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Sweet Distortion, a Kingdom Hearts fanwork:  Drabble challenge by Bond Of Flame08, written by Raberba girl
3. Hand in Hand

Summary:  Because when everyone else is freaking out, I'd rather hang out with the calm-faced nerd, thanks.

A/N:  AU.  They're little kids.  Purposely vague.


The alarms began going off in the middle of a lesson on fractions.  The teacher jerked and gave a little scream, then, tight-faced, went to get something out of her desk.  "Go ahead and line up, boys and girls.  We're having another drill."

"It's not a drill," Zexion observed.  "If it was, you wouldn't have been so surprised, and you wouldn't bother to bring your purse."

The teacher's expression darkened as her students started up a nervous flurry of murmuring.  She clapped her hands sharply, yelling, "First graders, line up."

They all hurried to obey, their faces and voices full of anxiety.

Zexion blinked in surprise when Demyx cut in line next to him and grabbed his hand.  "Hi, Zexy!" the other boy said brightly.  "You seem kinda scared, so I'm gonna hold your hand, okay?"

"You don't have to."

"Aw, don't be silly!"

Out in the hallway, there was a traffic jam as too many classes tried to make their way out at the same time, too many teachers were panicking and prioritizing speed over order, too many students getting mixed together.  Behind the deafening sirens was a faint rumble, which never happened during normal drills.  Far in the distance, there seemed to be a roar like thunder.

Demyx held tight to Zexion's hand, since the rest of the class had disappeared amongst the chaos.  "It's okay, it's okay, it's all gonna be fine, nothing bad is going to happen...."

"Don't panic," Zexion said calmly.  "Breathe slow and deep."

"It's okay, it's all gonna be okay--"

Zexion pushed them both against a wall so they'd be out of the way, then picked up Demyx's other hand and laid it against his own chest.  "In," he instructed, inhaling deeply to demonstrate.  "Out."  Exhale.

Wide-eyed, Demyx was soon copying him.

"Good.  Keep breathing.  Hold onto my hand."

Zexion turned his attention back to the crowd, watching, then ventured out again when he saw what he was looking for.  He seized the shirttail of a male teacher who was rushing by.

"What are you doing?  Get off!" the man cried, trying to shove him away.

"Where's your class?" Zexion asked coolly.

Guilt crept into the man's expression, and he started ignoring them, pushing on through the crowds in a desperate attempt to escape.  "Hurry," Zexion told Demyx.  Together, they fought to keep their footing, match the man's pace, and continue clinging to him.  Rushing in his wake, they were able to move much faster than they would have been alone.

Zexion let go as soon as they passed the threshold of the stairwell, and the man continued on without a glance back.  "Use the handrail so you don't slip," Zexion said, laying his own hand upon it.

"This is scary," Demyx whimpered.

"No, it isn't."


They followed the flow of the crowd into one of the underground classrooms, which was growing packed with wailing, terrified children and a couple of shouting teachers.  Zexion crawled under a desk and Demyx squeezed in next to him, their hands still linked.

It was going to be a long wait.  "Sing, Demyx," Zexion said.

"R...Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens," Demyx managed.  A tear slipped down his face.  "Zexion, sing with me."

"I don't sing."

There was a silence.  Several more tears followed.  The far-off roaring had grown louder, so that it sounded more like explosions than thunder.  "What are the words?" Zexion finally asked.

As their two young voices rose up, growing in volume the longer they went on, the sobs of the children around them grew a little quieter.  "...when I'm feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't feel so bad...."


Author's Notes:  The original ending in my head was less ambiguous, but things can change when you get it down on paper.  I'm sure they came out of it all right, though.

Quote from "My Favorite Things" in The Sound of Music.

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