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Undistorted, a Kingdom Hearts fanwork:  Drabble challenge by Bond Of Flame08, written by Raberba girl
8. The Secret Whispers [Postable Edition] (rough draft?)

A/N:  I changed the series title because it was bugging me, both on religious and non-religious levels. *sweatdrop*
 I still need to go back and fix that in previous installments.  I'm still also not completely satisfied with the new title, but at least it's better than before.

For Zexion/Demyx Day, 9 June 2012

Summary:  "...Oh. So that's what it was about. I feel quite unintelligent now."


This was getting out of hand.  Zexion did not consider himself to be paranoid, but the sixth time he walked into a room to find everyone in it abruptly ceasing their whispers upon his entrance, he could no longer deny that something, at least, was going on behind his back.

He opened his mouth, then shut it again without speaking.  A direct confrontation would do no good, they would just deny it.

"Mornin', Zexy!" Demyx said brightly.  "Sleep well?"

"I can't see how that's any business of yours," Zexion said shortly.  He stalked past the rest of the group - Xigbar, Lexaeus, Axel, Luxord, Roxas, and Xion - without a word or glance, heading straight for Saix.  "My mission for today?" he asked.

"Agrabah," Saix replied, though he was gazing in disapproval at the whispering group.  "Recon.  The details are inside."

"Thank you."  Mission brief perusal; panel arrangement; dark corridor; work; lunch; more work; completion; corridor; home; definitely time for dinner.  'RTC time was later than usual, I am quite hungry.  I hope that Marluxia didn't finish off the last of the tomato sauce, since I'm rather in the mood for--'

The kitchen, which was noisy and quite crowded and smelled delicious, got even noisier and more chaotic upon his entrance.



"It's Zexion."

"Quick, cover that--"

"The box, Xi, the box!"


"Noooooo!"  Demyx came hurtling out of it all, shoving Zexion back out into the corridor and then slamming the kitchen door shut.  Demyx then proceeded to lean against it with arms spread almost protectively, offering a sheepish grin.  "'Sup, Zex."

Zexion frowned.  "What on earth is going on in there?"

"!  Yeah, because that's what you do in kitchens, right?"

"It's what I need to do, in any case.  Move aside, please."

"Um--  Oh!  Zexy, I need your help!"

"I don't--"

"See, there's this math problem I was working on, and I don't know how to do it!"

"That is no surprise," Zexion said flatly.  "Ask for someone else's help, I just got back from Agrabah and I--"

"But you're so smart, I'm sure you can solve it in no time," Demyx insisted, grabbing his arm near the shoulder and propelling him firmly down the hall, away from the kitchen.


Zexion was not entirely sure how, but he ended up spending the next hour or so in the ninth portal (with no math problems in sight), helping Demyx clean out fish tanks and (since there were no other options) nibbling at junk food as Demyx loudly sang along to his music playlist.

"...and I will always ever love only yooooooouuuuuu!" the Nocturne finished extravagantly.

"Demyx, please turn it off now, or at least change it to some classical music that makes mathematical sense and doesn't induce headaches...."

By the time he was allowed into the kitchen, too hungry by now to cook a proper meal, there was not a trace of any of the other Nobodies or their unknown culinary project.  Well, except for the lingering scent of cake, but that didn't really do anything to solve the mystery of why they were being so mysterious.  Zexion ended up microwaving some ramen and putting the incident out of mind.

The next morning, Zexion woke up as usual and got ready for work, noticing that the castle seemed to be unusually deserted.  It was not uncommon for Lord Xemnas to make himself scarce most of the time, but there was no one in the bathroom, kitchen, or dining room.  A little warily, Zexion entered the Grey Area and noted with satisfaction that Saix, at least, was at his post.

Sort of.  He was actually taping a Vacation Day notice to a window.

"There's no work today?" Zexion observed.

Saix turned around and gave him a surprisingly fed-up look.  Zexion was not accustomed to seeing such expression on Number VII's usually blank face.  "Thanks to you, that is correct."

Zexion frowned.  "What do I have to do with the schedule?"

"A sevenfold bribe on your account, and even then, it was only allowed because I need to catch up on paperwork anyway."  Then Saix shook his head and added in a mutter, "As if that idiot Axel will actually let me get anything done...."

"I'm afraid that I have no idea what you're talking about," Zexion said honestly.

"Of course you don't.  It's a 'secret.'  Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go see how long I can avoid participation."  The Luna Diviner stalked out of the room.

"...Odd.  But all right."  Zexion turned around and made a beeline for the library.

He never made it there.  Demyx came flying out of a dark corridor, screeching "Heeeelp!  There's a fire in Luxord's room!"

"So?  Go put it out."

Demyx paused, then stared at his own hand.  He made a twisting gesture with his fingers to produce a spurt of water.  "Ha ha ha!  Oh yeah, I forgot I could do that."

As if he was even capable of forgetting such a thing.  It was remarkable how far the young man would go in pretending he was utterly incompetent; Zexion had never been able fathom the Nocturne's motivation.

"Let me try that again!"  Demyx cheerfully marched back into the corridor, then burst out of it again, yelling, "Heeeelp!  Luxord's room is getting flooded!"

"I don't have time for this," Zexion said flatly.  Well, more accurately, he didn't have patience for this, since time was actually something there was a lot of during vacation days.  Except that 'patience' wasn't very accurate, either, considering he had no heart to get impatient with...theoretically.

"Oh, whatever; come with me, Zex!"

"Demyx, what--"

The Gambler of Fate's room was large and open, which meant it was a fairly good place for most of the Organization to gather at the same time.  It was not, however, the easiest place to decorate, but the conspirators had done their best anyway, having draped the entrance with balloons and streamers.  The Keybearers had apparently even gotten the words "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ZEXION!" to stay suspended in midair, written in letters of Light.

"SURPRISE!!!" they all yelled with varying levels of glee.

Zexion stared.  "It's not my birthday."

Demyx elbowed him in the ribs.

"Wait," Roxas said, his face glowing with epiphany, "does that mean this is an unbirthday party, like in Wonderland?"

"Uhhhh...."  Axel looked at Demyx, who shrugged.  "Yeah, sure."

"Oops!  We have to fix that, then!"  Xion pointed at the Light banner, which changed to read "HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY, ZEXION!"

"What is the meaning of this?" Zexion asked in exasperation.

Demyx laughed.  "Well, we needed an excuse for a party so we could get a day off, and you were the only one who wouldn't plan it with us but also wouldn't kill us if we threw it for you.  Happy Unbirthday, Zexy!"  He lifted a Power Rangers blowout to his lips and exhaled so that it smacked Zexion in the side of the head.

"Argh!  Demyx...."  Zexion rubbed at his ear.  "You really are unfathomable."

"Yo, Zexy," Xigbar called, "think fast."  He hurled a very pointy cardboard hat at Zexion with such force that it might have actually shaved off a few Hit Points if Luxord hadn't caught it with a Stop spell.

"Now, is that any way to treat our guest of honor?" the gambler admonished, reversing time along the hat's trajectory so that it went shooting back to rest atop (or below?  Hard to tell, since the man was upside-down) Xigbar's head.

"Nope," Xigbar laughed, "just having fun."

Lexaeus silently stuck a plastic crown on Zexion's head.

"Perfect!" Demyx cheered.  "Now, Axel, if you will?"

Axel pointed his fingers like a gun to light the candles atop the cake from afar.  There were a great many of them.

"Wait a minute," Zexion said indigantly, "I am not--"  He finished counting.  "--forty-six!"

"Were we not supposed to use all the candles in the box?" Xion wondered.

"We didn't use all of them," Roxas reminded her, "Destiny chewed on those four we dropped, remember?"

Demyx waved his hand dismissively.  "Ah, it doesn't matter; the more flammability, the better.  Okay, everyone, on three!  One, two--!"

"Wait!" Axel yelped, half-laughing, "I gotta get Saix to help us sing Happy Birthday!  That'll be priceless...."

He dark corridored away as Roxas said in confusion, "Shouldn't we sing Happy Unbirthday?"

"Is there such a song?" Xion asked.

As the children continued to reveal their abysmal lack of life experience, Zexion surveyed the rest of the room more carefully, noting the table covered with wrapped presents, the array of snack food, the music setup, and the traditional games.  "You really put a lot of work into this, didn't you," he said thoughtfully.

"Yup!  Only the best for you, Zexy."



"Why only the best for me?" Zexion clarified curiously.  "We did not know each other before joining the Organization, and have never been particularly close.  Why 'only the best' for me, rather than your usual slapdash efforts?"

"Uh...because it was fun?"

"We can't have 'fun,'" Zexion reminded him, "we have no hearts to enjoy anything with."

"Aw, we do too have hearts."

"No, we don't."

"Do so."

"We do not."

"Do so!"

"We don't, Demyx."

"Do so infinity, HAH!  I win."

Zexion stared for a minute.  "Unfathomable," he repeated.  Then he smiled.  "Yet I wonder if that's not such a bad thing...."


Author's Notes:   Long story....  Soooo, my Demyx/Zexion inspiration's kind of been dried up for a while, I've been focusing a lot more on my Axel/Saix and Terra/Cinderella challenges.  And I also realized recently that I don't even really ship Demyx/Zexion, even platonically, despite attempting it twice now...I prefer Demyx with Xigbar, and Zexion with...well, with Even, at least, since I have such trouble writing Vexen positively. *sweatdrop*  Zexion in my heacanon pretty much hates Demyx because he's so annoying.  I mean, obviously I'll keep trying for this series, but I just don't feel the Zemyx, guys. :/

ANYWAY, so a long time ago I started writing a story for this theme, but then it started bothering me on a religious level.  It lay unfinished for a while, but now here I am interested in Pairing Days with June 9th coming up.  I could not think of anything better to do for Zexion/Demyx Day than to update this series again, which is kinda lame but better than nothing.  At first, I thought I'd just rewrite the part of the original story that bothered me, but then gave up and realized I'd have to write something entirely different.

This fic was totally unplanned; a surprise party was the first thing that came to mind, and I basically just typed a lot and hoped that whatever appeared on the screen would be coherent. *sweatdrop*  I've been vaguely wanting to write a birthday party story for a while now, but I don't know if this counts.  For one thing, I'd had a couple of different characters in mind rather than Zexion. o.O

Lol, I did not at all intend for this to take place in the CatC universe (where Roxas has a pet dog named Destiny), but I needed the puppy, so.... XD

For the record, Marluxia & Larxene will eventually crash the party, but Vexen's holed up in his lab and Xem is oogling Kingdom Hearts the whole time.  Xaldin's probably off relaxing on a beach somewhere.

Complete:  8/100.  Next:  "The Force in You"


Undistorted, a Kingdom Hearts fanwork:  Drabble challenge by Bond Of Flame08, written by Raberba girl
8. The Secret Whispers [censored version]

For Zexion/Demyx Day, 9 June 2012

Summary:  Modern AU.  Zexion is eating alone in the school cafeteria. Demyx isn't about to sit back and do nothing about that.


Demyx caught sight of him across the cafeteria:  the new boy.  The one everyone had been whispering about.  He was dressed all in black, with dark hair hanging in front of his face like he had secrets to hide.  Demyx thought he also seemed lonely.  "Well, I'd better do something about that."


Zexion picked at his food.  School lunches, yum.  Not exactly tempting his already small appetite.  'I wish I could just homeschool.'  It wasn't like his parents would actually have to teach him, he was fine learning on his own.  Easier for everyone involved.  So, so much easier.

He was startled when someone suddenly plopped down in the seat across from him, and was only partially able to stop himself from raising his hand in an automatic defensive gesture.

"Hi!  I'm Demyx."


"You're new here, right?"

"If my reputation precedes me, as I'm almost certain it has," Zexion said in a low voice, "you knew that already."

A confused look crossed Demyx's face.  "Huh?"

Zexion lowered his eyes and took another bite of food, waiting for the other boy to go away.

"Well, yeah, I guess I did know it already.  Is that a bad thing?"

"Is it?" Zexion murmured testingly.

"You're confusing," Demyx decided, "but that's okay.  Hey, do you want a cookie?  I baked them myself!"

Zexion paused.  In his experience, "Most teenage males do not proudly announce their baking skills."

"Aw, come on, haven't you ever seen High School Musical?  Here, take a cookie."  Demyx dropped a whole bag of them onto Zexion's tray.

Zexion stared at them.

"So, haven't made any friends yet?" Demyx said sympathetically, taking a huge bite of (alleged) pizza.  "Besides me, that is," he added with his mouth full.

"...I'm not the kind of person whom other people are inclined to want to be in the company of."

"Why?  Because of that mind-reading thing everyone says you can do?"

Zexion glared a little.  "I can't read minds.  [. . .]"

[. . .]

Zexion let it vanish.  Then he waited.


Any minute now....



"What else can you do, man?!  Hey!  What's your name, anyway?  You never told me!"

Zexion had no idea what to say.  "I...I just--"

"Is it Billy?  Joe?  Frank?  Oswald?"

"It's Zexion," Zexion said in annoyance, "and is that really all you have to say?  'Cool' and 'What's your name?'"

"Am I supposed to say something else?"

"I just set the cafeteria on fire," Zexion said in exasperation.

Demyx looked around as if to double-check.  "Not for real, though; still looks fine to me...."

Zexion stared.  Maybe this was...genuine.  This person's utter lack of care about what a freak Zexion was.

"Hey, Zex!  I have an idea."

"It's Zexion."

[. . .]

"Pardon me?"

[. . .]

"...."  Honestly, it had never even occurred to Zexion to try such a thing.  He hesitantly raised his hand.

[. . .]

"Sweeeeet," Demyx crowed.  "Zexion, you're not just my friend anymore, now you're my best friend."  He settled back in satisfaction to take another bite of lunch.

"You really are a strange person," Zexion murmured.

Demyx grinned knowingly.  "Is that a bad thing?"

"...No," Zexion confessed.  Then he smiled.


Author's Notes:  I wrote most of this a long time ago (the cookie thing in The Other Side of Memory was a reference to this fic, not the other way around), but got stuck for a while because some parts of it started bothering me on a religious level.  I find myself growing uneasy at the idea of someone, especially a protagonist, supernaturally creating illusions.  And also, just, I really don't like this one from a purely literary perspective, either. *wince*  I finally just finished it and then wrote a completely different story for this theme in order to post.

Since I'm already doing a challenge series for Demyx & Zexion (that hasn't been updated in forever DX), I couldn't think of anything better to do for June 9th than to post the next couple of installments. *sweatdrop*

I actually do like school lunches, but I go with whatever best suits the story.  And for the record, Demyx asked Zexion to summon up a bunch of (clothed, thank you) hot girls for him. -.-;

Complete:  8/100.  Next:  "The Force in You"