Liberty's Kids Fan Fiction ❯ The Legend of Masked Rider ❯ showdown with the Great Brittan Empire! ( Chapter 15 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

This was the beginning, this was the day the great war would begin. The fate of not only the Rider Forces, but the fate of all the troubled Americans hung in the balance. For if King George were to claim victory… there would be no one left who would be able to stop him, and bring his crazed order of law to an end.
And so the stage was set for my greatest battle ever. Myself, Clarissa, our followers, and the millions of Americans were heading straight into the jaws of the enemy with freedom and independence riding on the line.
It's time… for a showdown with the Great Brittan Empire!
The Royal fanfare played and his majesty, King George III was announced, and made his way to his royal seat where he could get a very good view of all his loyal subjects, and a good view of the gallows.
The crowd cheered and applauded for their King. Some even waved their handkerchiefs, and whistled loudly.
The King raised his hands telling everyone to come to order. “People of, London…” he called. “This promises to be a momentous occasion. For today… marks our day of triumph.”
As he continued to deliver his speech, many of the monks began to take their positions in secret hiding places under the stands and seat-rows. Others were sneaking sound and drilling small holes in the casks of powder and liquids so that they would leak all over the place making it easier to light and explode them.
More of our allies were in America waiting for the order to begin the attack so the main-fleet would know to charge in.
As for me and Clarissa, we had already conked out the guards who were blocking the ways to the King, and were now standing directly behind the curtains. I gazed at my Fiancée and she gazed back at me. We both shared a nod, and readied ourselves as the King ordered my grandfather be placed into the gallows.
Through the curtains, I watched in horror as my grandfather was marched up those awful steps, and that rope was fastened around his neck.
King George took one heavy puff on his cigar; just what we needed. Any moment now, it was going to begin…
King George stood up proud and strong to give my grandfather his last rights. “Your tribe has proven strong, but now it plainly obvious to whom is stronger.” he bellowed. “You have fought well over the years… it shames me to take someone's life, but the law may not be broken.”
He nodded his head signaling the executioner to release the trapdoor; however, he stopped right at the last moment. The crowd began to mutter and complain.
“What's the hold up…?”
“What does he think he's doing…?”
Sarah and her mother were just as confused, but suddenly, Sarah looked up at the King's seat and could see behind the curtain, Clarissa and I sneaking up on the king from behind, and the guards were nowhere to be seen, “Oh, no…” she cried softly.
“Sarah…? What is it dear?” her mother asked in worry, but she suddenly realized what was going on as the executioner cut the ropes setting my grandfather free, much to the Kings furry. “What is the meaning of this?!” he bellowed as he stood up waving his cigar angrily. “I want that man dead… and I WANT HIM DEAD NOW…!”
A lot of the loyalists in the crowd began to cheer on with the King. “Kill the rebels! Kill the rebels!” while all the rest, who were frightened out of their minds didn't know rightly what to say or do.
The executioner removed his hood revealing it was Farien. My grandfather smiled as he was released from the ropes. “King George…” he called. “We are not the rebels. It is you who are the monster! Is it you who shall pay the price! You and your laws… are the biggest mistake in the history of all man kind. You blood-thirsty wretched beast…!”
The King's face turned beat red. “GAURDS… KILL THE MAN!!” I screamed. “KILL HIM I SAY…!” Then suddenly Clarissa and I leapt out from behind the curtains, and whacked at his arm. “Huh…? BAH…!”
His lit royal cigar went flying through the air, and it landed in a puddle of flammable-liquid near the entrance to the town square…
A huge explosion went off sending burning fragments all over the place. The people in the crowd began to cry and scream in panic as Clarissa and I leapt from the King's box, and escaped to safety with my grandfather… “SHIELD OF IMMUNITY!”
(Like in Goldeneye when Treverlyn's CONTROL level blows up)
The force of the first explosion triggered all the casks and kegs scattered about to blow. Each explosion more forceful and larger than the last, sending flares, and burning chunks all over the entire city of London…
All the towns people began to run and cry in horror as their homes caught fire, and many were hurt by the flames. Some of the people in the stands fell off the high levels and onto the ground below. KAPOW… “EE-WHOA…!” even the King was forced to leap out from his box to avoid being hurt. “AAH-AAH-AAH…!”
Sarah and her mother had managed to make it to the ground safely, but the explosions continued to flare, and debris flew in from all directions. All of London was turned into a blazing inferno. Few were killed, several wounded, and many running in panic.
The fires had spread in many places, but the guards and the rider forces eventually stood up and ready to charge. “SUMMON THE MAIN-FLEET…!” I ordered.
Clarissa nodded, and generated the biggest warp portal she had ever conjured up…
As the British soldiers fought off against the monks, they were soon being ambushed by a stampede of nearly five-million armed Americans. “CHARGE…!”
At once a little bird could look down over the entire city and see everyone fighting. A sword clashing… guns firing… explosions flaring… people screaming… it was TOTAL MADNESS!
“Take out whomever you come across…!” I commanded. “But remember… THE KING IS MINE!”
A swarm of redcoats rushed forth, as Henry Ludington and his regiment of men armed their muskets. “TAKE AIM… FIRE…!”
The muskets fired, and not a single shot missed. The red-coats cried in pain as they fell over and exploded into nothing!
Cannons fired knocking many redcoats, and even a few loyalists down from high levels. “AA-AAH…!”
Clarissa could even see a swarm of patrol ships coming in. “THE BITEOF… LIGHTNING…!”
KABOOM! The ships and all the troops aboard were blown to kingdom-come. King George couldn't believe what he was seeing. “I was not prepared for this!” he cried. “I can't believe that a small band of monks are tearing down my forces as if they are made of paper!”
The Lackey, whom was still alive, “Your Majesty please…” he begged. “You must make your escape while you are still able.”
“What exactly are you trying to say Lackey!” the King growled harshly.
“Begging your majesty's pardon…” replied the Lackey. “We must face the facts that we are greatly outnumbers and losing rapidly. We have tried all we can, but our enemies have proven themselves to be simply too much! If you don't leave now sire… you will most likely be killed.”
King George refused to leave; he still had one last trick up his sleeve that he was saving for just the occasion.