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Author's Note: I've been itching to start this story for a while now. Yes, I know, Kodomo no Omocha isn't as hot as it used to be, but I still love it. I just started watching it again and I just came up with this idea. May have a little dark themes to it, but that's just the whole story. I usually write humor and light stories, but now I just want to try something different. Hope you like!
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Summary: Akito Hayama has always been the troublesome misfit. Even though he is the enemy of Sana Kurata, the teacher's pet/actress, he is secretly her biggest fan. What happens when his obsession takes over and he wants to make Sana Kurata his?
Prologue - Obsession...
She's always worried for him. He seemed to have taken a liking to hiding in the shadows then hanging out with the rest of their classmates. It's been like that ever since she was only in elementary school.
She asked him if he wanted to sit with them and eat lunch. He spat at her and told her that he'd never want to sit with a girl. He even had the nerve to shove her away.
After that incident in their childhood years, he became the enemy of the class. Since she was the teacher's favorite, her other classmates had sided with her. At one point, she was proud to have so many friends, but she couldn't help but pity his situation. The other kids had continued to bully him, even if he hadn't done much to offend them.
During middle school, it was still the same. She'd see him looking out the window with a depressed look on his face. It was then that she noticed how cute he was.
His blonde hair was one of the finest she's ever seen. Even though it was disheveled most of the time, it served as some kind-of makeshift halo. His cold amber eyes showed no emotion, but his posture always depicted sadness. She wanted to make him as happy as she was...
His behavior had even changed. He had started disrespecting the teacher: talking back, skipping class, just walking out. Soon enough, their instructors would care even less. It was sad that he never had anyone care for him. No wonder he was the way he was.
It was not until high school that she had developed some kind-of crush on him. Even though he didn't appear everyday, she was surprised to see muscles forming from the skinny kid he had been in middle school. Once, she had even seen him topless and couldn't take her eyes off of him. Any sane girl would've thought he was hot if they had seen him like that. Maybe then he wouldn't be so lonely.
Her dreams were being plagued by him. She would fantasize of being held in his wonderfully built arms and running her delicate fingers through those lovely blonde locks that she wanted to touch.
Sometimes, her friends would catch her staring at him. But since she was still a great actress, she always had an excuse to back it up.
One time, she had brought him into discussion during lunch. Her friends had told her that he was someone that they shouldn't mess with. He obviously didn't care to become friends with them, so why should they care to be friends with him?
She wanted to hate him as badly as everyone else, but the angel in her wouldn't let that happen. She wanted to bring Akito Hayama out of his misery.
He just didn't like her. She was practically everywhere. Her name was blasted across billboards, television screens, and any kind-of media-related object. He hated the fact that whenever he was bored that she'd just pop up out of nowhere and distract him.
Yeah, so what? It's not like that he liked her. She was just everything he despised. Since elementary school, she's annoyed him with her bright smiles and the fact that she had become the irritating teacher's pet. Maybe it was just her bouncy pigtails that blocked his view so many times.
He remembered that she had invited him to sit with her and her friends. Of course, he rejected her. The girl needed to know boundaries. He didn't want to be helped. Somewhere inside him, he felt guilty for shoving her, but she just wouldn't get the idea that he just wanted to be left alone.
Since she had so many friends, they sided with her and began to beat him up outside of class. He had enrolled in karate so he would have the strength to defend himself. He felt as if the world hated him, because of their treatment towards him. So he chose to hate the world back.
Middle school was no better. He had to quit karate because his father decided to waste most of their money on alcohol. Soon enough, people began to tease him for killing his mother, spread by his one and only sister. That made school horrible for him. He then began to skip classes he felt he didn't have the need to go to. He was mature enough to know if they would be useful in the future or not.
In class, he'd find himself staring at her. The way her silky auburn strands seemed to frame her face the perfect way. He'd only look at her through his peripheral vision of course. Sometimes, he felt her warm honey eyes gazing at him, but it was always just through him.
She couldn't be looking at him. He was just the misfit that everybody loved to hate. She was the cheerleader, the celebrity, the teacher's pet... Everybody loved her. She was always voted Most Popular, Most Beautiful, Most Likely to Succeed.
There was just no way in the world that someone like her would give him a second glance.
By high school, he'd discovered that he had a growing obsession with her. Whenever she happened to walk past him, he'd inhale her vanilla scent. She always smelled clean, pure, just everything he wasn't. He'd even memorized her schedule. Sometimes, he would never notice it, but he would do some subtle things, only to just brush against her.
It wasn't the fact that she had grown into her body. He was a sane boy and had teenage urges. All the guys wanted her. She had the perfect curves and the shape. He found himself having dreams of making her his.
He wanted to rid himself of this addiction. If only for a day, he could make Sana Kurata his.
To Be Continued...
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