Liberty's Kids Fan Fiction ❯ The Legend of Masked Rider ❯ A Legend is born. ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Author's notes:
I don't own the right to Masked Rider…
Mykan Mercury is not me, nor is he based on me at all. It's all fictional.
Finally: Don't feel offended by the murder and mayhem in this story, I mean no offences by it, and after all it is only a dream fic in a cartoon.
Sarah sat in her room at the Pennsylvania Gazette with a sour stare on her face as she wrote her latest letter to her mother in England.
“Dearest Mother…”
“As I write this letter, I am feeling rather upset mainly due tot the fact of how all friends and the town's-people who have read about Thomas Paine's “Common sense” have greatly upset me.
Everywhere I look now, I can overhear someone bad-mouthing about his majesty, King-George III, and some are now acting like Henri, wishing they could have just ten minutes alone with the King so they could rough him up…”
“How could our problems get any worse?” James asked. “Or parliament is being trampled by another parliament half a world away.”
Little Henri socked his fist with his other hand. “I wish someone would give me just ten minutes alone with zat King George!”
Sarah was outraged, “That's no way to talk about his majesty. He's our King!”
“'E's not my King. I'm French!” replied Henri.
As Sarah had gone out for her stroll to interview people about common-sense, she found more and more people cutting their loyalties to the king, and some little children were behaving far worse…
Drawing pictures of the king in the street and throwing rocks at it. Some even huge their own drawings of King George on wooden-planks and throwing sticks at it!
When she got back to the gazette, she was horrified to hear that her friends weren't as concerned as she was about the whole idea of bad-mouthing the King. Dr. Franklin however did show his concern for Sarah's trouble. “But the people are free to believe in as they wish. It's what separates the captives from slavery.”
End of Flashback
“Oh, mother… sometimes I just don't understand what people are fighting for, or rather what it is they fight about. I just pray to God for all our sakes that this will not throw things even more out of hand than ever.”
“Your loving daughter; Sarah!”
As she finished her letter, she overheard people through her window talking more and more about Common Sense, and how they saw King George as a monster. “One that should be put away by my judgment...”
“I agree… lock him up and throw away the keys.”
Angrily, Sarah pulled the curtains closed, and sulked as she sat down on her bed. “I can't believe all these people.” she thought to herself. “Where on Earth do they get all these sporting funs about his majesty?”
As she leaned back to lie down on her bed, her head crashed into the headboard-wood. “Ow… ohh…” and she knocked herself into a deep, deep, sleep. Her head began to feel funny as the whole room began to spin faster, and faster!
His majesty the King was still outraged by the actions of the Americans during the Boston tea-party in two years ago. He was now more determined than ever to exact revenge on this treason.
One of his royal-messengers had reported. “Your Majesty… I am pleased to inform you that our recent shipment of mail confirms that our troops have gathered in America and are already setting up battle plans should anymore of the rebels should decide to show treason.”
King George nodded, “Thank you…” he said. “I still do not understand how it has come to this, over a simple demand of taxes and tea… Still, the traitors to the crown must pay.”
“Speaking of traitors… how goes with our search for the most wanted traitors?”
The messenger regretted to say that the search had still found nothing. “They are still nowhere to be found my lord. Your Majesty is well aware of how they loathe and despise you.”
The King nodded, “I am indeed well aware of this… and as such, once they are found they are to be captured and brought before me for royal beheading. I will tolerate traitors from no one… not even those of our own British kind.”
The red-coats were out of control…
Bursting into peoples homes demanding shelter and service. Some even forced families into the streets, no questions asked, and word had it that soon the English Navy would be arriving to kidnap Americans and force them to join.
Little did the British realize that they were all being watched…!
Strangers dressed in brown monks' clothing, and hoods pulled over their heads hiding their faces in darkness were observing them from high places, and from their spies they had sent.
These strangers were taking down notes that they had shipped out with other members of their band, to sea. “I sincerely hope our leader has received word.” One of the monks muttered in a British accent.
On a lonely island, somewhere in the Atlantic…
I myself was running along with a follower. “Come, come Clarissa! We must hurry.” I said in a British accent.
My Fiancée caught up with me carrying her robe over her feet so she could run easier. “Darling… I'm sorry… but it's not easy to run in these things.” she said
We ran past villages where our people worked hard to produce food and water, across fields, and finally we reached the largest shrine and found who we were looking for. A tall man with long white heard and a long white beard, and three of our closest friends were there too.
“Grandfather…!” I called upon my arrival with Clarissa.
Our wise chief, and leader bowed to me and asked. “What have you to report, Mykan?”
“Grandfather…” I said as I held out a set of letters from America. “Our spies in England have informed us that King George's army is diminishing.”
Clarissa nodded, “Its true, sire… there has been a count of fewer soldiers. We are winning this vendetta against the King.”
My Grandfather however shook his head. “I'm sorry to say this… but I'm afraid that it is merely a reprieve.” He held out a set of letters from our spies in America. “It appears that King George is bent more on exacting revenge on the Americans for the Boston Tea party. He plans to send all his best soldiers to America to exact revenge on those that have betrayed him, and if necessary… enslave the Americans to convert them into the English Navy.”
Our three closest friends gasped.
“Oh, how awful!” cried Clarissa.
I socked my fist. “King George has gone much too far.” I growled. “I'd say it is time for us to go and face him. Free the American's from his wrath, and have him dethroned once and for all.”
I paused for a moment, “My father would have wanted it.”
My Grandfather, as peaceful and loving as he preferred to be, actually agreed with me. “Yes… yes Mykan… I'm afraid you are correct.” he said. “You and Clarissa must depart for America immediately.”
Our three closest friends, Sarius, Donius, and Farien stepped down from the shrine. “Are you certain of this?” Sarius asked. “We know not if we are ready for such an attempt.”
“Agreed…” added Farien. “We have only just completed our training. Our abilities still leave much to be desired.”
My grandfather however had confidence in us all. “No… I have trained you all far too well in the art of combat. Besides, Mykan, and Clarissa have the necessary powers to aid us in this vendetta. I feel that there is no better time for us to come out of hiding and take the battle to the very source.”
Clarissa and I held hands. “My grandfather knows all too well.” I said to my fiancée. “I believe the time has come.”
Clarissa reached up into my hood and stroked my face behind the shadows. “I'll go anywhere you say my love.”
Then, my Grandfather motioned me. “Step Forward Mykan, my grandson, and prince of our people, and accept the treasure in our family.”
We all followed my Grandfather up into the shrine, but only I was allowed beyond the stone-doors. Inside the shrine was only a simple pillar in the center of a large empty room. I got down on my knees. “I'm ready Grandfather.”
My Grandfather nodded, and using the keystone that was dangling around his neck, unlocked a hole on the pillar causing it to rise up and a bright glow of lights began to flare all around; surrounding my body.
“For many generations, our family has guarded well this gift from the heavens. Now it I pass it to you, Mykan. You, and only you will have the power to diminish the armies of King George, free the Americans, and lead the world to proper age of glory and peace.”
I rose to my feet now wearing black shiny armor, a red cape, and a strong black element with red eyes, and small blades on the sides in back. “Awaken, Mykan… from this moment here on out… you shall be… The Masked Rider.”