Labyrinth Fan Fiction ❯ Heard About A Place Today ❯ Piece of cake! ( Chapter 7 )

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Chapter Seven: Piece of Cake!

Stephanie screamed as she slid down the rough surface of the tunnel. Darkness filled the tunnel as the entrance closed behind her. Stephanie slid too fast to grab hold of anything; she flew out of the tunnel and landed on a pile of old dry leaves. The impact was still hard.

"Oww! That hurt!" she rubbed her backside. Stephanie took a moment before she stood up and brushed the leaves off her clothes. "Ick! I got leaves in my hair too," she said aloud as she pulled some of the leaves out of her tangled hair.

Stephanie looked up and taking in her new surroundings. There was enough light for her to make out where she was.

"Oh great! I'm in an Oubliette," she groaned. "Thanks Chantal!" Muttering to herself, she made her way through the cave. "Now to find a way out. There should be one around here." Stephanie leaned up against a wall of the cave, she hopefully looked up above her and spotted an opening, thick vines dangling down from it.

"Ah ha! Piece of cake!" She grabbed hold of one of the vines and began pulling herself upward. Suddenly the vine let go, and she tumbled back to the ground. Stephanie began to curse. "Damn, I shouldn't have said that. Nothing is a piece of cake around here."


Chantal groaned.

"I'm all alone now," Chantal sighed. On her shoulder, Serek squeaked, and nudged his head against Chantal's cheek. "I'm sorry Serek, I guess I'm not really completely alone."

Chantal took one more look around. "I guess we should keep moving. I don't like the idea of going on by myself, and not knowing where Steph is, but I have no other choice. All I can do is hope that I meet up with her again."

Serek squeaked in acknowledgment.

Chantal stroked the furry dragon thingy's head as she took a look behind her, from the way they had originally came. Turning back, she then continued down the path.


Stephanie walked along the cave wall, still trying to find a way out. "I wish I had a bit more light to see." She mumbled. "I bet Chantal has a flashlight in that backpack of hers."

Running her hand along the wall, she made her way across the dark cavern, suddenly she came upon a small opening. Yes!" Stephanie breathed. She stumbled over something.

"Ack!" she landed on what felt like a large stone. She felt around more around in the dark. She had stumbled over steps made of stone. "Even better than a ladder!" she said as she started to go up, towards the tiny crack of light. At the top, she struggled to open a trapdoor above her for a good minute or so. She figured it hasn't been in use for a while.

The warm sunlight washed over her. Red dust stained her hands, due to the bar across the trapdoor. "Finally!" she started to climb out of aŚ

"A tree stump?" Stephanie said raising her eyebrows as she inspected what she had climbed out of. She closed the trapdoor behind her, so no one would be able to fall in.

"Yeah, a tree stump!" a small voice squeaked.

The girl turned around. "Woah, creepy!" A small faery hovered in front of Stephanie's face. She looked exactly like Jennifer, Stephanie's younger sister. The same short-cropped hair that curled under the ears, the only difference was the pointed ears and the color of the hair which was grass color compared to the brown haired sisters.

"Even in the Underground, I can't get away from her!" Stephanie groaned.

The little faery looked up. "Get away from whom?" she asked.

"Jenn, my sister," Stephanie said looking at green haired faery, she couldn't help but stare. Stephanie then turned to look at the castle and began brushing the dust and sand off her clothes.

The faery raised an eyebrow. "Where are you going?"

"To the castle at the center of the Labyrinth," Stephanie replied to the sister double
The faery giggled. "I know the way! I know the way!" she chimed.

"You do?" Stephanie asked.

"Doesn't every faery?" she asked in a bored voice.

"Um, I wouldn't know. I'm not one."

"I guess you aren't," the faery turned to fly away.

"Well, can you show me the way?" Stephanie said. "Damn. You and your big mouth..." she muttered to herself.

The faery turned back and smiled. "What will you give me to help you?"

Stephanie racked her brain for something. "Well?" she asked impatiently.

"Hold on a second!" Stephanie snapped. She dug into her pockets of her jeans and pulled out a penny. "How's this?" she asked holding it out.

The little faery flew over to the penny to inspect it, taking a hold of it she then smiled. "It will do just fine. Wait here! I'll be right back." she flew up into a tree to hide her new treasure.

Stephanie smiled. "Chantal's never going to believe that a faery looks like my sister and knows the way to the castle!" she paused. "Well, maybe she will. Anything is possible in this place."


Chantal walked along the path, keeping both eyes and ears open for any signs of Stephanie. She sighed. It had seemed like this path would go on with no end. She dragged her feet along the dusty trail as she walked along. Chantal looked up and spotted a large rock. She approached it and leaned against it to rest.

"It doesn't seem like I'm getting anywhere," she sighed again.

"What makes you say that, Chantal?" a voice said beside her.

Chantal jumped. She turned around and was face to face with the Goblin King.

"Don't do that!" she snapped.

"Do what?" the Goblin King asked innocently.

Chantal groaned. "Never mind. It's not important," She said as she began to move away.

The Goblin King looked up. "Hey, where are you going?" he asked.

Chantal turned around. "Now that is a stupid question. You already know where I'm going," she told him sharply. She turned away, but the Goblin King was standing right in her path. "Excuse me! But can you move out of my way, please?" she tried to ask kindly.

The Goblin King just smirked, not moving out of the way.

Chantal sighed. "I'm not playing this little game of yours. I'm going to go look for my friend. Now please step aside."

The Goblin King stepped aside. "Oh her!" he said carelessly as Chantal walked past.

Chantal turned on a dime. "You know where she is?"

The Goblin King smiled.

Chantal laughed. "But of course you aren't going to tell me," Chantal paused "Can I ask you a favor then?" she asked him.

"Oh I suppose," he sighed. "As long as it is not a big favor."

Chantal pulled off her backpack and pulled out a small blue notebook and a pencil. Flipping through the book, she found an unused page and wrote something down on it. She ripped the piece of paper out and put the notebook back into her pack. She pulled out the Life Savers roll from her bag and placed one on the paper, then folding the paper so the piece of candy wouldn't fall out.

Chantal handed the folded paper to the Goblin King. "Since you won't tell me where she is, can you at least give her this?"

The Goblin King raised an eyebrow.

"Please!" she pleaded. He sighed and took the wrapped up Life Saver.

"Thank you!"
"I'm not a bloody messenger..." he mumbled as he vanished.