Liberty's Kids Fan Fiction ❯ The Legend of Masked Rider ❯ Mykan VS King Geroge! ( Chapter 17 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Clarissa and the others met up with my Grandfather, who introduced himself as the ruler of the island of Edenoi. As charmed as everyone was to meet him at last, they were all much too nervous about what was going on in the throne room to converse much.
My grandfather too was greatly concerned when he had learned what King George had become, but he was very confident in me. “Mykan is choosing to fight the King alone to prove which of their ways of thinking the stronger way is.”
“While the King fights for control and order… Mykan fights for liberty and freedom.” James pointed out. “It's almost a battle of good versus evil.”
For once, Sarah actually agreed with him, but of all the horrors and questions that flooded her mind, the number one of them all was, “How has it come to all this over law and order leading to war and hatred?”
While in the throne room, I already pulled out my “Electro-Saber…” and the King pulled out a glowing sword of his own… “NOW LET US HAVE ACTION…!” he bellowed as we both charged into battle.
Our blades clashed together, creating sparks as they collided with such energy. The King was certainly strong for an old-man, but that was due to the fact that he had all this new strength backing him up. Still, I didn't let those facts slow me down and continued to face him.
As we continued to swing our blades, at times we missed one another entirely end ended up brutally destroying the walls in throne room, smashing the windows, and even breaking holes in the ceiling. “Time for Rider-Kick!” I shouted as I leapt up high and my boots began to glow. “HI-YAAAH…!”
BAM! Right in the King's guts “BLARGH…!” he flipped over and fell flat on his face. “You'll pay for that, boy!” he growled as he got back up, and with that… he began to fire energy shots from his sword. “Whoa…!” I barley leapt out of the way in time for the shot to just miss me and blow a hole right into the floor.
The King was laughing maliciously as he continued to fire more shots at me, and I even got hit a few times. “What's the mater boy? Can't stand the pain?”
I got up shakily. “It's time for some more fire-power.” I decided. “MASKED RIDER… SUPER-GOLD…!” I transformed instantly, “There… that's much better. The game's not over yet!”
The King growled in anger, and continued to fire at me, but with my power re-energized, I leapt up high and over a pile of rubble to protect myself. Then I whipped out my “Laser-Riffle…!” and so began a shoot-off.
Not many of our shots actually hit, and instead blew large holes in the wall so that the people battling down below in the town could see us; that is… if they weren't still fighting themselves.
Up until this point the British army had lost almost all its supplies and soldiers. Most had run away, and the rest were either wounded or dead. Corpses and puddles of blood lay about all over the ground, and some of the fires had burned out.
The last of the British soldiers threw down their weapons and surrendered. “Look… the red coats have ceased firing.” said Moses. Everyone looked over to see the Americans and allies gather up all the remaining soldiers and tie them up tight.
The Rider Forces and the Americans cheered for joy, the war was tipped in their favor, and the British were losing. “Now only the King remains.” Clarissa said, but then she suddenly felt worried about me battling the King all by myself.
“Be calm Clarissa…” my grandfather said. “Mykan needs your confidence and believing in him to see things through to end this battle.”
Clarissa smiled, but Henri said, “I think `e already `as more than that… Look!” everyone turned to look toward the palace as POW, a powerful force blasted right through the wall which nearly demolished the entire side of the palace.
The King and I landed in the town square, and ran in a straight line still firing our shots at each other. Finally, we both overheated our weapons and could no longer fire anymore shots without using up too much power, but we did still have a enough power left for one final shot each “You won't win…!” the King growled.
“We shall see…!” I protested.
We both fired out blasts, and we both got hit as we both went soaring through the air. “GARGH…!”
… And each landed with thud in the streets. “No, Mykan…!” cried Clarissa. She tried to run over to help me. “No, Clarissa… I can handle him!” I said. “MASKED RIDER SUPER-BLUE… ACTIVATE!”
I transformed, “My power is re-energized once again King George!” I shouted.
“Foolish boy!” the King growled at me. “It will take more than just mere changing to weaken my power.” And the battle continued; his sword against my spear, but I discovered that he was right. So far I used up two of my rider suits, while his power was barely seeming to decrease at all, but I wasn't willing to give up. I just had to rid the world of this monster and usher in a new ear for my people and the Americans.
I continued to parry he King's sword, as well as use my water warping ability to dodge his attacks. It seemed to work as he was losing more fragments of his power, but I wouldn't be able to keep it up forever.
For a long time the battle continued. “AQUA-FORCE…!” I shouted as I blasted the King in a stream of water energy. “GAAAA-AAAAARGH…!” He shook it off and roared loudly.
“It's… no use…” I panted. “He's too strong! I'm running out of power!” I finally collapsed, and my suit completely vanished so I was wearing my normal outfit again. “No! Mykan!” cried Clarissa.
“He's going to get caught….!” added James.
“Ah, ha, ha, ha, harr! The King stomped over to my and picked me up in his huge fists. “My how the tables have turned!” he sniggered as he waved his sword by my face. “You've defied my law! You've destroyed my subject and our beloved homeland… AND NOW YOU'RE GOING TO PAY! Ha, ha, ha… Ah, ha, ha, ah, ah… HAAA, HAA, HAA, AHH…!