora sits down next to him. “What's wrong Atemu?”
The troubled man sighs, “Seto wants nothing to do with me. He thinks I'm ridiculous…especially after I said I wouldn't support Cloud.”
Sora's eyes widen. “Well you should tell him you will and just talk to him.”
Atemu snaps to Sora, “What do you know!? You're just a human, no one cares about what you think or feel.”
Tears well up to the brim of Sora's eyes, “Well at least I know now that you don't because Cloud and Riku and everyone else does!” With that Sora runs out of the room leaving Atemu to his thoughts.
Riku holds Sora in his arms, “It's okay Sora, don't let it bother you.” Riku wipes Sora's tears away. “Now you are to stay with me until further notice.” Sora smiles and nods.
Leon crashes to the ground, gasping for air. Namine pulls at Xehanort's arm, “It's not his fault. Father, please spare him…each of them. I'm sure it was just a misunderstanding. Father please?”
Xehanort turns and glares at her with his frightening red eyes. “Fine…But I won't be happy if more blood is spilled. Someone will punished.” With that Xehanort leaves and enters two others.
“Roxas grab Demyx and wrap his shoulder. I'll be right there,” orders Axel. His blonde companion hurries to Demyx, pulls out his First AID kit, and tends to Demyx.
Once Demyx could sit up without going into hysterics Zexion walked in, eyes wide and angry. “What the hell happened?” he asks as he storms to Demyx.
Demyx smiles, “I'll tell you later. Now get me out of here.”
Zexion nods, “Axel help Leon to his room…or well someone needs to do it so get it done. I don't know what but something is wrong about this.”
Zexion picks Demyx up in his arms and disappears. Axel turns to Namine, “Do you mind…Roxas and me…um…”
She smiles, “It's okay I know. You have to go and turn him a little bit more into a vampire. I'll take care of Leon.”
Roxas nods, “Thanks Nami you won't regret it.”
Leon stands and Namine grabs hold of his arm, “its okay, you must be lightheaded.” As Namine leads the poor human out Anzu slowly regains consciousness.
Roxas and Axel head out of the room but as they do, Anzu stops them, “What did my Father say about this?”