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Ganondorf versus Green Goblin

Chapter 1
“Ha! Ha! HA!” the Green Goblin flew about throwing his pumpkin bombs about and blowing everything up in New York City.
“Hold it right there Gobby!” Green Goblin spun around on his Goblin Glider to see his usual enemy, Spider-Man.
“Spider-Man! Glad you could make it!!” he pulled out a strange ball and tossed it at the web slinger. The ball was a time traveling device Oscorp had been working on for years, the Goblin managed to snag it before it went for sale. The time travel mechanism allowed anyone who got caught in its explosion to be sent somewhere in time. The device fell onto the ground and its time limit started ticking. Spidey took no chances and slung a web from his wrist at the menacing Goblin. The web caught him and swung him around. As the web released him, he hovered above the strange device, which was just about to reach its time limit. Spider-Man let off one more web onto the Green Goblin's facemask and blinded him, just as the timer went off and the device exploded. The fire from the ball erupted and engulfed everything in a ten-foot diameter, even the Goblin. Spider-Man paused when the smoke cleared up, and nothing was there except a smoldering crater.
“Great, now he's escaped.” He looked up to the high skyscrapers and slung another web. He took off into New York again, looking for where the Goblin went.
The peaceful ranch of Lon Lon Ranch, where Malon did her chores cheerfully and took care of the animals, nothing unusual was happening that early morning. Malon was grooming the horses, Talon was sleeping, and Ingo was working in the cuckoo pen. Suddenly a gap was breached in the middle of the ranch and a green figure with a glider fell from it. Smoke and dust rose into the sky as the Green Goblin lay on the ground moaning in pain. Malon quickly dropped the brush she was grooming a horse with and ran over to the strange man in the strange costume.
“Are you alright?” Malon asked, staring into the Goblin's evil yellow eyes. She nearly jumped out of her shoes when the Goblin leaped up and started to look around.
“Where'd the Web Head go?” he paused and stared at Malon, and her kind of clothing, “Oh God! I got caught in the bomb!” as he huffed around complaining, Malon tried to calm her visitor down and gently set her hand on his shoulder. He spun around quickly and glared at her, his yellow eyes burning through her soul like a hot knife through butter. The toothy grin of the Goblin's plastic mask made Malon feel even more uncomfortable as he slowly approached her.
“Who…who are you?” she asked.
“Who am I?” the glider sprung to life and flew over to them. The Goblin leaped onto his little toy and he laughed, “Well my dear…I'm the Green Goblin!” he turned the glider to the cow shed and fired a rocket that took off and with one hit, the shed exploded. The Goblin laughed his sinister laugh again and lowered the glider so he was eye to eye with the terrified young woman, “Know my name child…and fear it!” an arrow shot off and hit the glider head on. The glider started to spark like crazy and took off, black smoke choking out of the exhaust pipe. The Goblin started getting dizzy as the glider flew about and finally died. The glider fell down to the ground landed somewhere in the trees that surrounded the ranch. Malon looked over to the ranch entrance to see Link with his bow.
“Link!” Malon screamed and ran over to him and gave him a big hug.
“Who was that guy?” Link asked.
“I don't know. He calls himself the Green Goblin.”
“Hmm…catchy.” He looked over to the trees and saw the smoke coming up into the sky, “Let's find this, Green Goblin.” As they ran over to the trees, they heard the crackly voice from the shadows.
“So…Link is it?” suddenly the Goblin emerged from the shadows with his glider already fixed up. Link and Malon ducked just before the glider decapitated them. The glider made a sharp turn around and laughed once again. Two sharp blades extended from the front of the glider as he made another swoop over them. This time he managed to cut Malon's back barely, but enough to make he cry out in pain. Link rose up and threw his boomerang at the menace. The boomerang hit him directly in the head. The Goblin grew dizzy as the glider once again spun out of control, so much, that the Goblin couldn't control it. As it sped away from the ranch, Link heard the Goblin shout.
“We'll meet again Link!!” Link didn't pay attention to his cry and looked at Malon's back, it was bleeding badly.
“Malon, go into your home and get some bandages on that wound, and stay inside!” he ran off.
“Wait! Where are you going?” Malon asked through her pain.
“I have to warn Zelda about this guy.” And he ran off again.
* * *
Hours after the Green Goblin attacked, Princess Zelda looked in her mirror as she brushed her golden hair, unaware of what troubles plagued the kingdom. Outside of the castle, Link ran as hard as his legs could carry him to the gates, there, two guards looked at him.
“Master Link, looks like you were running from a ghost or something.” One said.
“I…I must speak with Zelda.” Link said trying to catch his breath.
“I'm sorry Link, but she's having a dinner meeting tonight and she isn't available at all today.”
“But, the kingdom's in danger!” Link said frantically.
“Don't worry Link, if it's not Ganondorf, then we have nothing to worry about. Because we have you to save us every time.” The two guards began laughing at the man in green as he stormed off.
Out in the dry Gerudo Valley, a group of Moblins and a witch, who were all loyal followers of the evil king, Ganon, found the sacred jewel that rested upon Ganondorf's head. With this sacred gem recovered, it was possible to revive the king of thieves once more. One of the Moblins gently set its master's jewel on the sand and backed away as the witch chanted in an ancient tongue some spell to revive the dead to walk, just by having one of their belongings. The jewel glowed and the Moblins started to cheer by the thought of their master returning but not before they heard a strange whizzing sound. Suddenly a small round object landed right next to Ganondorf's jewel and the sphere glowed a bright green, followed by an evil cackle in the heavens. Every Moblin looked up and saw nothing. Then the ball exploded and every Moblin and the witch were engulfed in flames. The Green Goblin flew around from behind a cliff laughing his head off, which stopped when he spotted a lone figure, standing in the smoke and fire. As the smoke cleared away, a tall man stood alone in the destruction, looking around, wondering what happened.
“What happened to this place?” Ganondorf Dragmire demanded, suddenly he spotted the Goblin and glared at him, “Who are you?” he growled. The Goblin lowered his glider and crouched down to get a better look at the desert man.
“May I ask who are you?” he snapped.
“I asked you first!” Ganondorf said smugly. The Goblin rose his glider and cocked his head.
“The name's Green Goblin. And I'm gonna take you down. Now before I teat you apart piece by bloody piece, what is your name?”
“Ganondorf Dragmire, the king of evil!!” the Goblin crossed his arms.
“Is that so? You don't look like a king or look evil, with all that jewelry on and all.”
“Why you! I'll kill you with a flick of my wrist!” Ganondorf kicked up a rock and snatched it with his hand, and then he threw it with tremendous strength. The rock hit the Goblin in the head and he fell from his glider, falling onto the hard, rocky land.
“Ow…” Ganondorf hovered over the Goblin.
“You know, your green costume reminds me that I need to kill some boy.” His cape spun with him as he turned around. The Goblin leaped to his feet and jumped onto his glider just as it sped by. He flew over and in front of Ganondorf, staying inches away from his face.
“Does by any chance that boy you talk about wear a lot of green and a green sock for a hat?” Ganondorf rolled his head, popping his neck.
“Yes, why?”
“I believe I had an encounter with this sock-wearing elf boy you speak of. Quite a pesky little elf.”
“Hylian.” Ganondorf corrected. The Goblin rose to his feet on the glider.
“Who cares, he's a dead man anyway.”
“Yes, and I shall kill him personally.” The Goblin shook his head.
“You know nothing about how to strike do you? Just go in and fight'em, he's going to know you'll do that!” Ganondorf cocked an eyebrow.
“Isn't that how everyone does it?” the Goblin flew around laughing at him.
“No Fool! You attack him at his heart! Mess with the ones he loves!” Ganondorf smiled.
“I might need you.”
“That's right!”