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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Sweet Distortion, a Kingdom Hearts fanwork:  Drabble challenge by Bond Of Flame08, written by Raberba girl
5. Floating in Bliss

Summary:  Demyx & Zexion are at a waterpark.

A/N:  Random modern AU.  You know those waterparks that combine the Wave Pool and the Lazy River?


"Whoooo!"  Laughing, Demyx splashed back into his inner tube, having been tossed out of it after the last wave.  "Oh, look, I'm back at the wave pool!  HI, KIDS!"

A group of little girls farther up near the shallows stared at him as he floated by, surprised at being addressed and waved at by a stranger.  "And heeeere's Round 6!  OOH!  ZEXY!"  They had gotten separated almost at the beginning.  "Finally!"

Demyx kicked and flailed his arms madly, struggling through the crowd of inner tubes and people to get to his cousin.  "Zexy!  Wait up!  It's me!"

He couldn't help giggling as he approached.  Zexion was tiny enough to have fit himself almost completely inside the rubber tube, arms and legs curled in close.  "Zexy!"  Demyx splashed insistently, but Zexion, though he flinched a little at the cold water, did not otherwise react.  "ZEXY!"

Zexion finally sighed and opened his eyes.  "Demyx, go away."

"Zexyyyy, you're supposed to be having fun," Demyx whined.

"I was actually enjoying myself very much before you barged up."

"No, you weren't!  You were just sitting there all curled up, looking absolutely miserable!"

Zexion regarded him for a moment.  "Close your eyes," he finally said.  "Stop flopping around like a dying fish and just let the water carry you."


"Then leave me alone," Zexion grumbled, shutting his eyes again.

Demyx stared at his cousin for a minute.  Then, curiosity piqued, he flailed and flopped like a dying whale, struggling to turn over and hike his legs up over the edge of the tube.  Finally he lay back, went still, and closed his eyes.

The visual overstimulation of movement and colors and reflections disappeared.  Behind everyone's laughter and chatter and playful shrieks, he could hear the breeze playing through tree branches overhead, and the hollow rush and gurgle of the water as it flowed past.  Demyx squeezed his eyes even more tightly closed as another wave approached, and, oh, that moment when it felt like flying....

He finally opened his eyes again.  Zexion was still nearby, watching him.  Demyx smiled.  "It''s like - like floating in bliss!"

Zexion gave a small smile in return.  "See?"

For a moment, they held each other's eyes in a sort of harmony of soul.  Then Demyx laughed, flopped back onto his stomach, and swept an armful of water at his cousin.  "But splashing's fun, too, heh heh."

"Argh, Demyx!"


Author's Notes:  Inspired by trips to the waterpark with our cousins. ^^

Complete:  5/100.  Next:  "Tears of the Light"
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