Kirby: Right Back At Ya! Fan Fiction ❯ The Masked! ❯ Masked Dedede vs Fumu?! ( One-Shot )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
"I order everyone to shut up!" the blue king yelled at the angry crowd. "who do you fools think you are trying to kick me out of this stupid place? You would be no where without me!" he complained. "Yeah, right. You're time is up, you stupid king!" Fumu yelled back, and the crowd backed her up. "You think it's that easy, do you?" he asked with a dark smirk crawling on his reddening face. "Oh, no. You're to dumb for anything to be easy. I don't mind forcing you out," she replied with a strong glare. The king jumped out of his thrown onto the long walk way to it. He put out his hand and a Waddle Dee put his wooden hammer into it. "I don't mind shutting that big mouth of yours, little girl," he hissed. Fumu looked down to Kirby and it opened it's mouth. She reached in and pulled out a dark red wooden hammer that was powerfully the perfect size for her. "Bring it on, fat ass."

Red anger masks popped up on Dedede's head while he gritted his teeth. "Fat... Fat ass...?" he grumbled. "I'll pound you into juice!" He jumped into the air with the weapon high, as Fumu took the lower offensive position and swing the red hammer under to upward. Much to both their surprise Fumu was able to knock the heavy king backwards a slight bit. It was enough to throw him of so she could re-adjust her swinging measure. It also through her opponent off mentally which was also valuable.

"I'm glad that training with Silica paid off," Fumu said inwardly. She took the hammer in both hands at put on a stable poser for the next attack. "Ok... Maybe I underestimated you..." De said after putting himself together. "I have something you don't, though." He turned to the Dees. "Get my secret weapons!" They look at each other and waved there stubs. "What? You know what I'm talking about! Go get it, you fools!" he barked at them.

As is summoned, a very aggressive style metal mask floated through the wall behind him into the room. "He look up and smiled. "Never mind. There it is." Said mask floated to him and took place at his side as he turned back to her. "What is that?" Fumu thought with worry.  "You will know my true power, you smarty little bitch." The mask shattered and turned into glowing pieces. The pieces circled his neck and reassembled dramatically onto his lower face. The mask looked like some weird carnivorous animal jaw of the penguin.

Dedede's hammer glowed briefly as it formed into a much upgraded version of itself - the wood turning into metal along with it's form change. "OH, yeah. That's fair. Whatever. I'll still beat you!" Fumu declared while pointed at the cheater. Now the loud king was silenced by the mask - the one big thing he hated about wearing it. He lifted the hammer slowly and slammed it down of the stone floor. Unlike the normal wooden hammer this one shoe the room and cracked the floor. The villagers decided now would be a good time to exit leaving Kirby, Fumu's family, and the knights to view the battle. "Be careful, Fumu!" her father called to her. "I think I'm way past that point now, daddy," she replied with concern in her tone, but she wasn't going to back down.

Dedede make his clunking clumsy way to Fumu with the hammer in full swing. The young lady just missed getting a direct hit but the force of the weapon being some close to her knocked her back. The hammer turned around and came back down in a smooth moment and slammed near her legs. She got up as he pulled back for another attack. The Dreamlander really didn't see a way to get out of this mess.

"You wanna be the boss?" an echoed voice suddenly sounded off in the room. Everyone stopped and looked around for the source, and Fumu's eyes landed of the mask. "You've gotta pay the cost, little girl," the voice added. What looked like pieces of the mask gathered in front of the king's face as he was frozen in shock. The pieces formed into a new mask and shoot directly at the young lady! Fumu wanted to run, but she couldn't control her legs! It was as if it happened in slow moment. The mask hit the Dreamlander and knocked her half way cross the room, with her landing on her stomach out cold. "Fumu!" her parents yelled to her body. "Poyo!" Kirby called out, worried. After some moments the young lady's limbs started twitching, and she slowly made her way to her feet - but in a lazy manner.

As the form slide off the floor the clothing on it changed. Fumu's body suit morphed into a pink "torso-suit" covering from the top of her chest and forming connected shorts top the top of her thighs. A pastel green coat with white edges that looked a lot like Dedede's form of her, along with bright red shoes and matching gloves. Her hair went from being down with a red band to being in a ponytail with a red holder. When she straightened up a mask similar to the king's was on her face. It was just as ferocious in in more of a Fumu way than a Dedede way. When she picked up her hand with morphed into an ax by the time it landed on her shoulder. "Now, that's a fair fight!" Bun cheered.

Dedede made an audable grunt before charging for the newly formed fighter. He went for a full swing attack, but the connect he made was with the ax instead of her body. When he opened his eyes she was looking at the reformed young lady glaring at him while having stopped his attack with her ax, and she pushed him back with an unforeseen ease. Kirby "poyo'd" with worry as her family was in awesome of the sight. Fumu and Dedede suddenly ran at each other, and predictably blocked each other's attacks. They glared at each other as they were in their locked in pushing war, but Fumu was a much more formidable foe than any one would have thought - especially against the large penguin.

They slowly went into circling each other as their weapons where clashed together, but Fumu had to pick up speed as Dedede tried to move away from her. She knew to jump away when she relieved he was leading her closer to a wall. The young lady raised her ax as it started setting off a glow of power. The king took this time to charge at her, but when her ax came down the force set off beams of light into the stones. One of the energy beams hit the egotistical king and the impact to the floor put another large dent in it.

The blue penguin fell to the ground with part of his mask breaking off the side of his face. He groaned in pain as he tried to slide himself back into fighting position but Fumu was already over him. She lifted her weapon and dropped the blade as close to him as she could without hitting him "accidently". Kirby poyo'd and ran over to Fumu, but started when she brought up her ax, again. She backed away from Dedede as the bade set off another glow, and this glow grew brighter the longer it was held. When she got half way across the throne room the ax as bright enough to make the others have to look away. "That's Queen Fumu, to you," a twisted-double voice hissed from her body - the voice of herself with the dark voice of the mask. "Ahhh- ARGGGGGGGGGH!" She yelled out as the weapon swung and the energy beam shoot the former king out of the castle and of into the unknown distance.

"Fumu, darling!" Memu exclaimed as Pram, and Bun continued to stand still. Kirby looked out of the whole created by the attack to see if it could see Dedede anywhere. Fumu looked over to her mother and dropped the ax to share a hug. Bun twitched a little in fear, and Pram signed in relief. "We're finally rid of the tyrant," her mother said thankfully, and her daughter nodded. The masked glowed as it moved from Fumu's face to a collar around her neck. Her clothes didn't change back, however. "I guess this is the price I pay, but I'll pay it," the cursed victor said calmly.

Memu's happy express turned sort of sad by this but she continued to smile, as did Pram as he walked up to them with their son. "We will make a new government for Dreamland. One that everyone can appreciate. We'll do it one day at a time," he said to his family. "I know we will, daddy," Fumu agreed with a big smile.