Legend Of Zelda Fan Fiction ❯ The Legend of Link: Lucky Number 13 ❯ For Every Action. . . ( Chapter 10 )

[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]

Chapter Ten

"This will only take a second... and there, all finished."

I must say this is the first time I've actually had my skin sewn up. Did I mention how much this hurts?

"Geez, I could've gone to the Great Fairy in the desert, you know?" I poke at the threads sticking from my arm, as they itch some.

"Stop whining, Hero." Ha… I was going to say something. I'll let you know when she stops bending over. "Dinner…"

Unfortunately, that's all I heard. As of current, the way her behind is moving back and forth… back and forth… and back…

"Huh?" I ask smacking myself away from the "evil" sight. It's official. I need to go swing my sword at something before I fuck a rock or something.

"Hello in there…"


Damn, how'd she sneak up on me like that? Blah, blah, yeah pay attention with my ears. With her ass waving about like that, it's easier said than done.

"You were saying something?" I ask while trying to get back to my feet with some grace having toppled out of my chair like a complete fool.

"I said the bathroom is down the hall," Nabooru informs me. "It'll be the first door on your left."

Yep, she definitely knows what she did to me. I can tell by the sly grin and mock innocence in her voice.

"You made me fall on purpose, didn't you?" I don't bother trying to hide my smile, and neither does she.

"Why whatever do you mean?" Nabooru asks, giving me another look of overacted innocence, and another rearview while picking up her medical tools.

I tell you, I'd like to just grab those hips and just… easy, easy.

"Dinner is in a little while," she says, as I give up the attempt at verbal communication. "Think you can find your way to the dining hall-or should I just come find you?"

"I'll sniff my way there, so don't worry about it."

Nabooru's face briefly contorts in a weird kind of way. She shrugs, and says, "Okay." And with that she leaves me alone to my own devices.

What's bugging her now? What do you mean I'm an idiot? You think she wanted to see me naked. That's why she asked to come get me? Son of a bitch! Why didn't you tell me? Good goddess-is everything out to screw me or what? Well, let me get this sword and stuff off. Boy, I hope I get the relationship wheels back soon, because I wouldn't have missed something so obvious a few years ago. Then again, Zelda was a little too sexually abrupt to play games. So maybe I would've missed the hint back then, too.

What's this? Ah, the famous Saria's soap. I know how to make soap too, but I just like hers more. She always added fruit juices and stuff to make it smell good. My soap is more like the stuff you use to wash clothes, or to get blood and monster goo off of your hands. Suppose I'll tell her that I'm still around after I deal with Twinrova and crew. And I guess I'll wear classic green for dinner, while I'm at it.

"Now, now I go to the baths!" One exclaimed moment about taking a bath in three or four days isn't going to kill you, so just shut up. Hmm, why would they eat dinner so early? It has to be at least four o'clock in the morning by now, but you'd never know it since they don't have a single clock it seems.

She said first door on the left, right? No, I mean right, like, you're right-not your right right. Okay, here we go. Better knock to be safe…

*Knock* *Knock*


No one's in, so I'll be out in a few.

Meanwhile, Nabooru paces around the kitchen in deep thought about Link's behavior.

"Did she make him completely sexually oblivious? No, that's not even a possibility," Nabooru whispered to herself, the stiffness in his tights on the bridge a testament to that.

It took awhile, but she had arrived at a new explanation. Link was being gentlemanly in his approach.

"This is going to take forever," she said stomping her foot into the bedrock floor. "Link probably hasn't had sex since Blondie dumped him, so he must be ready to explode." A devious smile appeared on her, but it fell to uncertainty.

What if we do make love? Nabooru now thought. What if I don't do it right? And what if he hurts me?

Nabooru's pacing stopped, seeing her kick a rather large pot. However, the pain only worked to dull the confusion momentarily.

"I want to do it," she confirmed, "but if he likes it and I really hate it, will he be upset if I don't want to do it again? No! That's something a man would do. Link's better than that… I hope." Nabooru's pace stopped once again, this time as two arms closed around her waist.

"Hello," I whisper into her right ear. She must have been thinking about something really deep not to hear me come in.

"Hello, Hero." Nabooru sighs, leaning back against me. The stiffness has returned, which obviously means something's wrong.

"What were you thinking about?" It seems real convincing asking her that while I'm nuzzling my face in her neck, doesn't it?

"Mmmm, just thinking about this whole Rova situation is all."

Damn. I might as well stop, because I know where this is leading.

"Did you say something?" I could have sworn she said "shit" when I stopped. You're probably right, more wishful thinking on my behalf.

"No, but let's just forget about her, okay?" There's a first, Nabooru taking the high road out of an argument.

"It's already forgotten." The less that moronic pair of idiots is brought up, the happier everything will glide along.

Nabooru turns around in my arms, returning the hug, and says, "Hope you like roast guay."

Wow, a dinner of the bastard birds that used to try to peck my eyes out.

"Uh, weren't they all possessed by Ganondorf's magic?" I love her and all, but come on. Eating black-magic-filled birds isn't my idea of dinner pleasantries.

"They aren't 'possessed,' as you call them. Not anymore. So, let's go take our seats."

Who am I to disagree? A great man once said, "All eyes on me," and I now understand what he meant. The chatter-filled room has suddenly quieted with our entrance. 20 some odd pairs of eyes-multiple variants on the colors yellow and brown-all fixated on me. They're a creepy bunch under torchlight, no?

Nabooru points me to the chair across from her where things will only get more interesting knowing this crowd. No, I don't know for sure. But knowing her, she'll find a way to make it so. Quite the meager spread is laid out before us. A copper platter piled high with quite a few roasted guay sits at the center of the table, which lacks a tablecloth and appears to be dried through and through from the days of endless heat. What appears to be tin is shaped into an awkward gravy boat of sorts, blending tastefully with the plates, cups, and goblets of the same lackluster metal and sheen. And to complete the ensemble of dinner serving wares is a wicker basket of freshly baked bread. Our utensils seem to be the only high caliber pieces of metal, as they're made of genuine silver. This meal is meat, gravy, bread and water, and I find myself oddly upset by that.

I'm not upset by the quality of the food-it looks and smells delicious. I'm more so upset by the fact that they're so poor. Most of their pants have patches, and, now that I think about it, a lot of their shoes seem ran through in places. There's nothing left here worth guarding, but they continue to do so. This is all that Rova's fault. Ganondorf falls and she swoops in, yet stays covert enough to avoid my detection. What do you mean there's no honor among thieves? I've never once heard of Nabooru killing one person that she's looted. And you can't even call her sprees looting, as she always takes half. But, apparently, Rova's been taking that, and this is the end result.

I'm going to gut her slow for this…

"The food isn't to your liking, Hero?"

I can feel the eyes all shift onto me, which leads me to say, "Nah, I'm just waiting for you all to finish up." Two-to-one says she doesn't except that.

"You haven't eaten in the four days you've been here," Nabooru sees fit to remind me. "Now eat."

Pay me.

I inform her that, "The potion actually works like food, so there's no trouble in me waiting." Who can resist that charming voice?

"Then you haven't eaten since this morning." Apparently, my charm has dulled in my downtime. "And I'm sure that body of yours requires a lot of energy, in which case you need to eat."

"You win. Happy?"

"Yes." She pokes her tongue out at me, as I hand her my plate. "Heh, so you can be defeated."

Why must she never make things easy?

"Only when I want to be," I respond wryly flashing a crooked grin.

"Oooh!" the other women all say in unison.

Ah yes, the Gerudo-a tribe of warrior women who don't miss a beat when mocking me. I slice off a piece of the bird and hesitantly bite. You know it doesn't taste that bad. Then again, you don't, but take my word for it, it doesn't. As the sounds of knives and forks tearing into bird begin to rise, I feel her eyes on me.

"I told you you'd like it, Hero," Nabooru says, as she points a fork full of guay meat at me.

"Yeah, yeah, pass me the bread." Don't talk with my mouth full? You sound like Impa now.

"Really, did you not learn any manners?"

Damn it! You're all over me and now she is too.

"Would someone please pass the bread? Happy?" It's fun arguing with her, but I'm actually hungry now, so it can wait.

Nabooru obliges my request, as she hands me the basket of steamed rolls. Say what you will about Varia, but she can cook her ass off.

"There, and try eating with your elbows off the table."

What is it with women and elbows? First Saria's lectures, then Impa, followed by Zelda, and now Nabooru?

I let my eyes narrow like hers until the temptation to eat draws me out of the staring contest. As I take subtle glances around, I can't help noticing how nice they all seem. Maybe it's the fact they're used to me now, or maybe it's the food. All I can say for certain is that it's nice to see so many smiling faces in one place considering the imposed hardships on them.

"Hey!" The group commotion stops to stare at me. "Nothing, just got a little of the gravy in my eye." It's a weak cover, yes. For the most part, they buy it and all return to their conversations, minus the golden-eyed temptress in front of me. No one notices my slowed eating, not that I care; the feel of her feet rubbing my dick is food enough.

"Well I have patrol today," a guard suddenly announces at the far right end of the table. "Good morning."

One down…

"Yeah, we've got bridge duty. Thanks, Varia."

Make that four down with those leaving. Slowly more and more guards leave, as the nightshift troops leave for bed while others go to take over their posts. If Varia would just make scarce we could be alone.

"Are you finished?" Hmm let's see, finish the guay or finish Nabooru?

"I've been done," I say in Varia's general direction, smiling that I-might-get-lucky-today smile at Nabooru.

"Good, now I can clean up," Varia says plainly.

What? What'd I miss? Varia starts clearing the table, check. I'm ready to perform, or at least attempt, sexual miracles, check. Nabooru's foot stops completely and she leaves without a word. That definitely isn't a check. It's more like a, "What the fuck did I do wrong?" kind of thing.

"For starters, I'm still sitting here. Get up and go after her, idiot," I silently say to myself. Which way is it to that room? Damn, it was right, right, left, and another right to get here. That means left, left, right, and left should get me back… I think.

We're jogging up the ramp to the second floor. A left here, then we jog some more, make a left here, keep it going, right, one more left and… tada! The moment of truth…

*Knock* *Knock*


*Knock* *Knock*


There's no answer. I cautiously open the door to find… nothing. Absolutely nothing! Isn't that just peachy? Literally bring me to life in these stupid tights to just abandon me. That settles it! Mr. Link is going to bed. She can go play with herself for all I care. You, what about you? Look, I'll see you later. Could you put that lantern out? On second thought, I'll do it myself. I mean who does that to a guy? Rubs their small, silky, delicate, and delicious…feet against a man until he's trying to fight the urge to leap a table and screw her right there. Easy, easy, calm down. Sleep? Yeah, I'll do that. Because with my luck, I'd probably say something I'll regret. Goodnight.

Unknown to Link, Nabooru was in the middle of her fourth scrub down.

"This is going to be difficult," she mused aloud to herself. "I'm sure he's probably too confused to say anything about my behavior. Goddess, why is this so hard!"

She clutched her fist beneath the water, before slamming them into either side of the tub. Submerging below the surface of the water, Nabooru began to think of a new plan of recourse for intercourse.

I'll just tell him that I'm not ready for this yet, she thought, releasing a tiny breath into the warm water before coming up for air. "Then he'll think I'm a coward. Shit, he probably already does," Nabooru grumbled to herself.

"So, you let Twinrova kill your people, and then to avenge them, you pay her?" Sarcasm underlined every syllable, nearly drowning her words into little more than garbled jargon. "'Gee, Nabooru, you're a brave one!' I can just hear it all now." Her words were more subdued this time, as she chose to scrub viciously at her left arm to alleviate the tension. With her skin beginning to go raw, the thief had another moment of outlook reversal.

"I'm making too big of a deal out of this," she confirmed, transitioning the scrubbing brush to her left hand to wash her right arm. "Link's settled in nicely, but what if he gets the urge to explore again?" The horse-hair brush began to scrub down the length of her right arm, as her temperament began to change. "Why do I have all these questions? All these blasted questions and not one damn answer! I am stronger than this! I'll tell him we will wait! Then I'll find it in myself to apologize for my advances. If he can't live with that I don't need him!"

There, case closed. The book was finished. No more self-doubt. Nabooru had her mind made up, and that was that… really.

"You do need him," a voice said in the back of her mind.

"Ha, I made it this far without him, and I can make it the rest of the way as well." Nabooru's reply sounded surprisingly hollow.

"True, but a good chunk of that was in hope that you could be with him," the disembodied voice of her subconscious said.

"So? If he thinks he can just sleep with me because of what happened earlier I don't need him." Even as Nabooru spouted more and more empty words, her left hand slowly drifted beneath the water, fueled by but one name.

"Who says he wants to sleep with you?" the voice seemed to say, seemingly chuckling as Nabooru idly touched her clit. "You're the one who made all the advances sexual."

Nabooru prepared to argue further until she became aware of her hand. This had absolutely nothing to do with Link. Nothing about his butt in those tights… or the muscles he'd gained… or that growth in his tights. Nope. None of this was a byproduct of thoughts about Link. This was stress relief. Or was this merely a warm-up before the real heat? A brief murmur escaped Nabooru's lips as a finger penetrated her quivering flesh.

"And who's causing you to do this?" The voice merely laughed at her plight. Nabooru paid that no heed, though, allowing her hand to speed up as she focused on the non-cause. "It was definitely bigger than a couple of fingers, Nabooru. Just imagine the possibilities."

Her heavily clouded mind began to focus solely on Link. Soon, the furious pace was rewarded.

Nabooru barely managed to get the bath brush handle into her mouth before the orgasm came. It hit her hard, making her pelvis rise and fall beneath the water as though she was thrusting again Lin… a second tremor rolled over her before the thought even fully processed. She continued to hold her tongue for a good while before she managed to stand up.

"Three… four wash downs is enough. I'll tell him my feelings on this matter when we wake up." She gathered her towel, smiling a little as the tingle between her thighs made her legs shaky.

Forgetting that Link was probably in her bed, Nabooru exited the bathroom and headed down the hall towards her room. This is what she needed. A good night sleep would make everything better. Of course, Nabooru failed to notice the sleeping mass atop her covers upon entering the room. While touched by the sun a little after sunrise, her room was left in darkness until then without the lanterns.

And while the Gerudo Queen dried herself, she didn't think enough of the muted lighting to correct it. After all, she knew her room in and out, light or dark. On top of that, Nabooru pondered things like starting a family someday. Thinking that far ahead frightened her for some reason, especially since the thought itself didn't.

Pitching the towel into a remote corner, and forgoing the gown she'd bought in Castle Town (because the oncoming day's heat would make it unbearable to sleep in), Nabooru made her way to the bed and collapsed… against warm flesh?

"Breathe," she whispered to herself. "He isn't awake, so there's no harm in just lying next to him."

In a fitting manner, Link made this simple task for a lot harder by rolling over on his side to face her. Nabooru paused to see if he was awake. No sound. That changed the moment she released a sigh of relief.

"Hello," I whisper quietly, the faint shift in weight having woken me. "I know you're there; I can feel your breath against my face."

Her already shallow breathing begins to quicken, but what the hell is she nervous about?

"I… I think I should go."

Wrong answer…

"It's your bed; I'll go." I'm awake anyhow, so I may as well let her get some sleep.

"Wait!" She grabs my arm in one swift motion to make me obey the command. I must say that's some nice accuracy considering there's no discernable light.

"Yes?" I don't even need full vision to see she's thinking about something, which is probably about earlier. "You're thinking about earlier, aren't you?" What can I say? I have all the tact of a rabid horse.

"Who… who said I'm thinking about sex?"

Heh, weak cover up if I ever heard one.

"You do," I reply evenly. "You're more than likely over thinking the whole thing at the table and the bridge."

And now we wait. Will she admit that's what's on her mind or will she simply go mute?

"Hey!" Damn she moves well in the dark. Too bad the pillow shot was weak.

"If you'd shut up long enough for me to get a word in edgewise, I could tell you what's wrong!" Ladies and gentlemen, never under estimate pride in large doses. "It's just that… I'm confused. One minute, I'm definitely sure I want to be intimate with you. The next minute, and so help you if you laugh, the next minute it scares me."

In all my sarcastic glory, there's no way I could even think to laugh at her about this.

"I'm going to say something really sappy now," I warn her.

"Go ahead."

"Everyone is afraid their first time," I continue. "I can count the instances I've been truly afraid on one hand. And looking back on it, my first time was definitely one of them."

Please let her just accept this answer.

"And what makes you think I'm afraid?" Goddamn it!

"Will you just stop? Everyone gets afraid at some point or another. You don't have to get up in arms about every little sensitive remark that's made to prove you're strong. I know you're strong, your troops know you're strong. What the hell does it matter if you're afraid of something everyone else is? Do you think I'm with you only because you're strong or something?"

Fuck! I told myself I wouldn't get upset and here I am literally biting her head off.


Open mouth and insert foot.

"You're right, I am afraid." Nabooru admits it like a curse word, but continues to sniffle and hiccup forward. "I was too afraid to fight Twinrova. I was too afraid to fight Ganondorf. And I'm too afraid to even think about…"

For the second time in as many days, I've made her cry. Would you just like to stab me now, or shall you wait until I really fuck up?

"Sssh," I whisper in an effort to make amends. "Those things were beyond your control. Ganondorf couldn't be scratched with those gauntlets. Only the Master Sword could really hurt him, and I'm the only person who could take it out of the pedestal. Twinrova, on the other hand, I had the only weapon that could slow her down. Without the Mirror Shield, she's basically as big a pain in the ass as the other one. So, don't downplay your fear. It kept you and a good chunk of your people alive. Now, no more tears?"

I already can tell she's stopped crying, but I just have to be safe.

"No more tears," Nabooru repeats with one last sniffle.

I sit up and help her into a similar position, easing my arm around her shoulder now that she feels better. It's kind of like a warm, fuzzy feeling. A little too warm, but she couldn't be… could she?

"Can I ask you something, Nab?" This is probably sexual distress or something.

"You didn't give me a choice."

Ha, that's my girl.

"Touché," I note with a minute laugh. "The question is: Are you naked?"

Our talk has apparently coasted beyond sunrise. The dull light being given from her curtains are lighting the room enough for me to tell that she is, in fact, naked.

"It gets too hot for sleepwear around here in the daytime, so I stick to mainly nothing at all most nights. Now, may I ask you something, all jokes aside?"

Hmmm, she's rubbing her face against my chest again.

"Sure, fire away."

"Why are you naked?" Oh boy, I forgot about that. She'll probably think I planned this whole thing now. Fuck! Can I not just make one right turn today or ever?

"Um, I never sleep or slept in anything really. Those tights can only get so tight before things start to die, if you catch my meaning." I keep said meaning as discreet as possible. Discreet if my meaning weren't in plain view. She laughs with a hint of something secretive about it.

"I see your meaning very clearly, and I suppose I could catch it easily enough."

Today's episode of Mixed Signals was brought to you by Nabooru.

"I'm not going to touch that one." Alas, Nabooru does touch that one. I feel her hand closing around me, and, out of raw instinct, my dick hardens with anticipation.

"Then allow me."

"Uh, uh, does this mean you aren't scared anymore?" I don't want to seem insensitive, or, better yet, too sensitive, but this is a question that needs to be answered. And her tongue swirling around the inside of my mouth confirms it… not. So what if she's pulling me on top of her now? Knowing Nab, this could just be a joke. Okay, parting thighs are never a joke. "Requests?"

Duh, she's never had sex, but that doesn't mean she couldn't have read or heard things.

"Do whatever you used to do with Blondie."

My, my, my-we just jumped from virginity to sexual deviant, didn't we?

"That's a little advanced for you." It's the truth. Zelda was just as much sexual predator as I was after a while. We'd go at so hard sometimes until we couldn't get out of bed for days, and even then she'd still try to crawl on top of me. And forget about all the hair pulling, odd positions, and this weird butt fixation she developed. Maybe in time we could reach that level, but until then, things will be done slow.

"What? So, you think she's stronger than me?" It's almost like a merry go round of emotions dealing with her.

"Zelda liked things a little rough, and jumping in there like that would hurt you. Besides, after four years on the shelf, I'm bound to be too rusty to perform on that level anyway. How about I just try certain things and you tell me if they feel good or not?"

Ha! I'm in better shape now than I was then, but still. Nab would probably be injured if we started too fast.

"Ok, this isn't going to hurt too much is it?" she asks softly and looking quite fragile again. Good goddess, she's one big pile of confliction.

"I honestly don't know," I answer solemnly. "I only have the experiences with Zelda, who I'm sorry to keep bringing up at a time like this, to go on and she said it hurt. If you need more time, I understand."

I lay in wait of her decision. Nabooru, as apprehensive as one could be, hesitates for moment before meeting my eyes, and saying, "Just don't hurt me too much."

I smile with less nefarious intent and more genuine empathy for her plight. "I won't," I assure her.

With a nod, Nabooru allows me to begin. She folds her arms around my neck as I lower the bulk of my weight upon her, pressing my erection between our stomachs as a languid kiss is exchanged. I open my mouth first, which sees her match the action with silent fervor. I laugh, a nervous sound, while gripping the sheets a little tighter in anticipation as I begin to move away from her lips. I kiss her throat… then slide my tongue over to her collarbone… then down her breastbone, slowing in my efforts only when she giggles.

"Problem," I muse in a low, lustfully-brazen voice.

Nabooru smiles at me, replying, "It's just… weird that the savior of worlds and conqueror of beasts could be so gentle."

A slightly cynical laugh edges out my throat, as I look into her eyes. She doesn't blink, but, instead, mirrors my smile as I drag my tongue over to her left nipple. I bite down swiftly, but with a controlled force that makes her squeak in surprise. "Gentle," I whisper, "for now." I break eye contact as I feel her pulse quicken beneath my fingers.

"You better not hurt me," she moans half-heartedly, already spinning her hands into my hair to steady my lips at her breast. I sweep my hand down her right side, slowly lifting her leg until it rests overtop my lower back and ass. "Mmmm, that feels nice." Multitasking in a way that would make a carpenter proud, I ground my thigh into the moist juncture between her legs while continuing to suck idly at her breasts. Her breathing begins to escalate, as does my own, making me suckle that much harder. I can hear the blood rushing in her veins… her heart… because of me. "Link, more."

Without even processing the request, I leave her chest and begin to kiss lower. Her stomach ripples tight with muscles, as I lick free a few beads of sweat gathered around her navel. I gaze up at her intensely, noticing that her anxiety grows along with mine as I slide down her torso until my mouth rests mere inches above her hairless womanhood. "Shaved, did we?"

"Shaved what? Down there?" Nabooru asks frankly, though, laughing a little sheepishly at my observation. "Let's just say the Sand Goddess blessed us Gerudo to never know of that particular burden."

"Fair enough," I chuckle, wetting my tongue. Shit, let's hope I still remember how to do this right.

H-Hero!" Nabooru sits up as I hesitantly lick her clit, but then wilts back onto the bed as I stroke her a little more forcefully. I stare at her face, moving my tongue when her body convulses. My dick strains against the sheets with every face, every moan, and my goddess every whisper of my name that she makes. "No! No! Right there! Right there! Yes!" she shrieks unabashedly using my hair like a set of reins. I allow myself to be her stead, going here or there at her beck and call.

I suck her clit, making her scream as though she'd been stabbed. Heh, heh, I still got it.

"Link!" Nabooru cries out, pulling my face head into her crotch as the orgasm jerks her body. She bites her bottom lip, eyes scrunching tightly, thighs squeezing my ears until they burn, which muffles her scream into something of a mangled moan. Her entire body jerks back and forth, as she puffs air through her nose like a raging bull, her orgasm continuing as long as I keep my tongue pulsing.

As her thighs unclasp from around my head, I take it as a sign to stop. So, I bring myself into a kneeling position between her splayed thighs with a self-centered smile. A beam of sunlight casts across her belly from the parted curtains, illuminating the sheen of sweat on her body. My dick seems to harden even more, ridiculously aroused by the sight of her shiny, bronze skin. Nabooru chuckles after a while, wrapping her legs around my hips and slightly nudging me to come forward.

"Come here, Hero."

I don't bother to ask where here is. Instead, I simply lie in between her legs and await further instruction.


My hips move forward, bringing a united grunt from our respective mouths as the ultimate connection begins.

"Keep… Keep going," she mouths breathlessly, a look of surprise and slight discomfort dancing around her eyes.

The pleasure will be interrupted by pain-it always is-since I've arrived at that flesh dam.

"Are you ready?" I ask. Nabooru's, my Nabooru's, eyes shimmer in contemplation as her breathing escalates with the nerves. Again, for stability and security, she places her arms around my neck. This time, however, I'm pulled into her face.

She whispers against my lips a simple command: "Do it."

I thrust forward completely, wincing myself as the familiar tearing of flesh is performed. Nabooru seals her lips over mine, which allows her scream to rattle deep inside of my head at my personal invasion of her space. God, Zelda didn't even yell this loud. And there I go with the comparisons again… damn.

"Do you want me to stop?" I ask while easing back from the kiss. Nabooru doesn't reply, but lets a single tear fall away from both of her closed eyes.

Seconds continue to slips through my fingers with no response. I'm powerless to do anything but wait, and I fucking hate it! I don't like this. I know it hurt, but come on!

"Nabooru," I call out to her, barely managing to stop my voice from cracking. Could she have passed out? What the hell did I do? I tried to do it as quickly as possible to end the pain soon. But did I go too fast? "Please open your eyes."

I'm trying not to yell, seeing as she's breathing is keeping some hope in me, but even that is becoming a trying task. Let me get myself out of her.

"Why'd you stop?" Nabooru asks coyly with a sinister little grin.

She's toying with me? She lies here like a damn dead fish as a joke?

"I'm so going to take this out on your ass one day." It's all I can think to answer with watching her smile at me. I'm too damn pissed off to even notice… to notice how soft she feels, or how incredibly warm her skin is, or how good her insides feel squeezing my dick. Fuck, I notice it. How can I not notice it? "You're evil; you know that?" I smile despite myself, although, which part I'm spiting is a mystery.

"I kno…oh," she gasps as I ram the rest of my dick into her, smugly laughing as she squirms like a worm on a hook… my hook.

Our mouths meet again, as the time for joking ceases, and our bodies begin to follow primal laws-push, thrust, faster, harder, and don't stop until neither one can take anymore. Soon, my slow down stroke is quickly countered with her up resulting in a rhythmically noisy slapping sound. I push myself away from her lips, steadying my left arm on the rickety wooden headboard. A deep thudding begins to emerge from the wall, almost as though I'm playing the Goron-Mask-granted drums. Nabooru eyes lid as a half-cocked grin appears on her lips. She likes it.

"Link, go faster," she gasps taking a hold of her breasts, tweaking each sandy-colored nipple and the sensitive flesh around them. The bed begins to sing a twisted song of odd creaks and groans, as I begin to give it to her faster. Goddess, I love this! Beads of sweat roll down my back and off my face onto hers, a sign that the sun is quickly raising the temperature of the world inside and out.

"Ssss," I hiss, feeling the sting of her nails in my forearm, but only slowing down enough to lean back on folded legs.

I slide my hands up her sides, reveling in the sweaty feel of her skin before placing my hands on her hips.

Nabooru begins to stutter something, but I just keep on pumping.

"So…fucking…good!" I mutter through clenched teeth and jaw, as her walls keep trying to milk my dick.

Shit, goddamn it! No! No! I feel my resolve beginning to slip already, as I start to go into her with a new force.

Her nails begin to pierce my skin, but the pain only melds into the fold of pleasure. "God, Link! Fuck!" Nabooru calls out violently, as I collapse atop her body and start to grind the dick in her deep. I can fight this! I can -fucking- fight this! I keep the pace, but kiss her pouting lips until it hurts. Goddesses in the Heavens, it hurts so good!

I feel her legs wrap around my waist, begging me to go deeper in their silent action, but I have other plans.

"Link!" More and more my name, not the title of Hero, begins to leave her lips and with it more and more of my restraint is lost.

"Come here," I whisper, snatching her astride my lap.

Face to face, nose to nose, we continue moving in a blissful union. I guide her up and down until she finds her own rhythm, which gives me a break.

"Mm!" I bite my tongue to keep my focus elsewhere, because she rides like a pro. Great, give the great horseback rider the control. That makes a lot of sense. I'm unraveling from the waist down now, and there's nothing's going to stop it. Her arms wound around my neck as I begin to thrust with almost reckless abandon. I feel her warm breath on my neck, silently cheering me on. Now I know, I know I don't want this to end, and, as I watch her eyes roll back into her head screaming my name, pulling my hair, because of my dick, I definitely know I don't want this to ever end.

"Nabooru… I… I need to pull out now." Some responsibility remains, though, barely enough to mention.

Her eyes snap open with a venomous look, almost enraged by the idea if I didn't know any better.

"Don't you dare!" she screams at me.

Our eyes stay locked for a period of time, our actions slowing down while contemplating the would-be effects of continuing. We finally exchange a nod of understanding and acceptance in the repercussions of this action, knowing full well the life it could bring on. Again, I begin to plunge into her silken depths, as her moans all work like some unseen force to make my body disobey me. I know the risks if I continue, but I'm not sure if I care. I won't care. I can't care. Heh, I honestly don't care. I want her to bear my children…need her to bear my children. The tightening in my balls continues to grow, as she bounces harder and faster, and I can only grit my teeth to fight the impending explosion.


Oh goddess!


Her pussy slams together against my shaft, but my dick erupts powerfully nonetheless. I bury my face in her neck, my stitched together wound burning as I squeeze my arms around her shuddering body, screaming out powerfully into her flesh as my balls painfully pump dry into her womb. Our sweaty frames continue to embrace until there's nothing left to give or receive, but we still hold on. We're unwilling to let the moment die so suddenly. She falls limp in my arms, as do I in hers, which sees us cascade back into the sweaty sheets.

"Amazing," Nabooru pants as she places a delicate kiss on the top of my head. "And you said you were rusty."

"I am," I reply, but lapping idly at her left breast.

She tries to stifle a gasp, but I pretend that I don't hear it. "I hope to the goddesses that you never get polished; I can't feel my toes." Nabooru laughs, as I roll off to her right and we both stare down at her motionless feet. "I love you, Hero."

I sit up and wrap my arm around her shoulders, and return the sentiment. "Now, about seconds…" I drift coolly, as my reserves seem to be kicking in just from touching her.

"What? You can't be serious!"

I raise an eyebrow, and my dick, to let her know how serious I am. "That was about 6 months worth of back time. So, the way I see it there's still another four and a half years to work off."

"Oh, no-I plan to walk again! That'd kill me!" She giggles, but there's a twinkle in her eyes that hints that she wants to continue. I let the subject rest with a shrug, sliding down into bed with her in tow. "We sleep now, Hero. And I better not wake up impaled," she says over her shoulder, as I snuggle up against her backside still partially erect.

"Of course not," I reply. "I won't impale this end…not yet anyway."

I smile as her body goes rigid, but I don't utter another word. "In there? How?" Nabooru elbows me until I crack up with laughter, and trap her arm under mine.

"Oil, honey, lots of oil. Goodnight… morning-ah, you know what I mean."

"But all of your…would fit…up my… Link? Link!"

This time I hold my tongue, but smirk as she clenches her ass muscles. And I know I tried to deny I loved her earlier, but here now in this embrace I feel alive again. I feel better than I did even with Zelda for some reason. This isn't love; it has to be something more. And until I can find a word that means more than love, "I love you" will have to do.

Author's Notes: Some of you may recall this chapter ending on a sweeter (or sappier depending on the reader) note. But this is the original ending from almost two years ago.