Liberty's Kids Fan Fiction ❯ The Legend of Masked Rider ❯ Running low ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Two months later. Summer turned to fall, and fall became winter…
One of our English spies had reported back to the island, and to my Grandfather what he had learned in England; about how King George was seeing the Hessians to America to aid the red-coats.
“We must warn Prince Mykan at once my lord.”
My grandfather agreed. “Indeed we must…”
“It appears that King George's wrath on America has become far more formidable than we anticipated. As the British army grows with its new allies, I fear that even Mykan will not be able to fend the soldiers off, even with the powers of the Masked Rider at full strength.”
He entered the shrine where I had received my powers, and reopened the pillar-stone where the powers were once sealed, and he held out two crystals, one gold, and the other blue.
“Take with you these crystals.” replied my Grandfather as he handed them to our agent. “These crystals were discovered along with eh great powers that feel from the heavens, which our family has guarded for centuries. They must be taken to my grandson so that they will enhance his powers to Masked Rider Super-Gold, and Masked Rider Super-Blue.”
The spy took the crystals and bowed, “I will not fail you my leader.”
June 6, 1776
The Hessians had reached America, with many more on their way. General Washington explained to James “King George III has made a deal with German prices to hire eighteen-thousand troops.”
James was horrified, “But General Washington, you'll be outnumbered. What will you do?”
Washington explained to James that he and his men would need help from congress to face this onslaught. “They can issue a proclamation of independence. Then the French government may be persuaded to send troops to help us.”
James and Henri rushed off to bring the news to Dr. Franklin, but were ambushed by a band of Tory kidnappers, only to be rescued by some of Washington's men. “You can't do anything to me.” the Blacksmith Tory yelled and he ran down the path believing he would escape…
Yet after he had gone out of sight and onto a road where no one else could see… “Hold it!” shouted it a voice, and before the black-smith knew it he was ambushed by me and my monks. “Ah! Hey… let me go!” he demanded.
“You're under arrest for kidnapping, and serving loyalties to King George III” I snapped at him as my men tied him up. “You may have captured me… but be warned, you'll never stop the Hessians.” The Blacksmith said.
“Off with him!” I ordered, and my men took him away.
Clarissa held my held in worry. “Mykan… I fear he was correct.” she said to me. “I have seen these men, and they have come to help the British.”
I nodded, “Our battle is with King George, but now it seems he is brining Germany into the picture as well. If we must fight them off, then so be it… but I fear that even my powers may not be enough to take on so many.”
Clarissa felt the same way, and since then, she and I had been trying to formulate a plan that could get us both closer to the Americans in the cities without giving away our secret alliance…
Still, until we could figure one out, all we could do was remain in hiding as our vendetta against the crown continued. Little did we realize that one of our allies, who had traveled a great distance across the sea form the island, had arrived in America, but had not a clue of where to find us.
“I must find you my Prince…” he muttered softly was she wandered along the way.
It was very difficult for him to find where he was going at all. He couldn't rightly just stop and ask for directions as he was warned before he departed the island that the Masked Rider forces were now considered a public warning.
The days turned to weeks as he continued his journey, staying well out of sight, and stealing food from British camps he had snuck into, and sabotaged their weapons.
Suddenly, about a month later… it was July ninth, and hidden amongst the crowd, the spy witnessed General Washington reading the new Declaration of independence to all his soldiers… and he caught a good glimpse of Sarah. “Is that her…? Could it be?” he wondered, but he immediately dismissed all thoughts of that when he realized that she wasn't wearing her monk's robe, and if she was a wanted criminal then why was she standing freely amongst a crowd of more than a-hundred?
Finally, she seemed horrified by the way she reacted when the statue of King-George III was pulled down. “Oh my goodness…!” Sarah cried. The person this monk was looking for would have not only pulled the statue down, but personally blast it to pieces with powers. The monk went about his business and crept out of sight. “The sooner I find you Prince Mykan, the better.”
That night
Sarah was starring out of the window still feeling upset about how all the towns people were acting towards their new Declaration. Not to mention that all these Hessians aiding the British.
“Penny for your thoughts…?” James asked her.
Sarah explained that she was still un-keen about all this madness. “But what I'm worried about more is that Masked Rider person. Who knows where he and his band shall strike next?”
James had to admit that as amazed as he was by the power of the monks, he too was concerned. “The Hessians have arrived, and we haven't appealed to the French Government for military support yet.” He said. “You don't suppose that those monks will…”
“I think that is something we all pray will not happen James.” said Dr. Franklin. “Those monks, whoever they may be are fighting a battle possibly for an entirely different reason. Still, if they believe that the Hessians are aiding the British… then it is quite likely that they will turn their attacks on them as well.”
This only worried Sarah more. Her father was out there… and she almost couldn't bear to think of what would happen if the monks got a hold of him... she knew for a fact that her father wouldn't stand a chance if he would try and battle them.
“Oh, Father… I pray that you are still well.” She thought sadly to herself.
August 22, 1776
I and my forces could not believe the dozens of ships that had gathered in New York Harbor, all under the command of General Howe. Clarissa felt awful that she didn't finish him off at Bunker Hill when she had the chance.
“Farien…” I asked. “Have you an estimate of the number of ships and soldiers.”
“Yes my Prince…” said Farien. “I counted at least thirty different hulls last night, and over thirty-thousand troops have gathered and begun to spread throughout the land.”
“Thirty-Thousand…?!” cried Sarius. “When will ever learn?”
“Calm yourself Sarius.” I said. “We must plan for immediate action at any time.”
Clarissa knew that she couldn't use an Elemental-Spirit attack on the ships. “It would cause too much commotion, and we must be assured there are no innocent prisoners on board.”
What worried me the most was how the red-coats and the Hessians now teaming up in such numbers, Clarissa's Shield of Immunity would protect the other members of our band, but against so many soldiers it would be difficult to escape if we were ambushed when the shield were to cease.
Still, whether it was the case or not, I wasn't about to let that crooked King George lay anymore damages to America. I just hoped that I and all my other team members would still be alive to appreciate victory.
As the days passed by…
The red-coats unleashed an all out attack on the Jamaican-Road, and in the swamps to surprise General Washington's men, forcing them all to retreat under his orders. My band of course had shown themselves, and wounded several mean, and killed a few… but my suspensions were correct.
There were simply so many soldiers, that with my Masked Rider powers running low, and our having to retreat General Washington was forced to retreat after many battle locations, and what was worse, a few of my team members got hurt… particularly Clarissa.
She was merely bruised and would live, and so would the rest of our members as none had been killed… but I was enraged. “Mykan, please…” she begged when she noticed I was losing my temper.
“No, Clarissa… I've reached my limits.” I said. “If those British men make one more wrong move. I shall personally continued to battle each and everyone of them until I draw my final breath!”
“And that… is a promise!”