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Wolfram’s Forth Bruise (Previously: “Wolfram’s Third Bruise: Two) One-shot Sequel to:  “Wolfram’s Third Bruise” Written by:Chocho (chochowilliams) Disclaimer:I do not own Kyo Kara Maoh! or the characters from it.  I do not make any money from the writing of this story. Summary:   Wolfram spends some quality time with Greta while waiting for Yuri to return. Warning:M/M, sexual situation, OOC-ness, language, Yuri/Wolfram Inserts:  Passages from David Kirk’s Nova the Robot: Nova’s Ark A/N:  Thank you to Sayoko Bizen, SouriMaxwellYuy068, eclst, Mister Wombat, angee, Kyona_Kopper, XZanayu, Sir Gawain of Camelot, Goddess of All Knowing-ness, Mrs. Suou, tenshi-gosperu, xXxMidNightShaDowxXx, TrulyWished, Shadowdancer18, Xunxin, ChibiLoner, Nikkie23534, kokoro192 for your reviews.  Kisses!  Kisses!  I love you all!  And thank you to the rest of you guys!  You all are the reason why I write fanfics!   ============+============+============+============   (Last Time)   Karin sighed heavily as she watched the raven-haired god vanish out of Parfait with a flourish of bells.   “For your girlfriend?” she had inquired politely.  She had been waiting anxiously, hoping against hope that he would say no.    Yuri had laughed.  “Girlfriend?”  He had shaken his head.  His dark eyes had sparkled in amusement.   She had mentally squealed.   “If I had a girlfriend, my fiancé would have my head on a platter.”   Karin groaned.  Why were the good ones always taken?   “No, this is for my daughter.”   Daughter!  Can you believe it?  This guy looked not much older than her brother Wataru and not only did he have a fiancée but a daughter!  Life was so not fair.   Taking the invoice, she rounded the counter and vanished into the back room to begin on the pieces Yuri had ordered, all the while wondering what horrible crime she committed in a past life to receive such unjust punishment.   +------------+------------+   (Present)   Sitting upon a straight-backed chair, Wolfram’s voice boomed through the open basilica-like room.  The wall-to-wall floor to ceiling windows that surrounded him on three sides had been cleaned so thoroughly by Sangria, Doria, Lasagnia and the new girl Effie that they squeaked, allowing the midmorning sun to pour through.  The entire room gleamed majestically.  “Nova built many animals from pieces of his ship.  He modeled them after those in his ancient wooden ark.  Nova had a good eye for detail, but he couldn’t always remember which animal was supposed to be bigger – ‘Was a mouse bigger than a moose?’”  (1)   With extra paper, a bottle of ink, her favorite black feathered quill given to her by her fathers for her last birthday, a backup one just in case and a dictionary spread out before her, Greta sat at the table in the sunroom working on her vocabulary assignment.  “Hey, Wolfram,” she spoke up.   “Huh?  Yes, Greta?”   “What are a…‘mouse’ and a…‘moose’?”   The prince’s forehead creased in thought.  “…Hm.  That is a good question.”  Frankly, he had no idea.  Wolfram shrugged.  “They’re probably some strange creatures from where Yuri is from.  We will have to ask him when he returns.”   At the mention of her father, Greta’s face fell.  Her quill slipped out of her grasp.  She slumped down in her chair and hung her head.  Her mop of copper hair hung over face, veiling her expression.   Wolfram became concerned for his daughter.  He shut the book and standing up, placed the book on the chair.  “Greta?  What is the matter?  Are you not feeling well?  Should I get Gisela?”   Greta shook her head.   Wolfram’s brows dropped.  “Then-?”   “…Wolfram?”  Greta’s voice was barely above a whisper.   “What is it?” Wolfram asked gently.   “Are you mad at me?”   Wolfram went still.  His eyebrows shot up into his hair.   Greta lifted her head and glanced through her bangs with chocolate eyes shimmering behind unshed tears.  “I was the one who told Conrad about seeing that mark on your neck and he went and told Gwendal and now Gwendal is angry at Yuri and Lady Celi is pushing for a wedding, which I think would be so cool if you and Yuri finally got married because Yuri said that I could be in it, but I know you and Yuri don’t want to get married yet and-”   Wolfram merely smiled gently at his adopted daughter.   A stray tear slid down Greta’s cheek.   Crossing the room, Wolfram rounded the table to Greta’s side.  He turned the chair she was sitting in so that they were face to face.  Wolfram knelt before her.  Cupping her face with one hand, he reached out with the other and brushed away her tears with his thumb.  He told her confidently, “Your father and I could never hate you.”   “Really?”   Wolfram nodded.  “We both love you very much.”   “But-?”   With a reassuring smile on his face, Wolfram shook his head.  “You could be the Bloody Widower and we would still love you,” he told her.   The Bloody Widower was one of the Great Demon Kingdom’s most notorious mass murderers.  The man made no distinction between human, demon or half-breed; male, female or transsexual; child, adult or senior citizen.  It did not matter to him if you were pregnant or a cripple.  You could be two minutes old or 200 years old.  It mattered not to him.  As long as there was blood flowing through your veins.  The man had had no conscience.  At his trial, his mother had pleaded for the court to spare his life, saying that he was “a good boy”.   Greta’s cheeks colored at the compliment.  But her eyes still held a tinge of doubt.   Wolfram silently cursed Yuri for disappearing from the study like the wimp that he was instead of dealing with the consequences of their love affair suddenly being made public.  It was not as if either of them was ashamed.  No, the problem was a very disgruntled Lord Gwendal Von Voltaire, a just as equally unhappy Lord Günter Von Christ and an over enthusiastic Lady Cecilie Von Spitzweg.  Lord Weller did not seem to have an opinion on the matter, which suited Wolfram just fine.    Wolfram could say one thing about his fiancé's exit.  It had given Wolfram the opportunity to quickly and quietly slip out himself.    And now here he was hiding out in his own castle as if he were a wanted felon.   Both Yuri and Wolfram knew that for people of their standing, anything more than a chaste peck on the cheek was considered taboo.  Even that enlisted whispers hidden behind cupped hands.  It was amazing that Wolfram had been able to get away with sleeping in Yuri’s bed for as long as he had.  Not that he had ever cared one way or another what anybody thought, including Yuri.  It was true that Günter had frowned upon it, but he was bias.  The perverted king’s aide was in love with His Majesty.  His big brother and Conrart had never said anything about it.  Mostly because they believed up until a few short hours ago, that Yuri and he had a platonic relationship.   Wolfram snorted.  And people said Yuri was naïve.   Platonic?  Please!  Yuri and he had not had an “innocent” relationship for quite some time.  Where have these people been living?  Under a rock?    Yuri stopped protesting Wolfram’s habit of sleeping in his bed ages ago.  In fact, Yuri claimed he found it difficult to sleep if Wolfram was not sleeping besides him.  Not even having Greta sleep with him could make up for Wolfram’s absence.   Yuri did not freak out at the sight of Wolfram’s girlie pink nightgown.  In fact, Yuri himself said he thought Wolfram looked nice in the color.  Besides, Yuri told him that up until recently, in his world, both men and women used to wear nightdresses to bed.     What about when they all believed that with the Great One gone, Yuri would not be able to travel back and forth between Earth and The Great Demon Kingdom anymore?  Why did they think Yuri even made the decision to go back to Earth in the first place?  Let alone run into the portal without even once looking back.  Then of course, there was the obvious fact that Yuri had returned.   A couple years ago at Yuri’s Coming of Age ceremony, when Wolfram had broken their engagement and fled for the Bielefelt territory, Yuri had come after him.  He had traveled all the way from Covenant Castle (or Blood Pledge) just to bring Wolfram back home where he belonged.  Where their first duel had been just as much an accident as their engagement had been, their next duel at Bielefelt Castle had not been.  Yuri picked up that knife with full knowledge of what he was doing.   Yuri and he loved one another and were engaged to be married.  Everyone should just be glad that Yuri even returned Wolfram’s affection.   So what if they shared more than just a platonic relationship?  What business is it of anyone’s?  If Yuri were not who he was and Wolfram who he was, nobody would care.  This would not even be an issue.   Suddenly, Wolfram stiffened.  The back of his neck prickled.  His hand automatically went for his sword.  He cursed when he remembered that he had replaced it in the armory besides Yuri’s after morning drills.   He was looking around for something he could use as a weapon when Greta squealed.   “Yuri!”   Yuri?  Wolfram’s head shot up and around.   Greta shot up out of her chair and raced around the table.  Her slippered feet barely touched the travertine tiled floor as she darted across the sunroom.   There standing with the wall of windows at his back stood Yuri.  If there had not been tiny pools of water surrounding the double black demon king, one would come to the conclusion that the monarch had appeared out of thin air, which was essentially what Yuri did.   It had been explained to them by Murata some time ago that even though Yuri could control all of the elements, his core element was water.  That was why Yuri traveled back and forth between the worlds through water.  Since Yuri was now in control of his sojourns, Murata began to theorize that Yuri did not need a large body of water to be able to travel back and forth.  It had taken much practice before he was able to perfect it, but now Yuri was able to pull the water molecules out of the very air around him, much like how he formed his water dragons, and open a portal that way.   Along the way, Yuri was able to master the remaining elements as well.  Because his chief element was water, it had been a little difficult to perfect the fire element, but eventually, Yuri was able to control it.  He still had yet to master it, but he had enough command to put Wolfram to shame.  Of course, Wolfram would never admit it.   Wolfram felt his heart give a little flutter in his chest as a heavenly halo caused by the early evening sun shinning through the windows encircled his king.   Except for the innocent twinkle in his jet eyes, Yuri no longer looked like the Yuri Wolfram had fallen in love with on that day several years ago.  As Yuri learned to master his powers, he and the other presence within him had slowly begun to merge.  He was no longer Yuri, but neither was he the Demon King.  He was something else all together with the innocence and pacification that made Yuri Yuri and the angry, hot temperedness that had been the Demon King.  Even though the two sides of Yuri’s personality had been extreme opposites, they both meshed well in this new form.   Yuri crouched down and held out his arms as Greta flung herself at him.  The impact sent him reeling to the floor.   Standing, Wolfram crossed his arms over his chest and watched father and daughter giggling in a mass of limbs.    “Yuri, you aren’t wet,” Greta noticed as she sat back.   Wolfram took Yuri’s appearance in for the first time and realized that Greta was right.   It was a technique Wolfram taught Yuri just recently.  Instead of arriving dripping wet and taking the risks of catching a cold or something worse, Yuri could dry himself off just as easily as he could travel back and forth between the worlds.  All he had to do was call upon his fire element and wrap its flames around him like a cloak.  Demons that could control the fire were able to use it without running the risk of it harming them.  Yuri called this technique similar to using a “blow dryer”.  Whatever that was (2).   “Wimp,” he accused as he crossed the room towards his fiancé and their daughter.   “Hey, Wolfram,” Yuri chuckled from his position on the floor.   “And what, pray tell, took you so long?  You better not have been flirting with some pretentious tramps,” he warned as he pulled Yuri to his feet.   Yuri had learned a long time ago to ignore Wolfram, but not this time.  “Actually, I was,” he admitted.  He winked at Greta.   Greta stifled a giggle behind her hand.   “WHAT?!”   Well, there goes the hearing in that ear, Yuri thought with a wince.   Chuckling lightly, Yuri reached inside the pocket of his white cargo blazer.  His hand clamped around a small box that he had placed inside of a freezer bag he stole from his mother in order to keep the contents dry during the journey back to Covenant Castle.   “YOU DOUBLE-CROSSING, FAITHLESS, ADULTEROUS WIMP!”   Wolfram’s face had gone through several shades of red by this point.   Yuri was afraid that his fiancé would have an aneurysm.   “Yup.  I was sidetracked by a beautiful young lady with large eyes and fiery copper hair and cocoa butter skin…”   Wolfram fisted his hands.   “So, I decided to buy this precious young woman a gift.”   Greta’s eyes sparkled.  She clapped her hands together and jumped up and down gaily.  “Really?”  She squealed.   Growling, Wolfram’s fists burst into flames.  “Who is this hussy?” he demanded.  “I’ll rip her head from her body!”   Ignoring his hotheaded fiancé, Yuri pulled out the small white box.  Removing it from its clear plastic wrappings, he strode over to his daughter and handed the box to her.   Wolfram’s mind went blank.  The flames engulfing his fists sputtered and died.   Yuri chuckled at the confused expression on Wolfram’s face.  He knew that once the blond prince discovered he had been tricked, Yuri’s ass was going to be flambéed, but Yuri was all right with that.  It sure as hell was worth it.   With enthusiasm, Greta tore off the lid.  Gasping, her eyes went wide.  “Yuri!  It looks like yours!  It even has your crest on it,” Greta exclaimed in delight.   Yuri nodded.  “I know.”   Curious, Wolfram strode towards his daughter.  Greta held out the small white box to help him get a better look.  Lying on a bed of cotton was a blue teardrop crystal pendant with a strand of white ivy carved into it.   Stepping forward, Yuri took the necklace from her.   Greta turned her back to her father and swept her hair aside.   Seeing his fiancé fumbling with the clasp, Wolfram huffed a disgusted sigh and snatched the necklace away.   Yuri turned towards his soon-to-be consort.  “Wolfram?”   “Wimp,” Wolfram called.  “You are such a guy.”   Yuri blinked.  What was that supposed to mean?   Pushing his clueless fiancé aside, Wolfram expertly secured the necklace around Greta’s neck.  “There,” he said, stepping back.   Greta twirled around.  “What do you think?” she asked.  Her eyes were twinkling in glee.   “Beautiful,” her fathers said.   With a squeal, Greta flung herself first at Yuri and then Wolfram.  She gave them a kiss and a quick hug each before racing out of the sunroom to show off her necklace.   Yuri watched her go with a gentle smile.   A dark shadow fell over him.   His smile faltered.   An angry aura appeared at his back.   He went still.   The only thought that went through his head was, “Oh shit.”   +------------+------------+   “YURI!”   W olfram’s voice boomed throughout the castle.   In the farthest room from the sunroom, finishing the paperwork His Majesty had neglected to complete, Gwendal’s eye twitched and his grip on the quill tightened.   Startled, a flock of dwarf Tori (3), which were squat, red and black speckled birds, took flight from the tree that they were occupying outside the castle walls.     ============TBC============         (1)           David Kirk, Nova the Robot: Nova’s Ark (New York: Callaway) 27 (2)           I thought this trick was cool so I borrowed it from another KKM story.  I wish I could remember which story.  If you know, let me know! (3)           “Tori” is “birds” in Japanese         A/N:  So, what did you think?  Did I do KKM justice?  Part 3 is on its way and then the prequel!  There will be a little something implied at the end of part three, just to let you know.