Labyrinth Fan Fiction ❯ Heard About A Place Today ❯ A land serene ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter Three: A Land Serene

The two girls made their way down the corridor, Chantal following a few steps behind Stephanie. Stephanie was walking along with a huge grin on her face. Time passed and Chantal was still looking around, being cautious. Strange birds sang in the distance.

Suddenly overhead, something flew by at a great speed.

Stephanie gasped, ducking and covering her head with her arms, behind her Chantal screamed. Stephanie turned around and saw a dark, almost black winged creature, clinging to Chantal's head.

"Get it off! GET IT OFF!" Chantal screamed, jumping around. The small winged creature began screeching, its large orange eyes whirling.

"Hold still." Stephanie said, trying to calm her friend down. Chantal stood still, slowly trying to stop panicking as Stephanie pulled the small creature from her friend's head.

"What is it?" Chantal asked, eyeing the creature. Its orange eyes focused on Chantal.

"I don't know. I have never seen a creature like this before," her friend replied, holding the creature under its winged arms.

"It almost looks like a small dragon. Let me see," Chantal said forgetting the frightening encounter and taking the creature from Stephanie. "It's soft and furry, and it's kinda cute." Chantal eyed the creature. The creature began to scurry up to Chantal's shoulder where it sat, wrapping its tail around her neck. "I think it likes me," Chantal giggled.

"Do you think your mom will let you keep it?" Stephanie asked grinning.

Chantal began to laugh. "We will have to see, once we get home."

Stephanie turned towards the castle in the distance. "Shall we continue on our way?"

Chantal nodded.
A few minutes passed, the sound of their footsteps echoed off the stone walls.

"Look," Stephanie said pointing in front of her. "We are almost there. This should be a piece of cake!"

The earth suddenly began to shake. A loud rumbling sound was heard. The Labyrinth began to shift around them, expanding and changing. Birds flew off with terrified cries. The girls moved out of the way as new walls appeared around them. They had been in a light sand colored stone section and without moving, they were now in a dark green hedge section. Stephanie lost her balance and fell upon the hard stone flooring.

The dragon creature on Chantal's shoulder began to whine, its eyes whirling red in fear.

Chantal turned to Stephanie who was getting to her feet, once the rumbling stopped. "You know that this is your fault! You just had to say that we were getting close to getting out of this never ending maze."

Stephanie's mouth dropped; dumbfounded she stared at the new walls. "Damn..."