Liberty's Kids Fan Fiction ❯ The Legend of Masked Rider ❯ A Warning to London ( Chapter 12 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Upon our return to England, Sarah still didn't know what to think or do about what was going to happen once Clarissa and I made it to England. There just absolutely no stopping us. Even if we were to rescue my grandfather and all our people… we did not plan to cease until King George had paid for all his crimes and the pain he caused us and all of America.
It was revenge we wanted, not restitution.
Our anger grew worse when Jones' ship was attacked by a fleet of British patrols on England's border, hoping to hunt him down. “Nasty pirate!” they called him.
Jones' ship was badly damaged, and sinking slowly, but the brave man refused to give in to the British. “I have not yet begun to fight!” he growled. “I'm either going to win this struggle or die trying!”
Still, Clarissa and I decided to help as well. Clarissa stood on the side of the ship, with her immunity-shield up, and she fired her projectiles at the ships in the distance. “THE HAND OF PYRO!”
Her plan was successful as the enemy ships caught fire and distracted the crews, but the main flagships were still bombarding us. “Quickly… each man grab a musket and dash aboard.” ordered Captain Jones.
His men worked quickly, and I decided to help out as well. “ECTOPHASE, ACTIVATE!”
I leapt aboard the enemy flagship and began to do battle with the crew, injuring the men so they could do no harm. Others I knocked overboard. I even managed to sneak onboard the other enemy ships and blow them up with my… “Electro-Saber…!”
The ships sank, and I made it back to Jones. “Sakes alive…” he cried, “That was pretty impressive there lad.”
I nodded in thanks, “That'll teach them to mess with the Masked rider.”
Still… many other ships were left, and it was getting harder to finish them off, but Jones wasn't willing to give up until either he won, or died; determined just as I was not to let anyone get the best of us.
Offshore in the London harbor, people could see what was happening. “I do hope those nasty pirates get sunk.” a prestigious woman said. “Serves them right for showing their faces here…”
“I don't believe it's the pirates whoa re losing… Look!” cried another man.
Everyone got a good look out to sea and saw myself and Clarissa, and began to fear us on sight of our tremendous powers. “Witches…! There are witches on that ship...”
Everyone watched in horror as I powered into my “MASKED RIDER… SUPER GOLD!” Clarissa and Clarissa powered up one of her best Elemental-spells. “THE PINACLE OF THE SUN…!”
“Gold Riffle Laser… FIRE!” I called.
KAPOW! The results were explosive wiping out many more of the ships and the red-coats. The people on shore couldn't believe their eyes… they were even more frightened when Clarissa and I leapt up high into the air with the flames flared right past us…
“People of England… hear me now!” I shouted. “I will rescue all my people, and I will destroy King George III. You're days of controlling the worlds countries are numbered! MASKED RIDER HAS SPOKEN…!”
Then we both vanished into thin air sending chills down everyone's spines. However, the red-coats saw this as their chance to surrender and let Captain Jones pass into the border. Sarah was relieved that they were able to reach England safely, but she was frightfully worried about Jones and what the public would think if they found out he was in the rebel against the King…
“Miss Philips, trust me… just as you've seen my courage in the battle… I shall show nothing less in this war.” He told her. “I have not yet begun to fight.”
Sarah couldn't help but feel those powerful brave words piercing into her soul and really making her think more and more of hoe much she was more patriot than a loyalist to her own home-country.
“What's mother going to say when she finds out, I wonder…?”
The lackey had marched into the throne room. “You're majesty…!” he cried. “We have a problem. I just received word that the Masked Rider has made here is now hiding in the city.”
King George growled like a bear with his fists clenched tight, but then suddenly, he grinned. “Excellent… I knew he would come eventually.” He chuckled. “Lackey, prepare to move up the old man's date of execution.”
The lackey was confused. “Move up his execution date sire…?”
King George III didn't like it when he was questioned in his presence. “YOU HEARD ME…!” he roared. “Move up his date of execution! This is the final phase of our plan to lay out those traitorous rebels for good.”
He was planning to have my grandfather executed by a royal and public hanging in the palace grounds. “And when the Masked Rider and his friends try to rescue their poor chief… my men shall be ready… Ha-Haa…!”
Clarissa and I had already formed our hideout, somewhere in the London meadows, and setting up the warp portals allowed us to transport to America and back instantly, and Vice-Versa.
One of our men had informed us that our main fleet of allies was now armed and ready. Once the order had given, they would all rush into England and begin their assault on the crown.
“Good… but you are well aware that innocent people may be hurt.” I said. “It is our wish to evacuate those who do not wish to be a-part of this rebellion, and bring them out of harms way.”
Clarissa nodded. “We have little time… Word has just been received that the King has moved up our leader's date of execution. I feel he is planning to draw us all out into the open.”
Our ally nodded, “But wait… what if many of the town's-people in London would rather stay and rebel against us?”
Nobody said a thing, and nobody had to say a thing. It was obvious what was going to happen. In less than a few days all of London was likely to become… the biggest war zone anyone would ever see!
“You must return home… James.” I said. “Fear not… I will make certain that Sarah is not injured.”
Our ally who really was James Hiller nodded, and vanished back through the portal. “Sarah… please be alright.”