Liberty's Kids Fan Fiction ❯ LIBERTY'S KIDS: The Past. V.S The Future ❯ Life is hard, and can be worse! ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

It was 6:00 am in the morning, and Sarah wasn't in her bed. She was still in the guest room watching over her mother.
Only two and half more days to go, and if her energy was not retrieved by then, Elizabeth would surely die.
“Sarah,” Moses called quietly, “The guys are back.”
“I'll be down in moment Moses.” She answered.
* * *
After Sarah came downstairs, James told her everything. “He even caught Abigail Addams.”
“Oui,” said Henri, and she was able to slip us this.” He handed her the note.
Atlantic Ocean Floor?” said Sarah, “Why take the Atlantic Ocean?”
“We have anticipated this.” Said Samuel, “…But we figure, it has something to do with where my brother is based at.”
“If only we had some sort of keep sake of his, we just might be able to find where he is.”
Suddenly, Sarah looked up. “I think I know what we can use.” She quickly ran back up-stairs, and came back with the mask Paul was wearing.
Everyone looked overjoyed, “Sarah dear, you've done.” Said her father, “This mask is precisely what we need.”
“Quickly, we must use Dr. Franklin's tools.”
* * *
After examining the mask closely, Samuel could tell it wasn't from the future, which meant, Paul made it himself.
“The mask seems to be made of the scales of a Spade-fish. Normally found more than 100 miles off shore in the Atlantic Ocean.”
“Sac're bleu.” said Henri, “That is Amazing.”
“Not necessarily Henri.” said Samuel, “We do know my brother is based in the ocean, but not where, exactly.”
“So we know he is definitely hiding in the Ocean.” said James, “According to Abigail's letter, he's hiding under the water.”
He took out a small paintbrush with invisible ink on it, “Perhaps there's more top it than we know.”
He began scrubbing the mask, and sure enough, there was something red and hard coming off it.
“Lava-rock…Dr. Franklin once told me, this kind compound can only be found near the region of an under-water volcano.”
“Well that narrows it down a bit.” said Samuel as he took out a map of the world and circled the ocean.
“We know my brother is hiding somewhere more than 100 miles away from shore.”
“One more test ought to do it.”
* * *
James used a hammer and smashed the rock into dust, Henri then scooped the dust into a small glass of water.
Finally, Samuel poured a little oil into the glass, mixed it well, and lit a match. “Cross your fingers boys.” He said.
He threw the match in to the glass, and the entire mixture began to burn.
“HA-HAH… We've done it boys!” he cried.
“This reaction can only happen, when combining Sodium-chlorine, as well as the very blood of a Spade-Fish, and a hint of volcanic rock.”
“And there's only one big sea-rock I know of…” he pointed to the map.
“…Right here, at the half-way point of the way Great-Brittan form America.”
“I saw it whenever I took a voyage between the two places.”
Henri looked confused as he picked hi ear, “Uh… What does that really mean?” he asked.
James pointed to the map “It means that, THIS is the location of Paul's hideout.”
“Quickly, we must go tell Sarah.” said Henri.
* * *
Meanwhile… near the docks.
Washington and his men carried a huge heavy trunk toward the area of Paul's instructions.
Paul dragged the trunk into his (SUBM< u>ARINE)
“You have your gold.” Said Washington, “Now give us back our ladies.” shouted Henry Ludington.
“You want your ladies back?” Paul sniggered, “Well then, take them.” He pointed to the cabin hover overhead.
He pressed a switch and the cabin splashed into the water. Before the men could react, Paul had escaped.
Using a few life boats near-by, Washington and his men rowed out toward the cabin to save their wives and daughters.
…but when they looked inside the cabin…
“Scarecrows?!” bellowed John Addams, “These aren't our Wives and Daughters at all!”
“Then we have been tricked!” said Washington.
* * *
Back at his hideout, Paul opened the trunk which was actually filled with rocks instead of gold.
“I've been Tricked!” he grumbled, “Washington and his men are even big swindlers that I am!”
Then he turned to look at the screen which showed him the dungeons below, where the ladies were being held.
“… But then again, I still have the ladies! Now, Washington shall have to pay me double!”
* * *
Down in the Dungeon, the guard who was watching over the prisoners was snoring away.
Deborah Samson's cell was the closest to the guard, which meant she could try and reach the keys dangling in his hand.
The other ladies watched anxiously as Deborah moved closer and closer toward the snoring guard.
Deborah for the keys, but when her hand reached the bars…
He hand was shocked as if she'd touched a lightning bolt, and flew clean backward to the wall.
“I love it when you prisoners do that.” the guard chuckled. He was only pretending to be asleep.
“The master got these electrical charged bars form the 22nd century. Not even a fly could get though them.”
“Besides… I don't snore when I'm really asleep. It's a very nasty habit to sleep with your mouth open.”
The ladies did feel like such fools, but they knew they had to be brave “Just you wait until my husband gets you.” bellowed Martha Washington.
The guard just laughed, “Oh yes, the famous Gorge Washington. President of the United states of American wimps!!”
“How Dare you mock our President!” snapped Molly Corbin. “Why if he heard you say that, he'd…”
“SILENCE!” echoed Paul's voice from the stairs. “For the benefits of my guard doing his job…”
“Unless you are spoken to by proper authorities… My prisoners should be seen … AND NOT HEARD!!!”
“You, terrible man!” snapped Sybil, “You have no right to treat us like this, or refer to us as weaklings.”
The other Women sweat dropped, as Paul moved closer to Sybil's cell, moving closer, and closer.
He walked right through the force-field. “Surprised?!” he said while fingering the crystal around his neck.
“The crystal not only allows me to travel to the future, but even to the past, when witches were seen around the land.”
Sybil was shaking like a shivering Eskimo. “How do you like sharks?” he said.
Sybil stuttered “I've never tasted them before but…”
“I meant… swimming with them. For shall be your fate if you ever tell me what I can and cannot do again….DO YOU UNDERSTAND!!!”
“Y-y-yes” Cried Sybil. “See that you remember that!” growled Paul, as he headed back towards the stairs.
“You pathetic Little Urchins… all you ever do is believe in freedom and good will towards dreams come true.”
“Heh…heh…heh… Well I say those fantasies have given you each a false sense of reality!”
“Life is not at all meant to be fun!”
“Life is hard… and at times, Quite Cruel… One Wrong move and you can be CRUSHED!!!”
“Having so little faith humanity?” said Phyllis Wheatley, “Boy, you must be one very lonely guy.”
“Phyllis!” cried Abigail Addams, “What are you saying? Are you trying to hurt his roots even more?”
“No… she's right!” cried Paul. “My roots can't be broken, because… I don't have any roots.”
“Then what is your problem?” asked Deborah Samson, “Why are you always so nasty
Paul just sadly walked back up to the main chamber, but the ladies saw him on the big screen anyway.
* * *
“I can't have a normal life being helpful, and I can't have it by being nasty.”
“What I am going to do?” At that moment he began singing to very sad music coming from the room, fully aware that the ladies were watching him.
* * *
-I'm so Lonely,
So Lonely!
So Lonely and sadly al

-There's no one,
Just me only
Living a life made of stone

-I work far too hard, and make up great plans
But nobody listens, N
o one understands
s that no one takes me seriously

-And so…
I'm Lonely *Sniffles*
Really Lonely
Poor Little M
* * *
Phyllis was right, he was a very lonely man, but why he would want to be so horrible, they just didn't understand.
* * *

-There's nobody
I can relate to.
Feel like a bird in a cage
-It's rather silly
But not r
Because it's fill
ing my body with rage!

-I'm the smartest, most clever, most physically fit
But nobody ever appreciated it
When I rule the world maybe they'll
notice me
-“But until then”…
I'll just be Lonely
Yes, Really Lonely,
Poor little me!
* * *
Paul looked out the window, and to him the ocean seemed just like his heart… Empty.
* * *