Liberty's Kids Fan Fiction ❯ The Legend of Masked Rider ❯ The End, or is it really? ( Chapter 18 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“Eh, heh, hee, eh, eh, eh…!”
The King's grip on me became tighter and tighter. “Watch it will you, I'm not a melon.” I groaned.
Everyone watched in horror at what was likely to be my end. “Ooh, that `orrible old man!” Henri growled. “I'll-- I'll poke `is eyes out!” but Moses held him back. “No, no… don't do that Henri. You'll be killed!”
“Does it mater?” James asked sternly. “We're all going to be in danger if Mykan loses. With all that power backing him up, who knows what King George may do?”
Clarissa was quivering in fear for the first time in a long time. She couldn't even try to blast the King now, or she would hit me as well. “Mykan… you mustn't give up!” she cried to me.
I wearily looked back at my fiancée “Clarissa… I've tried.” I said. “I really tried, but it's just no use. I've thrown everything I had at him, and he still hasn't weakened enough. I don't think I'm going to make it.”
Sarah had taken all that she could. She clenched her fists tight and stood up tall and proud. “Don't say that!” she shouted at me. Everyone was most surprised to hear words like that come out from her.
“You can't give up! The whole world has fallen into chaos and madness, and you're the only one who can stop it.”
“Sarah…?” her mother said in near disbelief. “What on Earth are you saying?”
Sarah continued to explain how much she used to believe in the law, and parliament. She always was one to side with the King and his way of law abiding. “Now I've come to realize… it is the King himself who has driven us to become the savages that we have acted out to be; angered by rebellions, tortured by warfare.”
“The past cannot be changed ever, but the future can be made a much brighter place for us all, and the first step is… Down with the King!”
King George felt outraged by what was just said. “For your sake, I hope you really don't mean that!” he growled.
Sarah not only meant in, but she chanted over and over. “Down with the King! Down with the King…!”
Suddenly James and Henri joined in with her. “Down with the King!”
“Down with zee King!”
Moses joined in, and soon many of the Americans began to join the chant. “Silence…!” the King growled. “Silence I say!” but only more and more began to chant “Down with the King!”
Very soon, so many people were chanting, one would be able to hear them from miles out at sea. “SILENCE… I WARN YOU ALL!” bellowed the King, but he was beginning to feel like a mere pebble in a land of giants. All those people chanting against him and not one sign of support for his terms. “I cannot believe all this! How dare you all… AAAH… ARGH!”
He let go of me and began to hold his head and growl in pain as he felt his power weakening. I on the other felt the support of everyone there. “I feel it! I FEEL IT…!”
Everyone's chanting began to revive my strength, and my body began to glow. When the light had faded, everyone stopped chanting and gazed in awe at me. I was wearing what appeared to be a complete combination of all three of my Masked Rider suits. “It's indescribable…” cried Moses.
I levitated in midair by magic, and began to fly in circles, faster, and faster, and I began to dive straight for the King.
Repeatedly I slammed into the King, and wound back up to wham right into him again. Each time more forceful than the last, and yet with each strike, the King's armor began to crack more and more as his power continued to decrease.
Finally as I wound back up, the very earth began to quake as I readied myself for one final, really big attack! The King stood there with his whole body quivering… the ground stopped quaking and I… WHAMED into the King!
Beams of light began to appear straight through his armor. “BAH… OH, NOOOOO…! A huge flash of light shone brightly and when it had vanished, the King was lying on the ground, smoking and covered in ash with his armor gone.
While this was a great time to cheer, everyone's eyes were fixed on the King as he got up. “No! I will not accept this!” he roared. “I WILL KILL YOU… BOY!” and he began to rush forth with an armed musket he had picked up.
“HAND OF PYRO…!” Clarissa quickly shot the musket out of the King's hand. “Ah…!”
Then it was my turn, “This is for all the people you've hurt, and killed!” I shouted. “RIDER… EXPLOSION…!” A huge fiery barrier surrounded my body and began to expand; horribly burning everything its path… including the King as it consumed his body!
He was gone… and my power-suit vanished. All that was left of King George the third was a rusted old crown that lay in the ground. Everyone began to cheer for joy. “He's done it! HE'S DONE IT!” Clarissa cried.
My Grandfather smiled and bowed his head in prayer-like manner. “After all these ages, the war is over… we have won.”
While Sarah was grateful that the fighting was over she was still very upset with what victory had cost them. So many other people had been killed, even some who were never part of the war at all. Now the city of London was totally destroyed. “What ever shall become of us?” cried Sarah.
James put his hand on her shoulder. “Sarah, don't worry. Now that the war's over, we should be able to make the world a better place.” he said to her, “And all you have to do is wake up.”
Sarah felt confused. “I beg your pardon?”
“You heard me. Wake up Sarah! Wake up…”
Sarah could suddenly feel her body getting lighter as James voice trailed off into the darkness around her…
“Come on Sarah… wake up. Wake up…”
Sarah moaned wearily as she felt something cold and wet touch her forehead. She finally opened her eyes, and her head felt really sore. “James… Henri…?” she asked. “The city it's burning down!”
Then suddenly she realized she wasn't in London, she was in her bedroom, and the calendar on the wall read that it was just morning in the same year she went to sleep, 1775. “Oh… my, my head…”
“Shh… just relax Sarah.” Moses said as he lay her back down. He rubbed the cold cloth across her head. “You, `it your `ead pretty `ard on zee wall…”
Sarah lay down, “Did I have a very crazy dream…” she said. “It seemed as if time was flying by, and the war had gone out of control.”
James thought that sounded serious, so did Henri, but it was all finally dismissed as a weird, and psychological dream. All Sarah needed was some rest now. She thought it was silly to believe in things like a Masked Rider, and the King going crazy… “Thank goodness it was all a dream.”
Well that's what she continued to think… until the next morning when a couple came in to get a copy of the news-paper. “Ahh, Mr. Mykan Dex.” Ben said, “And you're wife Clarissa… she's looking as lovely as ever.”
Sarah gasped… both I and my wife looked exactly like she saw in her dream. “Thanks, Ben…” I said my British accent. “Some even call us the Witch and her Mask.”
Sarah felt her head. “I think I need to lie down some more…” she groaned.