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Sweet Distortion, a Kingdom Hearts fanwork:  Drabble challenge by Bond Of Flame08, written by Raberba girl
7. Another Side

Summary:  Timepieces are nice things to have.

A/N:  High school AU.


'I need to get a watch,' Demyx thought for the billionth time.  Because one of Mr. Zexion's many pet peeves was students not paying attention in class.  The teacher had gotten so sick of people rummaging around to pack up before the bell rang that he'd taken down all the classroom clocks last week.

'How much longer?' Demyx thought desperately.  'He's been droning on for ages and ages and ages, the bell has to ring soon....'

" don't ever let me catch you using the word 'Romantic' in my class for falling-in-love drivel.  It is a specific literary term and deserves to be respected as such," Mr. Zexion finished.  He then turned back to the blackboard, which was stuffed from frame to frame with all the notes they were supposed to be copying, and flipped it around.  "Now, moving on to--"

"There's ANOTHER SIDE?!" Demyx shrieked in horror.  The rest of the class burst into laughter, as well as the enthusiastic whining that they now felt free to express.

Mr. Zexion's eyes flashed.  "Everyone be quiet.  Of course there's another side, we have plenty of class time left to start covering the most influential Romantic authors as well.  I could also utilize the projector - during detention, for example, - since so much more information can be conveyed via a photocopy than just--"

"No!  Please!" Demyx squeaked, starting to scribble furiously.  "Look, I'm taking notes, I'm taking notes!"

Definitely, definitely needed to get a watch.


Author's Notes:  247 words, PWNED. :D

Look up Romanticism if you're interested in what it actually means in this context.

Complete:  7/100.  Next:  "The Secret Whispers"
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