Kodomo No Omocha Fan Fiction ❯ Fast Food Love ❯ Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

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~*~Fast Food Love~*~
This is a SanaXAkito fict. And maybe a little bit of TsuyoshiXAya…Maybe!!!
I don't own Sana and the ppl… so lala… u know… I own nothing… NcDonalds is and other form of McDonalds… Which I also don't own…Sana and Akito have never meet in this fict…
~*~At NcDonalds~*~
Behind the counter, you can see Sana and Tsuyoshi cleaning up as Aya, Tsuyoshi's girlfriend, and Akito enter.
“Hi Aya!” Said Tsuyoshi.
“Hi Tsuyoshi, hi Sana. This is Akito, he's Tsuyoshi's and my friend.” Said Aya.
Sana looked up… “Hi! How are you???” Said Sana while sweeping behind the counter. “Where are you all going for the night?
“Well, Aya and I are double dating with Akito and Fuka, his girlfriend. You can bring Naozumi ad a friend if you want.” Said Tsuyoshi.
Fuka? That name sounds familiar, thought Sana
“It's ok” Said Sana.
“Ok, then. I'm off! See you tomorrow at work.” Said Tsuyoshi.
“Ok. Go and have fun!!!” replied Sana.
~*~At Sana's house~*~
“Hi honey!” Said her mom, coming up to her on an electronic cow. “How was work?”
“I have a serious question for you Sana. Why did you quit acting??? You were doing so good.”
“I quit because it was taking up my life. I felt like a toy. Being pulled here. And I see my self too much. I might do it again later, but I'm not ready now.”
“Ok, Sana. Whatever you want.” Her mom rode away on the cow.
~*~Sana's room~*~
Sana is hunched down over a necklace.
“Why did you have to leave me? Why???” Sana was sobbing over the picture of her first love…”Why did you have to fall for Aya? Did I really like you? I didn't feel pain… But I was still hurt. I'm so confused right now!!!” Sana exclaims as she cries.
~*~Sana's thoughts~*~
But maybe I can get Akito… Stupid!!! He has a girlfriend already…
~*~Normal View~*~
Sana cries herself to sleep.
A girl is much more than she seems
Not a toy by any means
Underneath all her makeup and hair
There is a sign that says HANDLE WITH CARE
Tell me what u think and then I will make the chapters longer.