Kodomo No Omocha Fan Fiction ❯ Bad Sana ❯ Change ( Chapter 1 )

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Me:Oh, I looove doing this!! I really hope it's okay that I'm using your story..

Akito: HA! I hope that she or he's definetly not okay! *rolls his eyes*

Sana: That wasn't very nice, Akito!! *whacks him with her toy mallet*

Me: *punches him*

Akito: Damn you!! Ow..

Me: What?! Damn me? Is that what you said?!?! *Helds out a fist*

Akito: No,no nevermind...*shakes his head*

Inuyasha: Glad I'm not in THIS story...

Me: What?! You don't want to be in my story?! *Kicks him*

Inuyasha: Ow ow!! No! I want to be in your story!!

Me: *blush* Oh how sweet~ *run away*

Akito: God, she's so stupid...*sweatdrop*

Inuyasha: *sweatdrop* Well anyways..I can't believe I'm doing this for her but Enjoy reading this damn story and review...geez


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Chapter 1

Starting of Bad Sana

Sana had changed. In a bad way...She ditched classes all the time and smoked alot. On the outside she had matured alot. She died her hair black and her hair was down to her waist and had a layered cut. She had bigger chest that you can notice very easily. She wears dark clothes and hangs out with the rebels. She had changed like this when Rei and her mom had died in a car accident and nobody was there to talk with. She hates her so-called friends and especially Akito. She lived with her real mother now and is very cruel to her. But she still loves her sister since she's so young and all.

"Sana, are you going to school today?" said Keiko. She tried hard to be so nice but nothing worked. Sana rolled her eyes.

"Is it wrong for me to?" she spat. She was one of the rebels and they never wear their school uniforms and even the school principle gave up on them but couldn't expell them just because they get such good grades. Sana pulled out her cigarrette box from her sweat shirt pocket. She loves to wear baggy black sweatshirts that cover her hands and comes low enough to cover her butt.

"Sana, I told you that --" Keiko started.

"You don't like smoking in the house," Sana finished. She put a cigarette in her mouth. "I've heard that shit before."
Keiko looked at her worried. Sana turned to her and held out her hand. She knew that Keiko always gives her 10bucks to make Sana like her. And Keiko knew what she does with the money.

"Thanks," Sana snickered. Keiko sighed as Sana grabbed her black cap and went out the door.

"Hey, Sana," said Serena, Sana's new best friend.

"Hey," she replied. Serena had on her usual goth clothes. All of the rebels were at the hideout smoking and talking.

"Hey baby,"said Jeff, putting his muscular arm around Sana.

"Glad you have someone hitting on you," said Serena sarcastically.

"It's a torture," laughed Sana. She thought about her first love, Akito. 'Screw him he's going out w/ Fuka now'she thought but couldn't help feeling disappointed at him.
"C'mon lets go to class today," said Sana. Serena followed her.

"We'll meet you at lunch sexys," purred Jeff. Sana and Serena just rolled their eyes.
By this time the halls were emty and Sana went in not bothering to knock and made the door slam behind her. She ignored the stares that followed as she walked over to her seat and casually sat down.

"Why Miss Kurata, you seem to have found your classroom this morning." Stated the teacher, frowning at the young girl unimpressed. "You're late."

Waving her off, she muttered "Whatever."

That got her another glare, and everyone could tell the teacher was fuming. Sana snickered and leaned back in her seat, waiting for the next interruption of class - which would be any minute now.

It was no surprise when the door once again opened, and in stepped Serena, clad in those dark gothic clothes of hers. The teacher's attention soon turned from me to Serena, who yawned loudly as she entered and didn't even bother to close the door behind her.

"Miss Sakura, you too seem to have found the class this morning. This must be a record for you two - to be seen in class at the same time." The teacher said nastily. Always so nasty...she picked on them the most.

"Don't you have a class to teach?" Serena asked, ignoring the teacher's snide remarks and glares.

Giving one last glare, the teacher turned and started going through the day's work, and Sana lazily slumped against her desk, trying her best to stay awake today. Staying awake was something that she found hard to do these days in school; everything was so boring! Who cares who founded electrons, neutrons, and protons in science? Those people were long dead...and forgotten.

Sitting up briefly, Sana felt it...a feeling mainly, like she was being watched. Turning her head, she glanced over the classroom and soon found the culprit. Fuka. Sana glared ever so slightly - and Fuka soon looked away.
Smiling to herself, Sana once again leaned back in her chair, and stretch, she yawned loudly.

"Miss Kurata, do you find my class boring?" Fumed the teacher once again, disturbed from her teaching.

"Yes, very." Sana answered before quickly adding, "May I go to the bathroom?"

Eager to get her out of the room, the teacher quickly let Sana go.

Of course she really wasn't headed to the bathroom, but for a walk. Being cramped up and having to sit there for hours on hours wasn't exactly her idea of fun, and she needed my exercise just like everyone else.

Stuffing her hands into her black sweatshirt pocket, Sana strolled slowly down the hall, taking her time because she really didn't want to go back to class.

Sana was so out of it by the time she was down the long corridor that she didn't notice or hear the person turning the corner at the same time as she did, and Sana bumped into them hard enough to send herself sprawling to the floor.

"Watch where you're going!" Sana shouted, rubbing her head.

It was then that she looked up to see a face that she had forever been trying to block out of her mind. Hayama, her eyes widened slightly. "Figures I'd bump into you." Sana glared at him, trying to hide her surprise.

From where he was standing all he could do was stare at me.

I frowned, staring back. What was his problem?

Then I watched as he held out his hand to help me out, and all I could do was stare at it.

Her frown deepening, Sana ignored his gesture and picked herself up off the ground and quickly dusted herself off. "I don't need your help Hayama." said Sana acidly, before walking around him and continuing her way down the hallway. I don't need help from anyone..I'm fine by myself.
~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
If you ever need someone to comfort you...come to me.. Hayama had told her that once, and she had believed him. Sana let him comfort her all those times she felt that she couldn't handle life anymore - but the one time she really needed it he wasn't there for her. "Hayama?" Sana stood there, looking like she'd been through hell...while he and Fuka stood there, holding hands and staring at her blankly. "I-I.." Sana looked at both him and Fuka, and suddenly felt very awkward.

"Never mind." Sana whispered, turning away.

Never mind...

Never mind that my mother had just died...

That I was alone in the world...

That I needed Hayama the most, even though he didn't know it.

I was truly alone.

And that had been the last straw that had broke me.

Broke me into a thousand pieces...which no one would ever put back together...

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Me:soo..how was it? Sorry I didn't exactly thought in my head..but Sudden Changes's words were so GOOD that i couldn't resist copying..I'm sorry..<:(

Akito:*laughs evily* You should feel sorry.

Me:*looks at him with teary eyes*

Akito:W-what's wrong with you?! It's not your usual action...

Me:*runs away*

Inuyasha:She's doing alot of run aways these days..she's in her mellow mood

Akito:*rolls eyes* That's great

Inuyasha: You're turn

Akito:0__0 No way!! Oh I can't believe this!! *glares* all you losers R&R!!! and mayb she won't be in mellow mood...*frowns*

Sana:No, it's cuz you guyz are being so rude that she's so tired and sad!! You should go say sorry to her!

Inuyasha,Akito,Ranma: SORRY?!?!?!