Legend Of Zelda Fan Fiction ❯ The Legend of Link: Lucky Number 13 ❯ A Couple's Union Pt. 02: The More Things Change. . . ( Chapter 21 )

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Chapter Twenty-one

"When can I take this thing off?" Nabooru asked, impatiently awaiting the grandiose sight of her honeymoon locale. Although she heard the birds and what sounded like running water, she'd never been to a beach, so she couldn't identify the sounds in conjunction with each other.

"Take it off," Link instructed. "How does it look?" he asked as soon as the scarf came from around her eyes.

An island with no trees, people, or anything but water … water that stretched as far as her eyes could see in every direction. In other words, it was a desert with white sand instead of brown and a very, very large oasis. Disappointing to say the least, considering she was now property of the supreme deity. Now, how to break it to him that, as beautiful as it all was, everything was still one ultimate let down?

"It's … nice."

Pretending to be hurt by her lack of enthusiasm, Link asked, "What's wrong with it?"

Gee, what wasn't wrong? Could it be the fact they had nowhere to sleep? Or perhaps it was the fact they were the only ones there?

Scratch the last one, she thought.

"We don't have anywhere to sleep," Nabooru told him, "and I imagine those birds are going to want to land eventually. And being pecked to death …" Nabooru paused, recalling the fact that her life wouldn't end. "Well, being pecked by a bunch of mangy birds on my honeymoon isn't what I'd call fun."

"Then," he began, just as he turned her around to face him, "what would you like?"

Nabooru was obviously caught off guard by his question, as she was so used to Link simply changing things when he felt like it and all. To Link her stiff reaction confirmed something he'd been sensing for a while-he used his power too often and too bluntly. Things changed, and then he'd check to see if it was okay to change them, which was the wrong order. Thousands of ideas were bursting and coming to life inside of his head every second of every day and with them came the urge to act. More than that, acting without care or concern for the people around him was a thing the Goddesses did. They just changed things in people's lives because they could rather than checking to see if it was okay. Sure, he was among the omnipotent ranks, but it didn't mean he had to be an ass about it.

"Don't look so surprised," he mused in a dry little chuckle. "I figured it was time I asked first. Sorry I didn't before," Link said apologetically.

Nabooru, as was becoming her habit, had nothing to say. It was who he was-a god-but she didn't identify with the guilt he seemed to take in being one, and rest assured that's what he was apologizing about. Even though it seemed like he was apologizing for his heavy-handed actions, she knew Link was pretty much saying, "Sorry about being a god."

Nevertheless, all of his additions, whether asked for or not, were done with everyone's benefit in mind. If anything, the only problem she could argue against his instant gifts would be laziness. Why work for it when Link would just hand it over? And the more she thought about that, Nabooru wasn't sure if he inspired laziness or relaxation.

After years spent worrying about whether or not Ganondorf would wipe the Gerudo out only to transition into a period of waiting for Twinrova or the new Hyrulean government to do it, there had been nothing but endless tension in the women of Gerudo Valley. However, the longer Link stayed, the happier the populace seemed to get. There wasn't a reason in the world for him to feel guilty, not by her count. They had food. They had shelter. And, after all that time, she finally had her own bathroom! No more lines! No more hair in her brush that wasn't hers!

Nabooru shook her head to focus on the issue at hand.

Standing on her tiptoes, she gently cupped Link's face between her hands and kissed him. "Don't worry about it," she said, enjoying the placating effect she had on him as much as he did. "It's not like you turned everyone into sex slaves or anything. You helped out around the house, there's no harm in that. And who could blame you for wanting to get familiar with your powers? You've missed the better part of your life to become acquainted with them, so I can understand the slight overuse."

"What do you mean overuse …?" Link asked, playfully goading her along.

"You turn parts of the ground into chairs when an actual chair is two feet away." Nabooru twisted her lips into a victorious smirk, as he floundered for an excuse.

Lips and brain spinning for a poignant retort, Link could only admit defeat: "Point made."

After a few minutes of silent contemplation, Nabooru was struck with a bevy of ideas, but decided on one to take advantage of their isolated situation. She instructed Link in the construction of a modest one-level house in much the same way that her ring was customized. For a more open feel, it contained no more than the four primary weight-bearing walls, leaving the interior as one big room. No glass or screens shielded any of the five windows; instead, she desired sheer lace curtains because there was something soothing about the scent of the air there. Doors were also cast by the wayside to complete the desired atmosphere. By the end, Nabooru had recreated the one house she'd ever really studied-the Archery Game House in Kakariko Village.

"Mind if I add something?" Link asked, becoming aware of how close they built it to the water.

"I swear, if you start asking for my permission to do every little magical thing I'll find a way to hurt you."

"Okay," Link said, sticking his tongue out at her, exposing its … uniquely elongated form.

Nabooru (along with most other people that'd seen his tongue) had found it openly weird when they were simply friends. She had been so startled by it the first time that the almighty Nabooru shrieked. Needless to say, that it didn't make him feel exactly normal, as that had been almost as big of an issue among his childhood detractors as the missing fairy. Probably explains why I didn't talk as much on the first run through the time gauntlet, Link thought.

"What is it?" Nabooru asked shyly, as he stared at her with that silly grin on his face.

"Nothing," Link replied, laughing as he surrounded the house by a wooden porch. It needed something more, he thought. All in one motion the house rose off the ground, guided by Link's will, and sat poised upon four wooden stalks with a lone staircase leading up to the front of the porch. "There, now when the tide comes in, we won't wake up underwater."

Nabooru looked back at the ocean and then up at Link, and asked: "By tide, you mean the water? It can come up here?"

"Yep, on both counts," he replied, perhaps a tad bit oblivious to Nabooru's unvoiced concerns.

"Is the house high enough then?" she asked, a feeling of dread beginning to creep in, as her surroundings looked less beautiful and more deadly. Her emotional distress ran up Link's spine that time; she was a bit afraid.

"Considering the tide will come in and be about 3 feet deep, we're probably too high," Link added. He'd skillfully bridged that gap between negating her fears without compromising her pride, which had become an intricate part of their relationship. "And now," he said, suddenly swooping Nabooru up into his arms, "we go inside!"

She folded her arms over her chest, as she was carried up the steps, admonishing a falsely petulant glare at her husband. "Oh, and you just assume we'll go inside and fuck like animals?" Link's stride paused close to the top of the stairs, as he took a long, expectant stare at his new bride. It was no secret that Nabooru was physically attracted to him, but those feelings seemed to multiply every time they were close. Try as she might, Nabooru couldn't exactly keep up the façade under Link's hedonistic gaze. "You're an evil bastard, you know that?" She smiled, draping her arms around his neck, before giving him a quick peck on the lips.

Link continued up the stairs, adding: "Me? Evil? I thought I was 'Oh, God Link' good." He laughed as she snapped her teeth on the end of his nose, unfazed by his emulation of her voice during the throws of passion … a couple of months ago. It had been that long? They looked at each other in a silent confirmation that the same thing was on both of their minds.

It had been awkward note that'd ended their last encounter, even odder than the usual apprehension toward ending her life and the child's. They'd been in the kitchen discussing where the wedding should take place and how she'd make her dress compensate for her rapidly expanding waistline, Nabooru remembered. Then, somehow, someway, despite feeling as though she looked like a tub of chicken fat, Nabooru found herself being lifted out of her seat, as Link kept trying to make her relax. She'd protested, insisting that the wedding had to be flawless, but found herself questioning the weird look in his eyes.

"Link," she'd shouted in a sharp whisper, "we can't do that here! Someone could walk in …"

His response …?

"I don't care."

The bastard stood right there and brought her off with his fingers, Nabooru thought with a small smirk. She needed more after that, and Link felt compelled to give it to her in spades. Considering the after effects of his fingers were still coursing through her, Nabooru couldn't walk. Ah, but that wasn't a problem. Link had slid his hands under the contours of her ass and lifted, allowing Nabooru to wrap her legs around him like a fine cloak. Unfortunately, for the sleeping household, they couldn't move more than a few feet at a time before a swell of lust caught hold and they had to grind it out of each other against a wall and maybe a door … or several.

Despite the ruckus, one thing was clear that night: Link was on.

That usual lascivious look he held in his eyes when she was naked was there, but that hint of restriction that tended to surround him when they made love was absent. The usual command Link wielded was replaced by something more … something quite possibly animal, and Nabooru loved it. As ugly as she felt she was becoming, Link seemed intent to disprove that was the case. If he wanted to change positions, he did it-and not with the usual awkward pause to gauge whether or not she was hurt. It was as though Link couldn't control the effects her flesh had on him and wouldn't stop until she knew that. Even as he went well beyond her established safety limits and her heart beat so fast that it hurt, Nabooru remembered begging him never to stop … to fuck her until she was dead!

And that's when Link stopped.

"Not even on my worst day," he'd told her, before abruptly pulling out and holding her like a small child would its teddy bear.

The most lethal person she'd ever met and he wouldn't even make love until it killed her? It was hard to understand in the moment, because all she remembered thinking was that Link could bring her back … and that incredible shiver racing between her thighs was doing the brunt of that thinking. Nabooru was infuriated until she gathered her wits and thought about it. A few of the women had told her of the events that took place after her death, a few variations here and there, but one thing was definite: Violence toward Nabooru was not allowed.

Link had disemboweled his father without a second thought, kept him alive throughout the process even … and then decapitated him. And if that was the punishment saved for his father, knowing Link, he would inflict the same on himself tenfold mentally for killing her. Reversible or not, dead was dead on some level.

In this realization, another memory was triggered: It was the talk with Varia.

"You'd expect a man to be full of rage after watching his family be slaughtered," her first in command had told her the following day, "but he was calm … spooky calm. Hell, if it was rage at least that poor bastard could've gotten off with a sword through the heart or something mercifully quick. But Link was just-I don't even know what to call that. I mean, he looked so dead after you were gone. He cut his own father from his throat to his ass, and didn't blink about it … just sort of stared. There's no hope for the soul that raises a hand to you … no hope at all." Varia hadn't been that shaken since Sepaaru's birth brought about the death of her mother, Nabooru had noticed before landing back in the present.

And on his end, Link was thinking along the same lines, but more about the promise he'd made at the reception. Nabooru was so incessant about being treated like Zelda that it was almost frightening to him in some ways. What was worse was his desire to make love to her like that-unrestricted, not worried about if this was too much or was that. But the penalties were so great now … too great now. Pounding on Zelda from dusk till dawn, on a good day, only meant the queen would need a cold bath to ease the swelling. Pounding Nabooru from dusk till dawn, with godly ease, and she'd be a corpse around midnight and a pile of mush by morning.

However, she'd experienced it that night. Nabooru had seen a glimpse of what he and Zelda did so regularly for years. The singular focus, the disregard for tomorrow, the total immersion in the now-Nabooru had felt it, smelled it, tasted it, and every time they came anywhere close to sex after that, she brought it up. Link never had an answer, though, because that desire was always there with him, and he couldn't afford to lose control like that again. So he just sat on one answer or the other, which pretty much killed the passion dead.

He'd never expressed it, but ever since the Goddesses had told him about his state of orgasmic incompatibility with her, he'd been in a state of physical strain. Link likened it to having his favorite food put directly in his mouth and being told not to chew or swallow-a veritable impossibility. He, just like most of the male Hylian populace, found his wife attractive. But only he had ever felt Nabooru emotionally and intimately. Only he knew the absolute beauty of being inside of her-the feel of her body, sweaty and hot against him, writhing and moaning while her insides held him with an insatiable hunger.

And it all came to a screeching halt.

First, it was the whole god thing. Then, there was the outlandish-although it was probably gravely naïve to think otherwise-news that being a god meant he could kill her. Last, but certainly the most annoying aspect of it all, was the fact that he had the power to correct it but just didn't know how. Well, the last one was totally true. Mulling over the night he'd lost control, Link had stumbled upon something, a solution maybe. His entire mindset was focused on Nabooru-being with her, touching her, feeling her, and nothing else. The Goddesses said he existed on quite literally every plane of being at once, and they all pulled for his attention so to speak, but in that one moment in time, he pushed all of that aside to be solely wherever Nabooru was.

True, his physical body was still more durable than hers ever would be, but without his body being tugged from plane to plane, the vibrations would cease. And if the vibrations ceased, not only would Nabooru's heart not explode from the stress of handling that many orgasms, he could actual fuck without paranoia again. Of course, he still had to find the perfect balance of concentration and reckless abandon to prevent hurting her, but that was a hell of a lot better than worrying himself to death. Bleh, Link thought, theory or not, I'm not leaving this island until I get laid!

As matching smirks appeared on the couple's faces, it seemed that one way or the other, on an island that Link made in the middle of the Great Bay, sexual frustration was going to be eased. Shifting in his arms, Nabooru easily pulled Link into a kiss full of implied meaning.

"You know, I don't think we'll make it inside if you keep this up."

Smiling with a sly overtone, she said, "Would that be such a bad thing?"

Link shook his head no while taking the brief moment of clarity to walk into the house. It was noticeably barren.

"Bed …?" Link asked plainly, refusing to look at anything but her.

"Just pick something. I didn't go through all the trouble of making this dress to keep it on, you know."

On that note, the first bed that popped into his mind crashed in the center of the room. Nabooru had to admit the man was quick, very quick. Soon, he'd laid her down, and went to work peeling her shoes off. Even that was done with a surprising haste that had his wife wondering if she'd emphasized speed more than sensual pleasure. And when it looked as though Link had grabbed her right ankle and yanked it skyward, so that he could dive in unhampered, he instead kissed her foot.

"Cut that out!" she squealed, all the while Link ran his tongue across the arch of her foot. Slowing down just enough to let her stop laughing, Link slowly pressed his thumbs into the ball of her foot, admiring how smooth it was in contrast to the unforgiving climate it'd come up in. A languid sigh passed through her lips, as weeks of stress about the wedding were relieved at the tips of his fingers.

"Is it bad that I'm happy the wedding's over?" Nabooru asked with a little hum.

Link regarded the statement with little thought, but replied: "No. Is it bad that I'm amazed your feet aren't sweating after being in those shoes all day?"

"No, but you should know that it takes more than that to make me sweat," Nabooru said in turn, flashing a lustful little smile at him when he looked down at her.

"Like …" Link coasted, kissing slowly from her ankle to the back of her heel.

Nabooru exhaled a long, deep sigh out of her nose. "Not even close," she laughed, as Link's eyebrows arched as though asking, "Oh, really?"

Undeterred, Link arduously began to kiss down her athletic leg. He stopped to nibble the bend of her knee, which made Nabooru giggle. Nibbles turned into slow licks from his tongue, as he trailed it down to her thigh. She gasped, biting her lip a hair's second after he'd heard, and froze. "And now …?" His voice came out in that deep, syrupy whisper that made her shiver. From the back of her thigh to the inside, Link kissed and sucked until Nabooru couldn't be quiet any longer. "I think I'm getting closer," he chuckled.

"Oh, shut up," Nabooru found resolve to say, even as he began to fumble with the knot at the side of her skirt.

Looking up at him through lidded eyes, she couldn't help but admire the skill his tongue possessed as it made her moan with so little effort. However, the knowledge of where he'd honed those skills still lingered in the back of her mind, as was the woman's name that he'd perfected them. Instead of frowning at the swirling mass of doubts, petty confusion, and childish hopes, Nabooru was … thankful.

When put into logical terms, or terms logical enough for a woman about to be crammed full of tongue, Zelda could be seen as the training dummy. Link got the bearings down on what to do and what not to do to a woman from Zelda in preparation for the real woman he loved-which was Nabooru herself. So he didn't fuck her like some kind of wanton whore. It didn't mean that Link didn't love her any less than he did Zelda. It just meant he liked to take his time with her, and was that really such a bad thing? As his tongue slipped fluidly past her under garments and sank into the warm, tingling spot of flesh, Nabooru bit her lip and shook her head no.

Fuck getting it like Zelda, Nabooru thought, squirming as he mercilessly teased her with his tongue. Right now, she just wanted it. Slow, fast, long, short-it really didn't matter.

"Hurry up," she groaned, pawing feebly at her husband's tunic. Link remained silent, evading her hands and painting the outer edges of her pussy with his tongue. Nabooru briefly laughed as he swore at the knot she'd tied to keep her skirt up, but sighed happily once it was undone. Now all that remained were the purple panties, which meant they were going to be gone in a few seconds.

"Three, two, one …" she counted to herself, which ended at the exact moment the garment was torn from her body. "I don't know why I even wasted money buying those," she muttered, knowing damn well Link wouldn't respond to idle chitchat now. So, there she lay completely naked from the waste down, and more importantly, three or four inches away from his mouth.

He spread her legs as wide as they'd go, dangling his long tongue just over her pussy like a pink pendulum. It swayed back and forth counting down the moment to her orgasmic destruction, and time never seemed to pass more slowly than it did when he teased her like that. Nabooru twisted her fists in the sheets as Link swooped in … and then out without laying a single caress on her skin. He rolled her up some, balancing her weight on her neck and shoulders as he licked his lips. The very idea that he'd do this to her had Nabooru a bit curious.

"Stop playing with me," Nabooru whined, her lower lip puckered in a pout. "Ugh … shit," she hissed, as Link slid his tongue into her flesh and twirled it ever so slightly. He pressed his lips to her pussy as his tongue slithered back into his mouth, sucking on her clit hard until she spat his name like a curse. It almost hurt … but it felt so good … so damn good.

Link whispered, "I think I'm close now." The warmth of his breath made her entire body shiver and rise with chill bumps, as he kissed her inner thighs in rhythmic tandem, before stroking her with his tongue again.

Nabooru moaned, and nodded vigorously. Link peaked over her thighs, taking his index finger into his mouth and lathering it with his own spit, before holding it over her shimmering womanhood, and letting a lone tendril of fluid spiral down inside of her. As gross as she should've found it, Nabooru found that hot, sticky feeling between her legs growing. In went the tip of his left index finger and with it a thoughtless shriek from Nabooru's lips; she tried to close her legs, but Link wouldn't allow it. So there she was being finger-fucked again-and with fingers as big as Link's, it was almost enough to do the job.

Nabooru whimpered and moaned his name every time he slowed the gyrating finger, only to gasp as he'd curl it inside of her and stroke a part so sensitive, so delicate, so mind-numbingly … He stopped. Before she kicked him in the throat, Link replaced his finger with his tongue across her damp valley, working her clit until Nabooru screamed his name. Even as his bride thrashed her head back and forth, his tongue didn't stop.

"Aaah!" Nabooru screamed violently, as she felt the same wet finger enter a newer, tighter, more forbidden hole. "Link! I … wait …" she fumbled her words, intermittently grunting as her ass was probed.

Link stopped long enough to shush her, shaking his head solemnly as his wife pawed for the digit sliding in and out of her tight little asshole. "You asked me to stop holding back," he whispered, "and I said that I'd stop." He ran his tongue across her clit in a broad, strong stroke, and Nabooru's outstretched hand shook as the chill ran down her spine. "Gloves off, remember," Link murmured into her thighs, as his finger went a little deeper into her ass. "Besides, your ass is too cute not to fuck at least once."

She blushed so furiously that her ears burned, Link's lewd words leaving her at a loss and a tad bit anxious. And to think, she used to think her butt was her worst … asset. Try as she might, there was no real way to turn back now, especially when the choices were so damn hard-stop and complain or shut the fuck up and, well, fuck. How was a woman supposed to decide?

Where once she would've sat on edge to make sure that she wasn't hurt, Nabooru looked up into her husband's colorless eyes and knew she had nothing to fear. He wouldn't hurt her. So, the odd grunts turned back into the placated sighs of old. The little voice in her head that tried to drone on about how wrong having his finger there was had been lost to the perverse rapture of this new stimulus.

She was going to come and come hard at this rate, Link realized with much mirth, his dick pulsing every time she moaned his name. He watched her lower lip begin to tremble, as she reached out and twisted her fists in the sheets, his finger speeding up all the while he began to lap her clit loud enough to draw comparisons to Epona at a stream.

"Aaaah, fuck!" Nabooru screamed, as her thighs slammed together on Link's head and trembled. It was a good idea in orgasm-fighting theory, but when he popped his finger out of her butt and wrapped his arms around her waist and fell backwards, so as to have her riding his face, the Gerudo found that it was far from over. She screamed until her throat hurt, shaking all over as he kept her orgasm alive and well with only his tongue. It was like a sandstorm of overwhelming proportions, seeing her lose even the ability to scream as he worked his tongue in deep.

Slowly, Link released her and Nabooru wilted onto her back, gasping for breath and giggling to herself as if she'd stolen a king's ransom and escaped from a legion of knights by the skin of her teeth.

"So," he began, licking the salty sweet residue she'd left around his mouth, "still no sweat? Tsk, tsk, this just can't be."

Nabooru couldn't talk yet, but the lightheaded laughing let Link know all was well. She knew before everything was said and done, sweating wouldn't be the last thing she did with him. This was soon evident by the sudden weight Nabooru felt on her chest, accompanied by a low squeak the bed emitted in compliance with his shift in weight.

"Are you actually going to keep your boots on?" she asked wearily, noticing he was still completely clothed.

"Well, damn, I know you don't expect me to think straight with you here all naked," he whispered in her ear, kissing her neck sporadically. "Mmmm, I'll make you a deal: You take off one piece of clothing and I'll take off five."

Nabooru hummed as though contemplating the proposition, grinding herself against the bulging column in his tights. As Link caught on and began to reciprocate her actions with grinds of his own, Nabooru almost forgot the proposal he'd made, but her mind eventually focused, if not out of sheer desire then a minor case of cloth burn from the intensity their dry humping was beginning to reach.

"Deal," Nabooru resolved enough to say, just as her hand came to the clasp between her breasts and unhooked it. No sooner than a lightly tanned nipple become visible had Link's clothes-two boots, one tunic, one white dress shirt, and one pair of tights-all vanished, leaving a very solid mass poking at the juncture of her thighs.

Positioned stock-still, Link rubbed the tip of himself into her pussy, eliciting a moan from both their mouths. The rubbing soon gave way, as he gave in to the urge to go inside. The feeling was no less than stellar-hot, slick, and if anything was softer, he'd never felt it. He watched her bite her lower lip, silently stretching to accommodate his girth. As he felt himself reach his limit within her, she pulled him down into a kiss. Link smiled as her tongue sought and achieved a passionate residency within his mouth.

He pulled away slowly to allow her to breathe, but found her lips delicately suckling his tongue, a feeling that caused him to growl and kiss her fiercely. She moaned appreciatively, despite the fact he damn near busted her lip, as his hands began to fondle her breasts, an incredible feat considering he wasn't crushing her with his weight or bearing down any. A sharp breath was forced through her nostrils as he began to rock his hips against hers, driving his dick into the steamy depths of her being.

"Mmmm, Link …" Nabooru moaned, as he suddenly pulled back and pushed into her. She knew getting off would be easy enough, but still, she craved more than the slow thrusts he provided her with. "Go harder … faster …" she whined, squeezing her insides and feeling each and every vein in his dick strain against her.

Link obeyed her commands stiffly, but with an understated control and awareness not to harm her. His balls slapped against her ass as he delivered a few swift thrusts, all quick and all as hard as she could take. He watched as her eyes grew wide and pupils dilated, and noted this all went along with the rigid arch her body took. No sound, no breathing, and if Link didn't hear her heart beat in his head, he'd have thought he had killed her.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!" One long, fevered scream seemed to start at her toes and work its way up and out of her mouth. It was enough to make a man worry … even if it was a subtle stroke to the old ego. Nabooru definitely wasn't dead. Her hands clawed furiously into his back, as her eyes screwed shut and seeped with tears. Link laid there content to watch her ride out the cataclysmic orgasm. Seconds turned into minutes and minutes turned into the handfuls of, and she continued to writhe in the almost painful looking arch she'd taken on. "Ah … uh … oh," she said shakily with the heavy shivers that continued to send an unbelievable sensation from her skin all into a heavenly bliss inside of her.

"Wow, I finally got you to sweat!" Link said in false amazement, which earned a weak frown that turned into a smile that he kissed. "Too hard or too fast?"

She raised an eyebrow at his stupid question, but said: "Don't start that now, please." Her small laugh turned into a low moan as he barely moved himself. She dug her heels into his lower back to let him know to do it again, but to her surprise, Nabooru found herself on all fours and penetrated … all within a dizzying blur. The perks of positions on command, Link thought and then laughed. "Interesting, think I could get a warning before you start throwing me around?" she asked sardonically, as her elbows locked, and her lithe fingers gripped onto the headboard.

"Where would the fun be in that? Especially when it's so much fun in you," Link said, kissing her as she arched her head back and wiggled her ass teasingly at him. He jerked her hips back and plunged further into her pussy than she'd thought possible, and just held it there for a moment, making it jump inside of her.

Nabooru gasped, as Link began with a slow build of jarring thrusts. She could feel his heart throbbing in tandem with the slab trying to squirm its way into her stomach. "Mmmm," she groaned, as her hands slipped from the headboard. Their stride wasn't altered. Taking the initiative, Link wove his arms with hers until they both held the other's forearms. His wife could only scream with even more enthusiasm as he plunged it all in her again and again.

"Damn," Link cursed between clenched teeth, eyes unknowingly glowing like white hot metal, as Nabooru's pussy squeezed his dick from base to tip.

He began to speed up, dropping her arms and wrapping one fist in her hair and leaving the other to clutch her shoulder. Nabooru screamed his name louder and longer each time she said it. It was as though a faucet came on between her thighs, as Link felt the vice grow hotter and moister around him. The pain in her scalp only seemed to stoke Nabooru's fires. Her shapely hips thrust back and around and around for more the harder he pulled. Still, the former hero kept some of his wits about him-and it was so fucking hard-and managed not to rip all of her hair out.

Nabooru's screams continued unhindered as he struck that pleasure point his fingers had found again and again, almost vindictively. It was like he was giving her a multitude of miniature orgasms that all were rolling into one gigantic one. The time of orgasm grew shorter, and as the pumping grew faster and more intense, Link took his wife to that edge where her heart began to pump dangerously fast. She trusted him, though. Even as he pounded against her so hard that her bottom stung, there wasn't any fear.

Link continued on like a machine, adequately aware and pleasurably numb to the course his actions were taking all at the same time. His pace never wavered, and soon he felt the familiar tightening in his groin, as he heard Nabooru's knuckles popping as they held the mattress for support. His hands left her shoulders and slid up her sweaty sides and rested on her breasts. He palmed them, kneaded them affectionately in his large hands, causing her screams to amplify even more as the waves of sensation continued to come in on her. With his rhythm growing sloppier and more urgent, Link found that he too was beginning to sweat … or whatever it was gods did.

"Nab …!" he grunted sharply, folding over and resting his lips on the back of her neck as his cock bucked in orgasm. It sounded as though someone had hit him in the chest with a log. His breath came out in one solitary sound groan, as his balls convulsed and left his final thrust buried deep inside of his wife. Nabooru bit her tongue and shuddered. Her orgasm left her soundless … motionless for a second, only slightly shivering as she felt Link's cock twitch and drop his sperm inside of her. They both lie exhausted where they finished, Link only marginally holding his full weight off of her back, and Nabooru underneath him shaking as his penis continued to deliver minute orgasms and drizzles of sperm to her over-sensitized system.

"C-C-Congratulations, He-Hero," Nabooru said weakly, surprised she'd survived, but never doubting that she would.

He laughed languidly against the back of her head, and asked, "Mmmm, why?"

"Because," she began as Link turned their vertical spooned position horizontal, "you've just ruined me for any other man." It was a bit of an impulsive thing to say, but if there were sexual encounters better than that … someone was a goddamned liar in her mind.

Another deep laugh escaped his throat, as he said, "Good. That leaves only room for one then-and that's me."

"Or two after this," she added with a sly grin, finding the strength to pull herself off his still erect dick and turn over.

As his happy mood continued to dictate, Link's response was laughter, although it was more prolonged this time. Nabooru snuggled into the crook of his arm with a contented sigh, as her laughter quelled. Link was proud of himself. He'd walked the line and didn't give in to temptation to cross it for his own sexual desires.

"Again?" Link asked, watching as Nabooru busied herself running her fingers up and down his dick. Alas, it was only an explorative action he soon realized. She was comfortable with him, and obviously very pleased despite his self-professed freakish transformation. This had easily been the best day of his life. In spite of turning into a 7-foot-tall monster god, colorless, glowing eyes, the ability to make the ground move with mood swings, warping, a dick that took its sweet time deflating, and a list of countless other afflictions, Nabooru still married him.

"It's glowing," Nabooru murmured, shocked but not shocked all in the same moment. "Does that mean it's happy?" she asked, half grinning.

Link stared at his manhood for a moment and just shook his head.

"Well, that's not something you see every day."

And while it didn't gross her out, it was another bodily affliction that made Link himself uncomfortable.

"Well, since I'm happy, it doesn't have a choice in the matter."

Nabooru crooked her head up enough to see him and grinned, before returning her attention to his dick and the effects of her handiwork.

"When did you become so interested in my dick?" he asked, finding his resistance to her soft caresses waning. A stiff grunt left his throat when Nabooru lightly sucked his left nipple.

"I was always interested … you just had other things on your mind," she replied, snapping completely out of sex mode.

That was something Link could never understand about her and, from the looks of things, never would. She could be completely entranced with sexual energy one minute, and then with the slightest diversion, her mind would go elsewhere, even with his physical affection in plain upright view no less. Recalling her dismal past with her mother and Ganondorf, Link was surprised she didn't have deeper hang ups about sex all together, which is probably why he never forced the issue when she grew distracted or uninterested.

"Can you do that at will now?" she asked, as he went completely limp to ease his own stress.

"Pretty much," he told her, as if talking about something remedial, but careful to keep the lid on the embarrassing time he'd spent learning that particular skill. "Certain people still cause it to respond automatically, though." Nabooru didn't miss the squeeze he gave her, and was prepared to act on it until a rush of pain from between her legs interfered. "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure," Nabooru replied, "but only if I can ask you something in return."

Link easily agreed to his wife's terms before asking his simplistic question: "Do you think I'm going to leave you if the sex stinks? I know it sounds weird, but like just a minute ago, you do this thing where you're all ready to go, but then you just walk away at the slightest change in the wind-like a defense mechanism or something."

She stared at him for a bit. That certainly hadn't been the question the queen was expecting. Nabooru's first response was denial, at which time Link sent a burst of about 40 perfectly recalled memories from his mind into hers involving said scenarios. The kicker: None of those were the night of her first time with him. In lieu of that, Nabooru was left down to her least favorite choice, which happened to be the truth.

"It's not just that," she said calmly with a slight sigh. "I still believe you're the best thing going in my life, but I can't deny that I feel you're sometimes the worst, too."

Link coughed, awkwardly coughed, as that kind of stung. "Go on," he said just as calmly as she did.

"I guess you're my Zelda, in a way-that person you'll do anything to anyone for, no matter how stupid, without a second thought-and that's … scary." She paused, running her tongue across her teeth to gather her words. "Up until I met and got to know you, I'd lived my whole life looking out for me. But somewhere along the way, I got stuck on you. I became obsessed with what you thought, where I once didn't give a damn what happened inside anyone's head …"

Link soon interjected by asking, "What's so bad about that?"

Nabooru chuckled to herself, shaking her head dismally. "It was the fact you could hurt me without so much as lifting a finger. Every time you left the valley, I felt like I had this hole right through my gut and it wouldn't close. Then you'd come back, and it'd close, but when you left it would open again. Open, close, open, close, open, fucking close! On and on and on! I was doing everything I knew how to make you stay, but you just kept leaving me … hurting me. No one's ever had that kind of hold on me."

"So, by walking away from me, you're getting even?" It was the question of a man that thought simply, perhaps even naively.

"Of course not," Nabooru sighed. "I do it to protect myself, I guess. Sometimes I get so worked up when we're fooling around that I just get … scared. I feel like I'm going too far … that I'll mess up … that things are going too great for me and that you have too much control over me and you can't possibly feel the same way, and I just get disgusted with myself. So, I take a walk to get my head together."

Obviously, Link didn't quite understand. "Then how come …"

"You work faster than my brain sometimes," Nabooru replied, answering his halved question. "It's hard to over-think something when there's a tongue in your throat." Link laughed as he rolled her onto his chest. Her long, sweaty hair fanned out across his skin like red feathers, tickling him some as she sighed again. "I know it'll be hard for you to believe, but I'm not used to feeling so many emotions."

"Nabooru not used to feeling emotions?" Link gasped. He put his hand to his forehead and feigned fainting, as Nabooru slapped his chest for making light of everything again. "You should know it works both ways." He was serious this time, but Nabooru wasn't following. She felt his fingers interlocking on her lower back before there was a sudden rush of imagery in her head. The flash ended almost as fast as it began, but what Nabooru saw and felt was a glimpse of how far ingrained she was in Link's mind and heart. It all left her panting with a look of disbelief.

"Is it like that every day?" she asked as her breath slowly returned, and Link nodded.

"Yep," he replied with that half-cocked grin. "So, understand, you're not in this alone."

In reply to that, Nabooru's head numbly bobbed up and down as she rested her left ear against his chest. That conviction in his voice wasn't an act she now realized undoubtedly. Every word, every utterance, and every touch he performed came from the deepest parts of his heart. Should've known, she thought idly. Doubting him …

"Ow!" Nabooru yelped as Link slapped her ass. "What the hell was that for?"

"Stop with the negative thoughts, woman," Link chided, rubbing her tingling bottom. "And speaking of asses …"

"Oh, no," she was fast to say even as a wide smile of the lewdest intent came across her face. Nabooru hopped off the bed and Link followed suit. "That thing is not going anywhere near my ass … unless you think you can catch me, slow poke."

Link's left eyebrow peaked, as he and his wife exchanged a look to decipher his odds. To his delight, the odds were in his favor. "Don't let the size fool you; I'm a lot faster than I used to be." Nabooru licked her top lip, before bolting through the door. "Have it your way!" Link shouted after her before giving naked chase to his equally naked wife.