Legal Drug Fan Fiction ❯ Without Breakfast ❯ Burnt Bacon ( One-Shot )

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Kazahaya really hated being forced to cook. Especially when that person who ate his food was so rude. He hated it. Hate hate hate hate hate…
“Oi, why isn't breakfast done yet?”
Breathe in; breathe out. `Do not imagine yourself picking up the spatula and scooping his stomach out…do not slip the hot rice down his shirt…' Kazahaya was so consumed by his vengeful thinking that he hadn't noticed he was panting furiously, or that his knuckles were white against the counter. He didn't notice the smoking pan on the stove, or the way Rikuo was looking at him with that amused little smirk.
“You're burning my breakfast, Kazahaya-kun.
Kazahaya jerked and frantically started saving what he could of the poor bacon. In the short time it took for him to see past the smoke, he knew it was useless. With a dramatic sigh he flung his apron onto the floor and flopped into the seat across from Rikuo at the table.
“Baka! Why do you always read that at the table?!”
“The newspaper tells me the news, Kazahaya-kun.”
“At. The. Table?”
“Yes, at the table. And in the evening, during lunch break, when I'm jerking o-“
Rikuo chuckled. He could go without breakfast, he decided, if only he was allowed to have his early morning banter with Kazahaya. There was always chocolate he could slip out of the back room. At 8:05. Five minutes after he was supposed to be stocking items. Five. Minutes. Late.
“Fuck! I'm late! Rikuo, you bastard, it's all your fault!”
Yes. He could certainly do without breakfast.