Liberty's Kids Fan Fiction ❯ The Legend of Masked Rider ❯ We shall be ready ( Chapter 13 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Sarah had finally made it back to her mother, Lady Elizabeth Philips… she was more than please to tears to have her daughter back home where she would be safe, but poor Sarah wasn't so sure of that. “Mother… we're in terrible danger...”
Elizabeth was shocked when Sarah told her the stories of what's he had witnessed in America, including the Masked Rider forces. “They are trying to have the King dethroned, and banish the British from ruling over America.”
“And you say that these so called, fighters are the ones who killed Tom?” her mother asked. Sarah regretted to answer, “Yes… I'm afraid so, and they have killed several hundreds of soldiers. I've seen it with my own eyes.”
Elizabeth sat down on the sofa, almost unable to believe what she had heard, but once Sarah had shown her the clipping of Masked Rider that James had printed years back. “So then… it is true…”
Her own town was seemingly turned upside-down, and things were only about to get way worse. This made Elizabeth only more determined than ever that she and Sarah would join Samuel in America as it seemed as if parliament was beginning to fall apart now, and nothing that could be said or done would change it.
Just then there was a knock at the door, “Mail call…” called a male voice. Sarah's ears gave a little twitch. “That voice…?” and she ran to the door. “Sarah…!” called her mother.
Sarah opened the door, and realized, “Mykan…?”
I smiled at her. I was indeed posing as a courier, “I've come to deliver an urgent message to you as well as bring you the mail.” I said as I handed her the envelopes, and one of which happened to be from the palace.
“GRR…! Apparently he wastes no time…” I muttered as I gazed down at the King's signature. Sarah's mother wondered what was taking Sarah so long at the door. “Sarah… do you know this young man?”
Sarah couldn't keep it from her mother. “Mother… this is Mykan Dex… also known as, the Masked Rider.”
Elizabeth was almost unable to resist fainting. The fact that I, the man responsible for the death of her beloved nephew was standing in at her door was almost too much for her to believe. Still… believe in the stories that Sarah had told her, as to why I did what I did, she actually allowed me to stay in for a while.
“Oh! Oh, my…!” she exclaimed as she read the message from the King. “The King has invited us to a public execution and “A day of London's triumph over rebels?”
Sarah held her neck in disgust and would have insisted that they not attend, if the King had not also included “By royal command… every family with members tens years old and above are to attend.”
“This is madness…” cried Sarah. “The King is ordering innocent people to attend an execution?”
Her mother was just as shocked as she was, but she wondered, “How do you mean by, he wastes no time?”
I explained to her that I could tell that this was an obvious trap made by the King. The old man that was due to be hanged was my grandfather, and the King was using this in an attempt to draw the rest of my forces out into the open where he could finish us off in one final showdown.
“What he doesn't know is… that our forces are plotting against him.” I said. “This brings me to the point to why I have come. I deliver a warning to you and all the other innocent victims of London… you must prepare to evacuate the country immediately.”
The ladies looked at each other in concern. “Leave the country?” they both asked at the same time. “Just why must we leave our home-land, and desert all our friends and neighbours?”
It was almost shaming me to shreds to tell them what I was about to say, but I had to warn them. “Because very soon… this entire city may be under heavy attack...!”
I explained to Sarah how many more loyalists and Tories in London were willing to stand and fight to defend their King as a giant army, which was where the fleet of allies my forces had assembled in America was to come into the picture. “Once I give the order… the Main Fleet will instantly arrive here in London and begin the assault against the entire land.”
“What? The Main Fleet…?” Sarah asked.
“Yes…” I answered. “Consisting of well over four-million eight-hundred-thousand armed Americans… With the destructive force of a large meteorite…!”
Sarah and her mother could only picture what great harm and damages would befall the country. An Army of nearly five-million… that could easily equalize or outnumber the King's entire forces and everyone in London put together…
“Madness… simply sheer madness…” Elizabeth said.
I got up, and saw this as my cue to leave before things got nasty. “I'm sure your daughter has explained to you our nature to fight, and rest assured… there will be a fight. I warn you to save yourselves while you can… otherwise… “I sighed, “Otherwise there is no telling what will happen.”
I opened the door and just before I left I warned the ladies. “And one other thing… I must ask you not to mention this to anyone outside who might be connected to the Tories or Loyalists, it may cause greater chaos.”
Then I was gone, leaving Sarah and her mother baffled and confused. “Mother, what ever should we do?” Sarah asked in near fear.
“I only wish I knew dear.” her mother answered. They were strictly ordered by the King himself to attend the execution, no matter how barbaric and insane it was. Now they were also informed of the massive onslaught that was coming to attack their homeland and were liable to get caught in the strain if they didn't evacuate.
Worse than that, was in the town square, and around the Palace, disguised as workmen, some of our monks were busy placing gun-powder kegs in hidden areas, as well as casks of flammable liquids.
“Will we be ready?” I asked.
“Yes we shall…” our follower said. “But I just hope that all goes according to plan.”
“Unfortunately…” cried Clarissa as she gazed at the setting sun, “We don't have much time. We must be ready by dawn!”
Clarissa and I walked off believe that we would indeed be ready. King George's reign of insanity was about to be grinded to a halt!