Legend Of Zelda Fan Fiction / Spiderman Fan Fiction ❯ Ganondorf vs. Green Goblin ❯ Final Blows ( Chapter 3 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Night fell on the kingdom of Hyrule, Hyrule Castle Town was unaware of what had happened at the castle, let alone what the Goblin was planning next. As the villagers lit the torches around town that hung from the cottages, Link ran from the castle towards the well-lit town. From the top of the Temple of Time at the town, Zelda slowly awoke. Oblivious that she was atop the highest building next to the castle in the entire kingdom. Slowly she rose to her feet, noticing that Malon lay motionless next to where she was placed. She next noticed that her side had been bandaged up and her bleeding ceased. When she looked over the edge of the temple, she felt sick and backed away,
“Whe…where am I?” she stuttered to herself. As the villagers went about their lives, they heard the strange hum of an engine. They all looked up and saw the Green Goblin flying about, laughing at them,
“What's that?” one of the villagers asked,
“Hmm…maybe its something new the castle sent for.” Another suggested. The Goblin turned the glider around sharply and sped towards Zelda. Zelda grew pale and ducked, barely missing the glider's deadly blades. The crowd below figured it was some sort of a show and started to clap,
“Hey, the princess showed up. It must be a celebration.”
“No! Stop!!” Link appeared and pointed at Zelda, “The Green Goblin up there kidnapped Zelda!” the people laughed at him. Up at the top of the temple, Zelda looked down on the people and easily recognized Link's clothing,
“Link!!” she shouted and waved her arms. Link looked up and saw her waving at him,
“Zelda look out!” Zelda looked behind and screamed,
“Hello my dear!” the Goblin reached forward and grabbed her,
“Zelda!!” Link screamed. The villagers had no idea this was real life and continued to be amused by the acts. The Goblin hopped off the glider and grabbed Malon. Then he walked up to the edge of the temple, holding both girls in each hand,
“This is why heroes never win Link! Cause you never know when some lunatic might come along and screw everything up for you!!” Link felt tremendous rage towards the Goblin and wanted him dead at that very moment, “Think of it this way Hero, I chose my path and you chose yours…” Link felt his heart sink with his final words, “We all must choose our destiny Link, oh hero of this land…NOW CHOOSE!!!” he let go of both girls and leaped onto his glider. It was this event that the villagers finally realized this was no performance. Link ran as fast as he could to the temple. A dark orb appeared around Zelda and ceased her falling. Now that Zelda was safe, Link ran for Malon and just before she fell to the ground, he dived and caught her, the both of them rolling on the ground until they slowly came to a stop. The Goblin growled and flew his glider down to Zelda, trapped in the dark orb, “Where is that smug little mother fu-“
“Hey Goblin!” he spun around on the glider to see Ganondorf floated just in front of him,
“Speak of the devil!”
Link smiled as he looked at Malon, who still lay unconscious. He shook her,
“Alright Malon, wake up.” But she didn't move, “Malon?” Link said, feeling his heart sink again, “Malon…wake up!” but she didn't move. The impact when Link caught her must've killed her. Link's eyes filled with tears and he glared up at the Green Goblin and Ganondorf,
“Tear him to shreds!!” he shouted. Ganondorf smirked,
“It was foolish of you to return the Triforce to the princess.” The Goblin laughed,
“Don't you think I took it from her again before I dropped her? If I let her keep both pieces when she fell, she would have still survived when she hit the ground!” he cocked his head and tapped his mask,
“Hmph, it appears I don't give you the credit you deserve.” Ganondorf said calmly,
`I guess not!” The Goblin lunged forward and they clashed once again. Link picked up Malon's limp body, crying over her and looked up to the battle. Zelda had the best seat in the entire town as the Green Goblin rammed into Ganondorf with his glider and sped into the temple, shattering the large glass window above the entrance. Ganondorf managed to punch the Goblin off his glider as they fell down to where the Master Sword rested in its pedestal. Ganondorf leaped on top of the Goblin and pummeled him viciously. With a mighty kick, the Goblin thrusted his feet into Ganondorf's chest and sent the Gerudo flying across the room, stopping against the Master Sword. Once the sword's power to repel evil touched Ganondorf, it shocked him and he was fried alive, until the Goblin leaped in and punched him into the air. Ganondorf landed with a loud thud onto the tiled floor of the temple and staggered to his feet. Then, with a great leap, the Green Goblin lunged forward and lashed out with his foot while still in midair, kicking Ganondorf away and crashing into the doors and shattered them. The Goblin made another lunge at Ganondorf and snatched his wrist before he could get back up,
“Tell me, what happens when I collect all three pieces of this Triforce?” he asked. The glowing in Ganondorf's wrist slowly vanished and his immortality disappeared with it,
“Why you little…” he growled and attempted to punch the Goblin. The green maniac caught his fist chuckling,
“Heh, look's like your power's all used up!” and he punched Ganondorf away like it was nothing. The glider flew around and he jumped onto it. Staring at his hand, he asked,
“Now what?” suddenly his hand glowed golden and the three pieces of the Triforce appeared in front of him, it floated up towards the top of the Temple of Time where it waited for one to grant his or her deepest desires. The Goblin flew up to the Triforce and circled it, “Hmm…that seemed like a waste of time.” He looked down at the powerless Ganondorf and laughed. Like a flash of lightening, he flew down, ramming into his enemy and sending him into a cottage, absolutely obliterating it. The villagers screamed and tried to run back to their homes, while the Goblin played around with them and tossed pumpkin bombs all around. Suddenly, from the smoldering wreckage of the cottage, two burning red eyes glared through the smoke and debris,
“You know Goblin…you haven't even seen my most powerful form!” The Goblin turned his attention from the villagers to the two red eyes glaring at him,
“What's your new form? A warthog?” suddenly the pig-like Ganon emerged from the smoke and roared at the Goblin, his rusty pitchfork in hand, “Whoa!! What a wild guess!” Ganon swiped the pitchfork around and whacked Goblin clean off his glider. Next he stomped over towards him with his goat-like hooves. Towering over the lunatic's tiny figure, Ganon swung his pitchfork again and gave a deadly blow to the Goblin's head. Recovering from the hog's mighty blow, the Goblin tossed another of those flying razors. The razors seemed to just fly into Ganon's armor and thick hide and bounce off, “Oh boy.” Goblin gasped.
Link carried Malon's limp body over to the side of the temple and set her down gently, and ran up to where Zelda still rested in the orb,
“Link! How do I get out of here?” she asked,
“I don't know.” He looked over to Ganon, beating the guts out of the Green Goblin, “Maybe if I seal him away again, his magic will wear off.”
“Or…” Zelda looked up at the Triforce, glowing proudly at the top of the Temple of Time. Link and Zelda gave each other a quick glance before Link ran inside of the temple.
“Oh God!!” Goblin screamed as Ganon picked him up and threw him across the town, wrecking even more of the temple as the Goblin crashed through it, Link had to dodge the rocks and bricks that crumbled down on into the temple. Ganon made a deep, evil laugh before he stomped over towards the temple to finish what he started. Suddenly he saw the Goblin on his Goblin Glider swoop around the temple and extend those wicked blades. Ganon roared out in pain as the Goblin slashed across his shoulder and whizzed by. The Goblin turned around sharply cackling.
“This little piggy went shopping. This little piggy went home. And this little piggy went BOOM!!!” he fired off two rocket from under the glider's wings and they flew full speed into Ganon, blowing the evil king away in an epic blast.
Link climbed to the top of the temple and stood before the legendary Triforce. His mind puzzled on what to wish for, to revive Malon, to release Zelda from her prison, to get rid of the Goblin and Ganon for good. Finally he placed his hand on the golden power.
Below, the Green Goblin and Ganon continued to fight viciously, the Goblin shooting bullets and rockets at Ganon as well as throwing pumpkin bombs and Ganon swatted him away like he was a simple fly.
“Gods of the Triforce…” Link announced. Ganon froze.
“The Triforce! No!” he started towards the temple but the Goblin shot out a wire-thin noose and it wrapped itself around Ganon's throat. The Goblin flew away and the noose tightened, bringing Ganon down with a devastating fall. Link continued to ponder what to wish for.
“I wish…I wish for this land to be rid of these foul villains!” the Goblin heard a little bit of what Link was doing and stared at Ganon.
“He's wishing us away!” he flew straight at Link's position, “That little twerp is wishing us away like we're a dream.” Before he could reach Link, he rammed into some kind of barrier and the glider buzzed away like a fly too close to a bug zapper. He looked down and saw Zelda with a grin on her face, “Why you little brat!” he flew down to her. Ganon started towards Link but also got shocked by the barrier Zelda created, “I'm going to kill you nice…and slowly.” The green maniac growled, tapping on Zelda's barrier. Zelda looked up at Link.
“Link hurry!” she shouted.
“I wish for everything to be just like it was before this very day, and for Hyrule to never see the likes of any of these two beasts again!!” Link's wish was fulfilled and the Triforce glowed brightly, blinding Link. Then suddenly, the Triforce detached and floated up to the heavens. Ganon looked up and roared.
“NO!!!!! Not again!” he slowly began to vanish. The Goblin glared at Zelda.
“Why you…” the Goblin growled at her. But just as the shield slowly vanished like Ganon, Zelda fell but the Goblin grabbed her. He held up an activated pumpkin bomb, “Before I leave, I'm gonna cram this into your mouth!” but gradually his grip on her seemed less and less until Zelda simply passed through his hand. Zelda fell onto the ground and looked up to the Goblin spinning around in circles, freaking out. Ganon roared a final cry at Link.
“I'll return!! I always come back!!” and his body was reduced to nothing but dust and his pitchfork. The Goblin glared at Link and sped up to him, those glider blades extended. He passed clean through Link and spun around fast.
“What?!” his glider disappeared from under him, “Don't think you'll get rid of me this easily! I'll be back. If I came here once, I can do it again!!” he threw his head back and let loose an evil cackle before his body disappeared and along with his head. Link and Zelda stared at each other from the temple as a white light flashed before them and they disappeared.
“Hey Malon, what have you been doing today?” Link asked as he rode up on his horse into the stables where Malon groomed a horse.
“Oh nothing, I saw some kind of a hole appear in the sky and some rocks fell from it but other than that, just chores.”
“Really? That sounds weird. I don't think I've ever seen that happen.” Link said.
“Yeah, it was only two or three seconds too, so I didn't get that good of a look at it anyway.” Link nodded.
“That's neat.”
The Green Goblin appeared from another warp hole into New York City. He looked around in his scenery and furled his fists, growling.
“They got rid of me! No one can do that to me!” suddenly he was pinned into the street by a familiar figure.
“Hey Gobby, I thought I lost you there bud.”
“Aw great…now Spider-Man.”
“What about me? Aw…did you miss me while you were gone for five minutes?”
“What? Five minutes?!” he laid his hand over his yellow eyes, “Ah, forget it.” Spider-Man put his foot off the Goblin.
“Okay, are you going to come along like a good boy now?” the glider flew around and the Goblin leaped onto it.
“What do you think Web Head?” and he flew away, back into his familiar surroundings of New York City.
The End
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