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Warnings: Kazahaya's language. Yaoi. Hidden desires revealed.
Notes: After reading the third volume, I wanted to write another LD fic. But hey, why not a second chapter instead?
Many thanks to PeachPinkSugar for going over this. You rock!
Chapter 2: Chocolate Expectations
The black of night surrounded the Green Drugstore, cloaking all its mysteries yet to be unveiled by the distant rising of the burning sun. For a usually busy Tokyo street, it was quiet; no traffic passed by the shop; families slept peacefully in their homes; and birds awaited daybreak before bursting into song.
But while everything outside of the store was calm and peaceful, it did not appear to be so inside. Particularly in an upstairs room, in a bed occupied by a teen with light blonde hair and amber eyes.
Said teen came to full wakefulness in a matter of seconds, and rose suddenly from his bed, going down the darkened staircase to the store below. Pausing outside the door of the manager's office, he grabbed a bar of chocolate from the display near the counter before entering the office.
An unearthly green glow filled the room, its bright light like a beacon, guiding Kazahaya closer. Stopping in front of the low table, he knelt and gazed upon the contents of the glowing jar. Water shimmered and flickered, distorting the image of the being beneath the surface. The tiny winged water sprite had yet to be properly returned to the land it had come from, as it required a specific ceremony that Kakei wouldn't be able to perform until the next day.
Unscrewing the lid, Kazahaya watched as the little creature floated up in its bubble. He was able to see it clearly this time, and noticed that its skin had a blue tinge that was set off by the tiny gold wings protruding from its back. Soft, silky light blue hair floated around the impish face, bright gold eyes staring at him with lust and more than a hint of trickery.
Offering the sprite the chocolate he had just taken from the display, it gave a little laugh and tiny feet touched down on his hand. As it started to eat, Kazahaya's eyes closed, the mental images that the sprite had sent him before started again.
Rikuo was sitting on his bed, smirking at him. “You know you want to do this.”
He couldn't lie. “Y-yes.”
“C'mere. Let me show you…” Rikuo said, pulling him down on top of him, kissing him breathless. Moaning, Kazahaya felt himself being rolled over until he lay under Rikuo's strong body. Hands lifted his shirt and caressed the soft skin, raising little bumps all along the area that Rikuo touched. Wrapping his own arms around the broad back, he slipped his hands under the black shirt, fingers skimming over the taut muscles as he lost himself in another kiss.
Rikuo's tongue swept past his lips and into his mouth, the taste of chocolate strongly present. His hands slid up further and soon Kazahaya found himself shirtless, his own hands pulling off the taller teen's shirt. Chest to chest, they were pressed together, the feel of Rikuo's solid warmth against him sending shivers up the blonde's spine.
Leaning over, Rikuo pressed his lips against the smooth creamy skin of Kazahaya's throat. Gasping, his lust turned to a brief moment of shock as the dark haired teen bit and sucked at the skin, definitely leaving a mark.
Hands rubbing in circles on the broad back, he stroked his hands up and down the sides a couple of times, eliciting shivers to come from the body above him. Stroking them down further, and around to the front, Kazahaya let his fingers trail over Rikuo's ribs and stomach; coming to rest on his belt. It slipped easily through the loops, and Rikuo lifted himself off of the blonde in order to remove the denim. He removed Kazahaya's jeans, dropping them onto the floor, long fingers reaching now for the waist band of his briefs.
Then, much like before, things stopped. It wasn't Rikuo doing those naughty things to his body, looking at him with that passion and lust; it was just the sprite sending the images of the one he desired to his brain. He sat up in bed, panting heavily, skin flushed and slightly sweaty.
“Wh-where am I?” He asked, noticing Rikuo sitting on the other bed.
“In your bed. I just dragged your idiot self up here after you snuck down to Kakei-san's office and tried to have sex with the fairy thing again.”
“I did not!”
“I'm afraid you did, Kudo-kun,” Kakei said, appearing in the doorway. “Here are you clothes. They were left in my office.”
“But…but…HOW?!” Kazahaya asked; bewildered as to why Kakei had his clothes and why he was near naked in his bed.
“It appears that since your power is controlled by your mind, the sprite was able to put you under its spell and make you do what it wanted. And since it was interrupted earlier, it decided to try again when your mind was least able to stop it.” Kakei explained.
“It probably would have succeeded too; if Rikuo hadn't heard you get up and leave, BOY.” Saiga said as he came up behind Kakei.
“You're such a pervert!” Kazahaya informed him, face flaming in embarrassment.
“Well, we'll let you get back to sleep. I have a ceremony to go perform,” Kakei said glancing at his watch. “Yes, I think it's the right time.” With that, he left, Saiga following in his wake.
“You're such an idiot.”
“Shut up, baka. I'm trying to sleep.” Rikuo grumbled from underneath his blankets.
“Bastard!” he hissed, before laying back down and trying to sleep, the smell of chocolate strongly permeating the room.
The next morning, Kazahaya was rudely awoken again by his partner in crime - also known as his coworker. Today was a kick in the ribs, and a demand that he cook breakfast.
Grumbling he pulled himself out of his warm bed and went to make breakfast. He flipped the eggs, and felt a pair of arms wrap around his waist. Argh! It was happening again!
“Not again!” He moaned aloud.
Rikuo - the real one not some projected desire - smirked. Tilting his dark head closer to Kazahaya's, he pinned the boy against the counter, kissing him with a deep hidden desire.
Kazahaya hoped that he would be pulled out of it again soon, but a small part of him wished that he wouldn't. Wait. This felt - different. Real. It was real!
“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” He shouted at the taller teen.
“Just wanted to see what the sprite liked so much.” He smirked again before letting the boy go.
“Oh you know you wanted it.”
That may have been true but… “I DID NOT!!”
“Stop yelling. I can't concentrate on the paper.”
Fuming, Kazahaya finished cooking breakfast, and plunked Rikuo's down in front of him. Eating his share, he grumbled at Rikuo for eating like a bear, and then followed the dark haired teen down to the drug store; where the day progressed as it usually did - minus the effects of a very sexual sprite.
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